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Monolithic 3D Provides an Attractive Path to…

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Monolithic 3D Provides an Attractive Path to…

2x density improvement vs. NAND, with similar number of litho steps. 1 million cycles, higher performance. Ion-cut vs. other types of stacked Si. ... poly Si 3D doesn’t work for DRAM (unlike NAND flash) due to leakage. Scalability. MonolithIC 3D Inc. Patents Pending. Scalability.


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Brazil Higher Education Mission - Center for Excellence in ...

DRAM vs. NAND. DRAM: provides temporary data retention. Volatile (no power no data) Needs refresh (leaky) Short term. Used in computers, servers, cars, cell . phones and many other devices. (Data from slow hard drive is transferred to DRAM for easy access by fast CPU)


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Download It - Monolithic 3D Inc., the Next Generation 3D-IC ...

MonolithIC 3D Flash vs. Conventional NAND vs. BiCS. MonolithIC. 3D Flash. 4x improvement in density at similar number of litho steps. Manufacturable. ... DRAM production @ 90nm, 60nm, 50nm nodes. Longer channel length low leakage, at same footprint . J. Kim, et al. Samsung, VLSI 2003.


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Micron Technology, Inc. - Little Investment Bankers of Rutgers

Dramatic decline in ASP of DRAM and NAND is continuous – decreased 52% and 56% in 2009, respectively. Due to huge supply surpluses. Further decline in global economic activity. Litigation – Outstanding lawsuits over price fixing.


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Digital Devices - Mississippi State University

... Erase NAND Flash NAND vs NOR Flash NAND vs. NOR Flash NAND denser than NOR because of smaller cell size preferred for data memory storage ... and unlimited writes Could also replace SRAM/DRAM use in embedded systems. MRAM Cell MRAM Cell ...


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CMOS Logic Design with Independent-gate FinFETs

... NAND Gates SG -mode NAND IG-mode ... Styles Unusual Dual-Vdd/Dual-Vth Circuits Architectural Impact Other ongoing work Conclusions FinFET SRAM and Embedded DRAM ... FinFETs Router Leakage Power vs. Temp. Talk Outline FinFET SRAM and Embedded DRAM Design Extension of CACTI for FinFETs FPGA vs ...


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CMOS Technology Logic Circuit Structures - Boston University

Sequential CMOS and NMOS Logic Circuits Sequential logic circuits contain one or more combinational logic blocks along with memory in a feedback loop with the logic


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Subsystems 3 - Books by Wayne Wolf

DRAM; Flash. Image sensors. FPGAs. PLAs. ... Static CMOS gate vs. LUT Number of transistors: NAND/NOR gate has 2n transistors. 4-input LUT has 128 transistors in SRAM, 96 in multiplexer. Delay: 4-input NAND gate has 9t delay. SRAM decoding has 21t delay.


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Introduction to CMOS Logic Circuits - Boston University

... CMOS NAND Several devices in series each with effective channel length Leff can be viewed as a single device of channel length equal to the combined channel lengths of the separate series devices e.g. 3 input NAND: ... especially pulsed DOMINO and NORA logic as well as in DRAM operation.


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Storage Performance 2013 - QDPMA

Controller Interface PCIe vs. SATA. NAND. Controller. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. Some bandwidth mistmatch/overkill OK. ... DRAM. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. NAND. PCIe NAND Controller Vendors. Vendor Channels PCIe Gen. IDT 32 x8 Gen3 NVMe. Micron 32 x8 Gen2. Fusion-IO 3x4?


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Product Longevity Program - SPECTRUM SALES

August 7, 2012. Using “X” designator in part number to indicate PLP-specific parts. All PLP DRAM part numbers use “X” designator. 1Gb optimized NAND 34nm PLP devices are already using PLP “X” designator


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Systemarchitektur - TUM

DRAM cell Architecture of a DRAM cell Read destroys information, therefore it has to be written back. Cycle time ... Isolation is damaged by reset. NOR vs NAND NAND more compact since less wires, although more transistors read: offset power for other FETs NOR Single and Multi Level Cells ...


