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Corruption and good governance - Chr. Michelsen Institute

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Corruption and good governance - Chr. Michelsen Institute

Title: Corruption and good governance Author: ingea Last modified by: ingea Created Date: 9/12/2007 1:09:25 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show

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Democracy vs Good Governance - ACADEMIC SWISS CAUCASUS NET | Home

Democracy Promotion and Good Governance Democracy promotion and good governance: two sides of the same coin: ‘Democracy is good for governance’ (USAID website)

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Assessing Capacity Building and Good Governance Indicators in ...

Assessing Capacity Building and Good Governance Indicators in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Implications for Poverty Reduction By Dr. Theodore J. Davis, Jr.

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Demanding Good Governance in Belize

Demanding Good Governance in Belize By Kali Brgant, Carol Budna, Kyle Lovell, Laura Magnuson, and Emily May

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Corporate Governance: Hong Kong - NYU Stern | NYU Stern ...

Corporate Governance: Hong Kong Presented by: Heidi Sehrt Ryan Mackenzie Dana Gayeski Alexandra Commelin Agenda What is corporate governance? Hong Kong background and trends An example of poor corporate governance An example of good corporate governance Recommendations Q & A Definitions of ...

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The Future of Corporate Governance - Robert Monks

* A hypothetical passive index compiled by my colleagues at The Corporate Library, based on the ‘good governance’ rated stocks of the Russell 1000, would have outperformed the index itself every year since 2002 – the year of Enron, ...

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Global Campaign on Urban Governance - World Bank Group

Title: Global Campaign on Urban Governance Author: Raf Tuts Description: Prepared for IHS Course on Public Administration and Urban Governance. Last modified by

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Good Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility: A Critical ...

Good Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility: A Critical View Muhammad A. Al-Buraey, Ph.D. “This certainly provides us all with an opportunity to reflect on an area that is growing in complexity and importance at a rapid pace, and poses a real challenge to modern leadership in general ...

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Corporate governance : Performance and Measurement - CFO ...

Investing in Corporate Governance Companies need to invest in good governance Corporate governance has a direct bearing on business performance and thereby ROI Leverage the power of IT On average, ... For the first time in the decade-long history of the Index of Economic Freedom, ...

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Governance: Rethinking Main Tenets

Title: Governance: Rethinking Main Tenets Author: dkaufmann Last modified by: dkaufmann Created Date: 1/22/2003 12:19:58 AM Document presentation format

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Corporate Governance – Performance.ppt - Leeds

Gompers Ishii, Metrick (2003): The G-Index is constructed from data compiled by the Investor Responsibility Research Center ("IRRC"). ... * Policy Recommendations Even though the GIM and BCF good governance indices are positively related to future performance, ...

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United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Urban ...

United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat) Urban Governance Campaign Operational Elements & Flagship Products Normative Debate Principles of Good Urban Governance Advocacy Campaign Launches Policy Papers Good Governance Index Revised national legislation Publicity and media Capacity ...

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Overall governance index Ministry of Agriculture Liberia Governance index Parliamentarians Civil Society Org. Academia Ministerial staff ... Contextual analysis: what are the drivers and constraints of good governance in Liberia. ...

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Governance Indicators for Nigeria – 1997/98-2000/01

Setting the Governance ‘Straw Man’ and Challenging Orthodoxies Good Governance and Democracy a Luxury good? Democracy necessarily rapid growth? Improved Governance ... 2000/01 Rule of Law Index, 2001 (preliminary, selected countries): Failed States, in Crisis, Vulnerable, Out of Danger ...

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GOVERNANCE & ANTICORRUPTION An Introductory Course Introduction Governance and Corruption: Definition of Terms Impact on Development Governance and Politics: Case Study – La Paz, Bolivia Concepts and Theory Assessment & Diagnostic Tools The Tools of the Trade: Institutional Governance ...

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World Bank Governance -

SGI – the structure. The SGI is a cross-national survey of governance in the OECD that identifies reform needs, forward-looking practices. THE MANAGEMENT INDEX

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Chowdhury A.K.M. Aminul Huq - Wikispaces

Understanding Good Governance World Bank model: Intellectual origins 1.African failure. The term was coined by African department in 1989. Section 10 of Article 10 of IBRD forbade interference in internal politics.

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Governance and Development

Governance and Development Summer Institute in Communication and Governance Reform June 16, 2012 Los Angeles Ed Campos Practice Manager Leadership and Governance

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Information Technology: Propelling Economic Growth

IDI Index 2010 and 2011 Economy Rank 2011 Rank 2010 IDI 2011 IDI 2010 Korea 1 1 8.56 8 ... Environment Inclusive Social Economic Development & Poverty Reduction Inclusiveness Fair Competition Transparency Clean Governance Good Governance Human Rights Basic Elements Conclusion We need to ...

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Measurement and Performance - PH Development Plan

Measurement as Part of Institution-Building. Measuring performance is part of Institution Building -- Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Cluster

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Role and Impact of Shareholder Activism on Achieving Good ...

Role and Impact of Shareholder Activism on Achieving Good Governance * * * * * * * * * * Title Slide for London Stock Exchange, Corporate Governance Conference 2006 animated bullet point.

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Framework for Assessing Health Governance in Developing ...

Framework for Assessing Governance of the Health System: Gateway to Good Governance Capacity building workshop on health system development for WHO staff

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Corporate Governance and Liquidity - University at Buffalo

Kee H. Chunga, John Elderb, and Jang-Chul Kimb aState University of New York at Buffalo bNorth Dakota State University Summary and conclusions Companies with good corporate governance are likely to have liquid secondary markets for their shares because good governance improves financial and ...

