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Inorganic salts of organic compounds such as acid, phenol- or enol-function compounds or organic bases, of subchapters I to ... Subheading Notes 1. Within any one heading of ... ETHERS, ALCOHOL PEROXIDES, ETHER PEROXIDES, KETONE PEROXIDES, EPOXIDES WITH A THREE-MEMBERED ...

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... hyd hydrate or rhomb rhombic al alcohol ... pet petroleum wh white eth ether pet ... The aim of these notes is mainly to enable the worker to choose ...,%201967).txt

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===== Chloro/Bromo/Iodosafrole Synthesis Notes ... the bromo compound with hexamine (camping fuel tablets) and further room temp cleavage of the hexamine salt (HCl in alcohol ... The ether extracts were ...

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... of copper and cadmium in qualitative analysis 17, 379 DAINS, F. B. Of the action of acid chlorides on the methyl ether of paraisobutyl phenol 17, 114 ... action of methyl alcohol on the ... 1 7, 54i Theoretical chemistry, lecture notes on (F. C ...

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EPA also notes that users of small amounts of one solvent were captured in many cases ... also known as ethylene glycol monomethyl ether, or 2 ... An estimated 85 percent was consumed as an intermediate in the production of furfural alcohol and as an intermediate in the ...

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Cross-section of Electric Furnace Used in Phenol Extraction of ... p. 1472, 1916; Engineering, Vol. 103, p. 296, 1917. §Bedson, P. Phillips, "Notes on the Proximate Constituents of Coal," Journal of ... He tried the action of alcohol, ether, benzene, and alcoholic potassium hydroxide on coal ...

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... 98 On Some Bromine Derivatives of Paraisobutyl Phenol. By F. B. Dains and I. R ... A Text-Book of Inorganic Chemistry, 139 '^l^'t>^\ iv Contents. NOTES. The ... Fifty cc. of previously neutral- ized alcohol are then added to the ether and the solution titrated with standard ...

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By Albert B. Prescott, 606 Trimethylxanthine and some of its Derivatives. By Moses Gomberg, ..... .611 Notes of Work from ... The two products, D' and D^ were then treated repeatedly with absolute alcohol and ether, ... when decomposed by alcohol, were found to yield principally phenol ...

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By J. L. Beeson, 457 Notes of Work ... The Hydrates of Sulphtiric Acid. 15 ductivity" of hydrochloric acid in ether and isoamyl alcohol ... or by digesting the acid with excess of barium carbonate. It is most conveniently made directly (mixed with phenol) by sapon- ifying the ether as ...

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... Synonyms: Isopropyl benzene, z-phenyl propane, cumol. Description: Colorless liquid. Uses: Production of phenol ... CO2, dry chemical. Will explode on contact with: H2SO4, HNO3 ... ISOPROPYL ETHER (C6H14O ... [ Transcriber's notes: The SERI part in the Ethyl Alcohol ...

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SNIPPET: Background: Formol-ether concentration technique is taken as a gold ... Formaldehyde is a kind of colorless gas with trilling flavor and freely soluble in water, alcohol and ether ... (Western Blot), Immunoprecipitation, ... or phenol formalin; weak reaction using routine ...

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===== Notes on the chemistry and pharmacology of 1-Benzylpiperazine (BzP ... A layer of ether could hold the substituted benzylpiperazine ... This aldehyde is reacted with formaldehyde and KOH to give a 70% yield of the benzyl alcohol as illustrated in ...

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The yield is 920-960 g. of a colorless liquid (80-84 per cent of the theoretical amount). 2. Notes Water, ethyl alcohol and carbon ... phenylpropiolic acid by means of phenol[1] or aniline[2 ... Copper sulfate, 38 D Dibenzyl ether, 6 a, g-Dichloroacetone, 13-15 ...

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... the Agency notes that the commenter did not suggest an ... these studies show that a bromine/chlorine substitution on a halogenated phenol resulted in ... can be mixed with cotton-seed oil in a 1:1 ratio. By contrast, both 2,4,6-TCP and 2,4,6-TBP are soluble in alcohol and ether.

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... talc magnesium sulfate Epsom salts naphthalene mothballs phenol carbolic acid potassium bitartrate cream of tartar potassium chromium sulfate ... it with ether or pure alcohol.(Ether is ... here are some notes I took four years ago on how to ...