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Samsung - Professor Charles C.Wu

Samsung Electronics and the Chinese Threat MBA 290G Fall ‘07 Prof Charles Wu TEAM 9 Alex Mehr, Bindiya Jadhwani, Kerem Tutuncu, Lucian Popa, Rodrigo Fonseca, Uttara Parikh


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Revisiting Widely Held SSD Expectations and Rethinking System ...

DRAM Buffer. Faster than HDD. Less overheads. We are carefully using them!! Reads. Writes. Read Cache. Memory Extension. Read-Only Storage. Burst Buffer. Checkpointing. Swap/Hibernation Management. Virtual Memory. Then, why do we need to rethink? NAND Core. Packaging. Architecture. Firmware/OS ...


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This Is the Title of the Presentation

NOR vs. NAND. Serial NOR 512K-1Gb. Parallel NOR 4Mb-2Gb. SLC NAND 128Mb-64GB. MLC NAND 2GB-128GB. Managed NAND 2GB-64GB. ... The DRAM uses a capacitor as its storage mechanism, hence . dynamic. The capacitor is either charged to a full V DD level (Logic 1) or Ground (Logic 0).


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PowerPoint Presentation

Digital Logic Test Data Volume DRAM Trends vs. Fcst Speculative beyond DDR3 Cell size remains 6F2 Increased I/O rate in 2007 to support revised DDR4 DDR6 model Density aligned to litho roadmap NAND Trends vs. Fcst Density growth has flattened slightly Litho has caught up 4F2 Cell size (SBC) 3 ...


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Use of PCM in Computer Systems: an End-to-End Exploration

DRAM scaling is hard (no known solutions at < 20nm) DRAM consumes more power than wanted, even at idle time. ... More scalable than NAND (~10nm vs. ~20nm) Much simpler management (e.g., in-place update) Potentially good bandwidth. Fast paging storage?


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Lecture 1: Course Introduction and Review

Computer Systems Lecture 19 Memory Hierarchy Design Part III Memory Technologies April 20, 2004 Prof. Andreas Savvides Spring 2004 http://www.eng.yale.edu/courses/eeng449bG


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Flash Memory Technology Direction

NAND Solid State Storage Devices are ready for deployment in many applications. ... System DRAM. PCI E-(optionally on MCH) Cache. Add-in. Card. Build Option 1 . PC Add-in Card- ... each block would have been programmed less than 3 times (vs. the 10,800 cycles when you cycle the same block)


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Transistors and Logic Gates - University of Wisconsin–Madison

... Static RAM (SRAM) fast, maintains data without power Dynamic RAM (DRAM) slower but denser ... inputs and current state State Machine Combinational Logic Circuit Storage Elements Inputs Outputs 3-* Combinational vs. Sequential Two types of ... * * * * * * * * NAND and NOR are not ...


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PowerPoint Presentation

... Dynamic Random Access Memory RAM memory: data storage (writing) and ... Imbalance between supply and demand DRAM market growth is correlate to the growth in the world economy FLASH Basic NOR vs NAND Flash Read /Write /Erase Mechanism 2006 Market Trends Chip production increased 12 ...


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Transistors and Logic Gates - UNC A

3-* Combinational vs. Sequential Two types of “combination” locks 4 1 8 4 ... perhaps discuss how all gates can be implemented with NAND (or ... (Random Access Memory) Static RAM (SRAM) fast, maintains data as long as power applied Dynamic RAM (DRAM) slower but denser, bit storage ...


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CSE 477. VLSI Systems Design

VLSI Digital Circuits Spring 2009 Lecture 23: Memory Cell Designs SRAM, DRAM [Adapted from Rabaey’s Digital Integrated Circuits, Second Edition, ©2003 J. Rabaey, A. Chandrakasan, B. Nikolic]


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Lecture1 Introduction - University of California, Berkeley

There is an implementation dependent delay from X to Y. Transistor-level Logic Circuits - NAND Inverter (NOT gate): NAND gate Logic Function ... Row and Column Address together select 1 bit a time DRAM with Column buffer Digital Arithmetic Circuit design for unsigned addition Full ...


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To Avoid Thermal Attack - The Computer Science and ...