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Corporate Governance - OECD

Agenda Corporate Governance and Siam Cement Group ... IR Magazine Institutional Investor Magazine Institutions Awards Dow Jones Sustainability World Index ... Good afternoon distinguished guest, ladies and gentlemen… Before the discussion, ...

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Good Governance For Development – How Would Positive ...

Organizing for Leadership - Do Good Values & Ethics Count? for The First Penang-Kyoto Workshop “Ethics and Experimental Studies” Kyoto Sanyo University

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Democracy or governance? The consequences for domestic peace

index combines three components: (1) Bureaucratic Quality; (2) Corruption, and; (3) Law and Order. 100 pt standardized scale 1984-2004. Dichotomized into patronage and bureaucratic states. Liberal democracy. ... Good governance (Rule of law, ...

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World Bank Governance -

Status Index. Management Index. Social Justice Index. Conclusions. comparative politics. ... It tries to encourage debate on “good governance”.....and to help us “learn from the world”. comparative politics. Thank you. Any questions? comparative politics. Author:

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Socio-Economic Causes and Effects of Human African ...

9 April 2007 <>. Gubler, D.J. “Resurgent Vector-Borne Diseases as a Global Health Problem.” Emerging Infectious Diseases. Sept. 1998. 6 April 2007.

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Good Governance for the Environment in a Discontented ...

Title: Good Governance for the Environment in a Discontented Community: Myth and reality Author: Imran Last modified by: atif Created Date: 8/16/2006 12:00:00 AM

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Assessing Governance

Thinking about Governance Assessment A Working Framework Session II Lusaka, January 20 2003 Francesca Recanatini, WBI

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promotion and protection of human rights as prerequisite for good governance prepared by: ibrahim mzee ibrahim clerk, house of representatives - zanzibar

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Rule of Law: A Key Governance Indicator in Comparative ...

Rule of Law: A Key Governance Indicator in Comparative Government and Politics Suzanne Bailey APAC Presentation July 16, 2010 Contact: [email protected]

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Information Governance - HSCIC

Information Governance An Introduction Information Governance Outline What is Information Governance What initiatives does IG cover Information Governance Information Governance “is a framework for handling personal information in a confidential and secure manner to appropriate ethical and ...

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Governance, Financial Liberalization, and Financial ...

Title: Governance, Financial Liberalization, and Financial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa Last modified by: GAO Document presentation format

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The corporate governance crisis: An opportunity for Asian ...

4th Asian Roundtable on Corporate Governance After the corporate governance crisis: An opportunity for Asian corporations? Stilpon Nestor Principal, Nestor Advisors Ltd.

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commonwealth local government forum conference 11 – 15 may, grand bahamas measuring local democeracy and good governance 11 – 15 may 2009 presentation by p.f duri

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Governance & Anti-Corruption Diagnostics - Signature Group Inc

Plenary Session on Establishing Good Governance Saturday ... Horizontal Allocation Criteria A “Good” Transfer System Transfers should be transparent and predictable ... MNSED (mimeo) The World Bank * Proxies for Expenditure Needs in Practice Population, Area, Cost Index, HDI ...

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Corporate Governance Score Card Project

Do Investors Really Value Corporate Governance? Evidence from the Hong Kong Market Prof. Stephen Y. L. Cheung City University of Hong Kong

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Governance, Wicked Issues, and the Evolving Role of ...

This Governance Environment is Consistent with Europe ... (e.g., World Bank, and OECD Your Better Life Index) are receiving increased attention in the United States. The Government ... Engaging in collaboration among audit organizations in terms of good practice, substantive policy and ...

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Urban and local governance assessments across the globe:

How to measure governance: Principles, frameworks, data collection techniques and challenges for Iraq Shipra Narang Suri International Consultant, OGC

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Governance Assessments in Africa: the role of the African ...

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) An annual assessment of governance performance in Africa. African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) A voluntary mechanism that assesses democracy & good political governance, economic governance & management, corporate governance, ...

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The meaning of actors’ capacity here is the capacity of actors to implement one or more good forest governance according to their respective actors’ tasks and functions related to tackling forest management issues The meaning of implementation here is a process of tackling forest ...

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Social Order and Citizen Engagement in Promoting Good Governance

Social Order and Citizen Engagement in Promoting Good Governance Dr Douglas Lucas Kivoi Policy Analyst The Kenya Institute for Public Policy and Research Analysis

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Risk and Value

Governance and Value Timur Gök PRMIA and QWAFAFEW Meeting 22 February 2007

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Press Freedom Worldwide - Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative

Global comparisons Kaufmann et al/ World bank indicators of good governance Democratic indicators by Polity IV, Vanhanen ... Comparing freedom of the press Indicators FH Index of Press Freedom Measures of press freedom Press freedom by global region Global Press Freedom Press freedom by ...

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Advancing Environmental Governance Tools for Improved Measurement and Decision Making Presentation for The Environment Workgroup of the Society for International Development

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Political Organisation and Elite Bargains in Africa

A general outline. Why looking at “political settlements” may tell us more than looking at “good governance” Why “Elite bargains” are central to politics in general and developing countries’ politics in particular

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Democracy or governance? The consequences for domestic peace

Context for this book. Recent decades have seen expanded investment to strengthen democracy and ‘goodgovernance by international community and domestic stakeholders!Sweden%20plenary%20%20presentation%20Democratic%20governance.pptx

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Capital Markets Governance of Corporates: How Can Capital ...

Capital Markets Governance of Corporates: How Can Capital Markets Exert Better Governance on Corporates Bob Felton, McKinsey & Company, Inc. 5th Annual Financial Markets and Development Conference

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Governance and Growth - EconomiX

Measuring Governance: Possibilities and Pitfalls Presentation at the Center for Global Development Washington, D.C., December 1st, 2006 Daniel Kaufmann, Aart Kraay, and Massimo Mastruzzi

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