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Integration of ICTs in the overall communication & awareness campaign. Web-casting of films on female foeticide & dissemination from the site. Partners: Ministry of Health & Female Welfare , Govt.


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Feminist discourse on sex screening and selective abortion of female fetuses By Farhat Moazam, Bioethics, Volume 18 Issue 3June 2004 Prepared by Lone Søndergaard Population First * * Title: PowerPoint Presentation Author: abc Last modified by:


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What is female foeticide? Female foeticide is the practice of ...

Title: What is female foeticide? Female foeticide is the practice of aborting a foetus when a person finds out that the foetus is female after undergoing a sex determination test known as prenatal diagnostic tests.


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... of control with its notion of ‘what is right and proper for women’ still reigns supreme Crimes against women Female Foeticide Rape Incest Sexual Harassment Child Sexual Abuse Importation of girls/Trafficking Kidnapping and abduction Dowry Related Murders Domestic Violence Suicide ...


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Gender inequality in India, the significance of being born a ...

After the development of science and technology, female foeticide is being practiced on a large scale. This has led to a drop in the female ratio. According to the census 2001, the sex ratio in India is 927 females to 1,000 males. Dowry have become common.


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Female Foeticide Female foeticide: Girls are considered as burden in some families even in this technological era. They prefer male children to female children. The united Nation says an estimated 2,000 unborn girls are aborted every day in India.


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Men, Reproductive Health - Centre for Health and Social ...

... UP Working with community and religious leaders on issue of sex pre-selection using protection of the girl child and female foeticide language ...


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Name of presentation - Dalit India

Pre - Natal Childhood Female Foeticide * Child marriage, Physical, sexual, * Child prostitution, Emotional abuse. * Physical, sexual, emotional abuse by parents, relatives ...


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HUMAN RIGHTS - kvszietmysorephysics

Abolition of female foeticide, infanticide and child marriage protection of girl child. Improving water and sanitation coverage both in rural and urban. Addressing and upholding the rights of children in difficult circumstances.


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Prevalence of female foeticide has been documented from all parts of India . Ethical issues underlying these practices have been neglected by professional bodies. High stress levels among women lead to increased vulnerability to behavioral problems.


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... female foeticide and practice of dowry Female literacy has improved but still gender gap is 0.7 Gender gap in wages is also very high Access to Health Continuous improvements in Health Indicators, ...


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Role of NGO in upliftment of society – A ca

Akal Academies has led to constructive turnaround in social problems like crime, Drugs addiction, Female foeticide, Marital discord and Domestic violence. Suggestions. All companies should work like catalytic agents for social transformation.


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Laadli - Planning Commission

Laadli Mumbai’s girl child initiative A Silent National Emergency A sharp and steady decline in sex ratios in the 0-6 age group across the country Sex ratio decline directly linked to availability of ultra sound facilities Unlike infanticide which was limited to a few pockets, sex selective ...


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Locating the Context of the Declining Sex Ratio And New ...

Female Foeticide: Implications for India Dr. Vibhuti Patel, Director, PGSR Prof. & HOD, University Department of Economics, SNDT Women’s University,


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Public service advertising

Some of the issues discussed through Public Service Advertising campaigns over the years include – Female Foeticide Blood Donation Importance of Going to School AIDS Awareness Use of Condoms Right To Vote Save Electricity, ...


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* ©Sujata Warrier, 2013 * Gender Based Violence Gender Based Violence (GBV) occurs on a continuum - beginning with female foeticide and ending with women murder and includes female infanticide, incest, sexual harassment, poverty, and domestic violence.


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21911-219 21 - Pitt - Home | University of Pittsburgh

Addressing the issue of female infanticide and foeticide. 3. ADOLESCENT HEALTH. a) Focusing adolescents as receivers and providers of knowledge and function as link volunteers in the community.


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PROPOSAL TITLE HERE SECOND LINE - University of Pittsburgh

... UN agencies, etc. WHAT SHOULD BE DONE Media advocacy to encourage greater focus on the issue of female foeticide Strengthen partnerships and alliances to facilitate the implementation of laws, ...


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Medical profession: regulation, standards, ethics and etiquet

... PCPNDT Act List of indications for scan Lack of connectivity to female foeticide. Under regulation or over regulation ? Plethora of laws and regulations The Drugs and Cosmetics Act,1940(Central Act of 23 of 1940) ...


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... Women Sensitization of community on gender imbalance particularly on son preference at birth / ill effects of female foeticide Village level workshops for adolescent girls to create awareness regarding personal hygiene, ...


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Addressing the issue of female infanticide and foeticide 6Gadchiroli model to take care of home based neonatal care 7.Kangaroo mother care to take care of low birth weight infants FAMILY WELFARE 1. Higher order births will be targeted for intensified intervention 2.


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The Elephant becomes a Tiger and flies to the Moon: India’s ...

Gender inequality index: 72 Sex ratio 933-1000 Female foeticide: some 50 million girls are missing Discriminated in labour market – not by blocking access, but by using them in particular jobs, insecure, informal, without collective bargaining Education, ...