Disk Drive vs . Flash Memory MOS ... Addressable Unit NAND Flash Technology Comparison for Different Memory Types Outline Flash Memory Technology NAND vs. NOR Block Mapping Schemes Emulating Disk with Flash ... (by buffering and reordering writes) DRAM Management LRU block replacement Flash ...


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PowerPoint プレゼンテーション - User Web Areas at ...

Advanced Information Storage 12 Atsufumi Hirohata Department of Electronics 17:00 11/November/2013 Monday (AEW 105) * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Quick Review over the Last Lecture Flash memory : NOR-type 1 byte high-speed read-out Low writing speed Difficult to integrate NAND-type High writing ...


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Interface Part II

If more than one are present, then all must be 0 in order to perform a read or write. SRAM vs. DRAM SRAMs ... Ex. Memory Address Decoding This 2KB memory segment maps into the reset location of the 8086/8088 (FFFF0H). NAND gate ... Write Cycle BUS Buffering and Latching Basic ...


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Transistors and Logic Gates

... required for reproduction or display. * * If there's time, perhaps discuss how all gates can be implemented with NAND ... OR the results of the AND gates. 3-* Combinational vs ... (Random Access Memory) Static RAM (SRAM) fast, maintains data as long as power applied Dynamic RAM (DRAM ...


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A Space-Efficient Flash Translation Layer for Compactflash ...

Faster erase and write time NAND vs. NOR NAND Flash Memory Organization of NAND flash memory Small-block flash memory ... The disk that uses the semiconductor as storage DRAM-based Flash-based P-ATA / S-ATA interface FTL NAND flash memory Target markets Enterprise server storage ...


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Semiconductor Memories - Sharif

... Erase Basic Operations in a NOR Flash Memory― Write Basic Operations in a NOR Flash Memory― Read NAND Flash Memory NAND Flash ... Decreasing Word Line Delay Resistance-load SRAM Cell SRAM Characteristics Introduction Non-volatile memories RAM SRAM DRAM 3-Transistor DRAM Cell ...


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Lecture 3: R4000 + Intro to ILP - Soda Hall

Graduate Computer Architecture Lecture 22 Synchronization (con’t) Memory Technology Error Correction Codes April 18th, 2010 John Kubiatowicz Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences


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Random Access Memory - Anadolu Üniversitesi

DRAM Cell DRAM Cell Read DRAM Cell Write DRAM Bit Slice DRAM Including Refresh Logic Dynamic vs. static memory In practice, ... A latch can be made with only two NAND or two NOR gates, but a flip-flop requires at least twice that much hardware. In general, ...


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ITRS Update - International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors

... SICAS Capacity analysis update (23,24) DRAM and Flash Functions/Chip 2009 ITRS vs. 2011 ITRS (2 foils) * * 2011 ITRS Figure 3 2012 update; add 3D Flash layer-range ... 2011-2026 PIDS NAND Flash Multi-Layer 3D Model vs. “Slower” Poly half-pitch Dimensional Reduction Rate ...


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Transistors and Logic Gates

Chapter 3 Digital Logic Structures


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Evolution of implementation technologies - EECS Instructional ...

Flip-flops vs. latches revisited ... Simple system design (mostly software development) Memory chips (DRAM, SRAM) Application specific ICs (ASICs ... (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) Transistor-level Logic Circuits Inverter (NOT gate): NAND gate Note : out ...


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Exaflops or Bust

DRAM – Reduced-memory exascale. Overfetch, leakage, refresh, scrubbing. Giridhar et al, SC 13: 100PB can be achieved at 4.7 MW. ... 3D NAND Flash is BIG. 128Gb chips reported (vs. 4-8 Gb for DRAM). But .. Characteristics. Flash in Exascale Systems.


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Digital Integrated Circuits A Design Perspective Jan M. Rabaey Anantha Chandrakasan Borivoje Nikolic Semiconductor Memories December 20, 2002


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Advanced SoC Architectures for Embedded Systems

... then read data and re-write it (to the same or other block) Similar to self refresh in DRAM [Source: Micron, 2008] ESA, POSTECH, 2010 Agenda NAND Flash memory Program and reliability Flash ... Intel SSD NOR vs. NAND Summary Area Efficiency NAND Flash Memory Circuit NAND Program ...