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More Transcriber’s Notes may be found at the end of this text. ... add 2 or 3 drops of a 1 per cent aqueous solution of phenol and mix well. ... Dissolve the particles in alcohol or ether and the same vapors are produced.

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... from drinking the medical alcohol, the producer puts ether in it (happens in other countries), which has a ... The extraction protocol that gave me the best results is a phenol/chloroform protocol ... Here is a link to a primer notes paper I published that talks about the extraction ...

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... ether, alcohol and chloroform and to possess a decidedly bitter taste. It responded to ... solutions of naphthol and phenol are easily made in this way, and these are superior to the camphorated solutions of these ... Additional Notes on Scopola CarnioHca. 107 ...

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... spicy and honey notes and reduction in ... x in the organic phase and in the sample, respectively [6]. Various organic solvents including dichloromethane, ether ... vanillin, hexanoic acid, octanoic acid, decanoic acid, ethyl- decanoate, phenol, guaiacol, 4-ethylguaiacol, and ...

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... 035367-38-5 X X Diglycidyl resorcinol ether 000101-90-6 X Diisocyanates, ... 000576-26-1 X Dinitrobutyl phenol ... -3,5,7-triaza-1-azoniaadamantane chloride. Dow Chemical Company notes that, in the dog study cited in the proposed rule, ...

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Composi- Solvents Alcohol Chloroform Ether tion of Resi ... then sulphuric acid was added, when a phenol of higher molecular weight was formed, having ... Smith' notes that the preheating of coals destroys their caking ...

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Löttermoser A, Stoll F. The surface and interfacial activities of salts of the fatty acid alcohol sulfuric acid ... M Machleidt H, Roth S, Seeman P. The hydrophobic expansion of erythrocyte membranes by the phenol anesthetics ... Notes of Guidance for Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients for ...

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By Thomas Campbell James .... 1565 CLXYL — Freezing-point Curve for Mixtures of Camphor and Phenol. ... [ht petroleum, ether, chloroform, ethyl acetate, and alcohol. [ Fetroleum Extract of the Green Resin. This extract, after the complete removal of the solvent, amounted about 100 grams.

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... Fire " Gas Detection SNIPPET: ACETYL ACETONE (2,4,PENTANE DIONE) CH3COCH2COCH3 [solvent manufacture; ... [acetone and phenol manufacture; additive in ... edu/RVGS/ACT/notes/Organic.html TITLE: Activity ... ketone; Ethyl alcohol: ethanol, absolute alcohol; Ethyl ether: diethyl ...

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(To be read in conjunction with the Customs Tariff Section, Chapter Heading and Notes, ... 29.07 Phenols; phenol-alcohols 29.08 Halogenated, sulphonated, nitrated or nitrosated derivatives of phenols or phenol-alcohols 29.09 Ethers ether-alcohols, ether-phenols, ether-alcohol-phenols ...

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Fat was determined in a Soxhlet apparatus using petroleum ether as solvent ... of well-dried beans are: good brown colour, low astringency and bitterness, absence of off-flavours such as smoky notes and ... (1,1-dimethylethyl)-4-(1-methyl-1-phenylethyl) phenol Benzyl alcohol 2 ...

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Normal Paraffin Benzene Ethylene Alcohol Ethylene Oxide Alkyl Phenol Alpha Olefins Linear Alkyl Benzene Alcohol Ethoxy Sulphate Alcohol Sulphate Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulphonate Alkyl Phenol ... The ether group of the ethoxylated alcoholate increases the acidity of the terminal primary ...,%20C%20E.pdf.txt?sequence=2

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See notes on the electronic edition A method of folding endpapers so that the pleat provides a hinge at the inner joint of the ... A colorless, volatile liquid ester (C 7 H 14 O 2) that is very slightly soluble in water, but miscible in alcohol and ether. It is used as a solvent for CELLULOSE ...

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PAGE Introduction 1 Chemistry 19 Materia Medica and Pharmacy 109 Notes and Formula 197 Bibliography 227 Constitution and Eules of the British Pharmaceutical Conference . . 251 Honorary ... comparable to that of sulphuric acid in the conversioia of alcohol into ether. He regards borax as ...