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Women in India - University of Mysore

... less parental attention Female foeticide and infanticide signal the grossest form of discrimination against women Right to health Right to health - Anaemia Anaemia, a debilitating disease, which increases a woman’s vulnerability and limits her capacity to function as full human beings.


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Not only this it will also prevent female foeticide and empower women. Casteism:--Caste system is based on the principle of inequality. It believes that some people are higher than others. They are not fit to live with the high caste people.


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RCH PHASE-II Revised - University of Pittsburgh

Addressing the issue of female infanticide and foeticide. FAMILY WELFARE 1. Higher order births will be targeted for intensified intervention 2. Social marketing technique for condom, promotion of IUD insertions, familiarizing the concept of one-stop Family Welfare Centre. 3.


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p|j;b ivLc isht sev;v'

One Female Medical Officer and 3 Staff Nurses posted on contract under NRHM in strengthened 24x7 PHCs . ... The PNDT Act will be strictly enforced to check female foeticide in the state 109 Court Cases/ FIRs have been launched. 371 centers have been suspended/ cancelled.


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Few samples of display publicity are: * Why Female Foeticide ... Arial Times New Roman Arial Black Comic Sans MS Wingdings Default Design 1_Default Design 8_EPOS PPT Plain Slide 1 Slide 2 Total Number of Institutions Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Slide 7 ...


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Action against sex selection and female foeticide. Nehru Yuvak Kendra Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal University of Rajasthan Professional Agency Media State Health System Resource Centre (SHSRC) PNDT ...


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Women Development Initiatives in Delhi - Ministry of Women ...

Gender Resource Centers- Economic Empowerment of Women Mission for Development of Women- Reducing IMR, MMR, Female Foeticide, School Drop Out Rate among Girls & Economic Empowerment through Microenterprises of Women. City Level Plan of Action for Children.


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Future policy making requires identification of diverse and deep-rooted causes behind poverty, female foeticide, dropout issue, etc. Measures to promote Awareness Building, Gender Equality and Gender Equity highly recommended, ...


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WORKSHOP ON GENDER BUDGETING For State Governments 23rd ...

Youth Bodies of NYKS and NSS to propagate against female foeticide. MWCD is drawing a campaign plan. Declining sex ratio to be part of training programme for 10,000 National Social Volunteers and Nehru Yuva Sahakari.


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Definition of SEX

For every woman who is tired of being called “ an emotional female,” There is a man who has been denied the right to weep and be gentle. For every woman who feel “tied down” by her children, ... (FOETICIDE) WOMEN CIRCUMCISION, ...


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Presentation on Public Policy analysis “National Youth ...

Massive campaigning to tackle female foeticide, domestic violence. Larger role for social entrepreneurship. RGNIYD role. Stakeholders and Implementation issues. Stakeholders. The target population, namely the youth of this country in the group 16-30 years.


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Is education of women the nearest we have to a magic bullet ...

Partha Dasgupta (an inquiry into . & J of Econometrics, 1997) too poor not to discriminate (female foeticide among the Inuit) But why does income growth not translate into nutritional improvements? Some left behind by income growth?


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Computers in Schools - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

... Sciences Corporate Culture & Spirituality International Women’s Conference World Youth Peace Summit Conference on Female Foeticide Shivaratris, Christmas, Navaratris, ...


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Girl child in India is a part of the society, which idolises sons and where female foeticide and infanticide prevails, along with a whole range of discriminatory practices. From the very beginning, ...


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Слайд 1

... gender discrimination – ‘gendercide’, ‘foeticide’ child marriages (for protection, debt cancellation, capture, etc.) girl = somebody else’s wealth migration, ‘trafficking’, of women Sex ratio: at birth: 1.12 male(s)/female under 15 years: 1.13 m/f 15-64 years: 1 ...


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Backward Regions Grant Fund - Ministry of Panchayati Raj ...

Female foeticide? Disease incidence? Education Facilities…. Literacy rate? Drop out rate? Girl child drop out rate? Poverty and Food Security…. Abject poverty? Migration? Food security: availability of foodgrains through PDS? Economic Issues….


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Gender and Development - uni-tuebingen.de

Female infanticide and sex-selective foeticide Declining child sex-ratios Relation of declining sex-ratios to the population policies and son preference Example Where is there anti-girl discrimination and a resulting shortage of girls?


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Gender and Development - uni-tuebingen.de

Female infanticide and sex-selective foeticide Declining child sex-ratios Relation of declining sex-ratios to the population policies and son preference Example Percentage of female population Where is there anti-girl discrimination and a resulting shortage of girls?


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Welcome to Sri B. Satyanarayana Hon’ble Minister for ...

What if I am going to be a female? What if your whole family forces you to abort me? Will your sweet home turn ... But if I am born, will your mother in law not push paddy grains in to my tender throat? Foeticide could have been painless, but as an infant I will suffer pain, please ...


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