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EE414 Lecture Notes (electronic)

Dynamic Random Access Memory ... NAND vs. NOR Flash- “Flash” implies that blocks of memory are erased at a time- this is a specific type of EEprom and is cheaper to fabrication due to less programming circuitryNOR Flash- slower erase and write times- allows access to any address which ...


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PowerPoint プレゼンテーション

NAND-Flash Writing and Erasing Operation Writing operation : Erasing operation : ... Flash Memory vs DRAM Comparisons between flash memory and DRAM : ...


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Solid-state drive (SSD)

NAND Flash memory. Flash Translation Layer (FTL) Block storage interface. Persistent. ... DRAM buffer cache. Read cache + write-ahead log. Capacity. Performance $$$$ $ Other options? ... Read IOPS vs. GB is the key tradeoff. Workload IOPS vs GB. GB Trace volumes 125.00656332800024


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Lecture 3: R4000 + Intro to ILP

No refresh (6 transistors/bit vs. 1 transistor. Size: DRAM/SRAM ­ 4-8, Cost/Cycle time: SRAM/DRAM ­ 8-16. Core Memories (1950s & 60s) Core Memory stored data as magnetization in iron rings. Iron “cores” woven into a 2-dimensional mesh of wires.


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Solid State Storage Deep Dive - SQL Server Input/Output

NAND is serial at the cell level. NAND writes significantly faster than NOR. NAND erases much faster than NOR--4 ms vs. 5 s. Serial array of transistors. Each transistor holds 1 ... Some manufacturers off set this with a large DRAM buffer and also may allow you to change the size of the over ...


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Trumping the Multicore Memory Hierarchy with Hi-Spade

* Relative Latencies: 10ns 100ns 1us 10us 100us 1ms 10ms NAND Flash PCM DRAM Hard Disk NAND Flash PCM DRAM Hard Disk Read Write Challenge: ...


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PowerPoint Presentation: EE5324 Memory Design - Kia Bazargan

Cs / (Cs+CBL) Dynamic RAM 1-Transistor Cell: Observations DRAM memory cell is single-ended Read operation is destructive Unlike 3T cell, ... ROM Cells: Summary Mask programmability Precharged vs. pseudo-nMos NAND cell, NOR cell Area Speed Other types: EEPROM, etc. Outline Registers ...


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Transistors and Logic Gates

Inverter (NOT Gate) NOR Gate OR Gate NAND Gate (AND-NOT) AND Gate Basic Logic Gates Fundamental Properties of boolean algebra ... (SRAM) fast, maintains data without power Dynamic RAM (DRAM) slower but denser, bit storage must be periodically refreshed State Machine Another type of ...


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Novel Die-To-Die Coaxial Interconnect System For Use In ...

Memory - SRAM. Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) - SRAM is volatile memory (i.e., if the power is removed, the information is lost)- SRAM uses an inverter loop to store the digital information- two NMOS transistors acting as switches are used to Read and Write the stored data- we call the ...


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Evolution of implementation technologies

Flip-flops vs. latches revisited ... Simple system design (mostly software development) Memory chips (DRAM, SRAM) Application specific ICs (ASICs ... (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor) Transistor-level Logic Circuits Inverter (NOT gate): NAND gate Note : out ...


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Content Addressable Memories - Sharif

Content Addressable Memories Cell Design and Peripheral Circuits CAM: Introduction CAM vs. RAM CAM: Introduction Binary CAM Cell ML pre-charged to VDD Match: ML remains at VDD Mismatch: ML discharges CAM: Introduction Ternary CAM (TCAM) CAM: Introduction TCAM Cell Global Masking SLs Local ...


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投影片 1 - University of California, Los Angeles

As shown by this DRAM roadmap from Samsung, ... Frictionless Vehicles Lab-on-a-chip Molecular Sensor Nonobots Self-illuminating Highway CMOS Image Sensor Memory SRAM/DRAM NAND Application Processor /Baseband CPU GPU FPGA MEMS ...


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