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Species in Supplementary Organic Species Database for EQS4WIN Notes: a) ... (Allyl alcohol) ... C6H5F 618 Iodobenzene C6H5I 619 Phenol C6H6O 620 1,2-Benzenediol C6H6O2 621 1,3-Benzenediol C6H6O2 622 1,4-Benzenediol C6H6O2 623 Benzenethiol ...

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The FeCl3 test indicated phenolic compounds in the alcohol and water but not in the petroleum-ether extracts. There was no correlation between the colorimetrically determined phenol content of an extract ... various_authors (various years). Letters, notes, and memos on giant sequoia ...

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1994 National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey Data File and File Documentation ...

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It is slightly soluble in water, still less soluble in mineral acids; it is insoluble in ether and alcohol. ... (0-5 p. c), with constant rubbing, and after the addition of 2-5 grammes of phenol the solution was made up to ... In the following notes a brief description is given of the sub ...

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Pulp and Paper Microscopy Irving H. Isenberg THIRD EDITION ...

The present author has referred to the notes and manuscript of the previous author ... OF WOOD Selection of Material Softening and Other Treatments Steaming Method Triethylene Glycol Glycerin and Alcohol Hydrofluoric Acid Peroxide and Acetic Acid Embedding Sectioning Staining ...

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... (6.75 l) Awl, knife, or screwdriver, or other hole punching tool alcohol - 1 gallon (4 l) can be whiskey, rubbing, etc. heat source paper tape ... SAFETY CHECK- TEST FIRE RIFLE BEFORE HAND FIRING Follow all notes and steps from Sec. III, No. 2. How to Operate ...

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... airy aisle ajar akin ala alabaster alacrity alai alan alarm alb alba albacore albatross albeit album albumin alchemy alcohol alcoholic alcoholism alcove ... ethanol ether ethereal ethic ethnic ethnology ... phase pheasant phenol phenolic phenomena phenomenal ...

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... (as cancer or tubercle). Cach`in*na"tion (kăk`&ibreve;n*nā"shŭn), n. [L. cachinnatio, fr. cachinnare to laugh aloud, cf. Gr. kacha`zein.] Loud or immoderate laughter; -- often a symptom of hysterical or maniacal affections. ...

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... „3€>€ € €alcohol:‚ € € € €ƒN€… € € €alcohol.:y€†U€I€ €alcoholism:„I€S€ € €alcohols:„o€ !€ € €alcohols,:ƒK€‰,€ € €aldehydes:‚ € $€ € €aldehydes,: ...

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The only literature I have is that Nylons are likely to be soluble in Phenol or phenol chloroform mixtures but I ... (photos, reports, path notes, etc.) and be available for questions ... the effects and symptoms of Rohypnol by itself and with large amounts of alcohol, 2) a website ...

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2. Referenced Documents - ASTM International - Standards ...

These notes and footnotes (excluding those in tables and figures) ... 2.1 ASTM Standards: The following documents of the issue in effect on date of material purchase form a part of this specification to the extent specified herein:

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Then give the (first) Names (not pirate names, ether) and the ... Put the goodies in the pillow case. 11. Get out -* FAST! -*> Notes: You should have ... ----- 3 cups wood charcoal ----- powdered ----- 2 cups sulfur ----- powdered ----- 1/2 cup alcohol - (whiskey, rubbing ...

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... silicate talc magesium sulfate Epsom salts naphthalene mothballs phenol carbolic acid potassium bicarbonate cream of tarter potassium chromium ... NOTES: ===== Acetylene is a fairly dangerous ... IN 130 C.C. OF PETROLEUM ETHER SOAK THE SEEDS FOR 2 ...

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... APPLICATIONS OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR ORGANIC CHEMISTRY The DENDRAL Project CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION The DENDRAL ... Although extrapolation suggests that the simplest "alcohol" is water, H-OH, it is not classified as an alcohol ... The simplest ether derives ...

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Recommends the use of acetic ether, in vessels tightly closed or plugged with compressed cotton. [P.B.] 106. Metcalf, Z. P., "Methods in systematic entomology." ... 108 Field and technique notes 42-44, 73, 100, 107-108 Forsyth, ...

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... ID - 2433/3479 T1 - Mass-independent isotope effect in the isotope exchange reaction of chromium(III) using a crown ether A1 ... These results indicate that AA exposure from daily alcohol consumption ... JOUR ID - 2433/178663 T1 - Comparative study of phenol and ...

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