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Welding and Oxy – Acetylene Cutting - United States Mine ...

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Welding and OxyAcetylene Cutting - United States Mine ...

Welding and OxyAcetylene Cutting Equipment and Safety Objectives Identify equipment used in welding and oxy- acetylene cutting. Use proper safety procedures when welding and oxy- acetylene cutting.

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Welding and OxyAcetylene Cutting

Welding and OxyAcetylene Cutting Equipment and Safety Objectives Identify equipment used in welding and oxy- acetylene cutting. Use proper safety procedures when welding and oxy- acetylene cutting.

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Oxy Fuel Cutting Systems Basic Setup & Use - WISD Moodle Server

Oxy Fuel Cutting Systems Basic Setup ... petroleum bases Never use oxygen for compressed air Never move cylinders without caps Always secure cylinders Setup Procedures for Oxy-Acetylene Systems Do not move cylinders without valve protection Secure cylinders Inspect threads “Crack” Oxygen ...

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Oxyacetylene Welding (OAW) - American Welding Society

Oxyacetylene Welding (OAW) The oxyacetylene welding process uses a combination of oxygen and acetylene gas to provide a high temperature flame.

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Oxy-Acetylene Safety - United States Mine Rescue Association

Oxy-Acetylene Safety Awareness ... type of torch you are using and the thickness of material being cut determine the proper size cutting-tip for use in oxy-acetylene flame cutting What tip sizes do I use for oxy-acetylene welding and what pressures do I set on my regulators?

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Oxy-Acetylene Safety - Lake County Safety Council

... Cutting, and Allied Processes IBEDA Inc. OSHA US EPA Compressed Gas Association (CGA) ... and CGA Laws & Regulations for Oxy-Acetylene & Oxy Fuel Gas Use ...

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Unit 4: Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting in Agriculture

Shut Down Procedures 1. Close the acetylene blowpipe valve. 2. Close the oxygen blowpipe valve. 3. Close acetylene ... Cap Backflash Arrestor Hoses Needle valves Torch Body Distinguish between welding and cutting components of oxy-acetylene equipment Cutting Head Welding Tip ...

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UNIT: Oxy-Acetylene; Welding, Brazing, Cutting and Heating

UNIT: Oxy-Acetylene; Welding, Brazing, Cutting and Heating Lesson: Oxy-Acetylene Brazing ... Follow safety and operating procedures for setting up cylinders and regulators. Acetylene = 5 psi Oxygen = 5 – 8 psi. Brazing Sheet Metal Cont. 3. Obtain a neutral to slightly oxidizing flame on torch. 4.

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Oxyacetylene Welding (OAW) - CSUS

... Common gauge settings for cutting 1/4” material Oxy 30-35psi Acet 3-9 psi 1/2 ... Gas Cylinder Valves Typical torch styles Typical startup procedures Typical startup procedures Typical startup procedures Flame Settings Pure Acetylene and Carburizing Flame profiles Neutral and ...

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Training - Welcome to Shawano School District

... torch valve Turn off oxygen torch valve Turn off tank valves Bleed lines one at a time TURN ADJUSTING SCREWS OUT Oxy-Acetylene Welding Hold blue cone about 1 ... OFC Cutting Tip Information Oxy Fuel Welding ... Setup Procedures Lighting Procedure Welding Flame ...

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Training - American Welding Society

... petroleum bases Never use oxygen for compressed air Never move cylinders without caps Always secure cylinders Setup Procedures for Oxy-Acetylene Systems Do not move cylinders without valve ... Oxy Fuel Cutting Systems Basic Setup & Use Tim Turner Typical Torch System Oxygen ...

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Oxyfuel Gas Welding - Welcome To Our District

... improper welding or cutting procedures. Check Valves Prevents the mixing of gases and removes the hazard of explosion. Safety rules for Oxygen, Acetylene, and Oxy-acetylene welding equipment. ... Air Fuel Gas Soldering. 2-4. Oxygen Fuel Gas Cutting (OFC) < 1. 3-4.

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Torch Cutting Procedure Piercing a Hole Cont.

... the oxy-acetylene cutting outfit must be shut down. Shutting Down the Cutting Outfit Step 1 Follow these procedures for shutting down the equipment: ... Rewrap the Oxy-acetylene hoses on the outfit for proper clean-up and shop organization. Shutting Down the Cutting Outfit Step 8 . Title:

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BLR’s Safety Training Presentations - Synergy Coverage ...

... Torch brazing Oxy-fuel gas cutting/welding Oxy-Acetylene Welding—Any Questions? Any questions about oxy-acetylene welding safety? ... Slide Show Notes Here are some procedures to follow in order to protect yourselves from injury.,%20Cutting%20and%20Brazing.ppt

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Training - Merced Union High School District

... petroleum bases Never use oxygen for compressed air Never move cylinders without caps Always secure cylinders Setup Procedures for Oxy-Acetylene Systems Do not move cylinders without valve protection ... Systems Shut Down Procedure for Oxy-Acetylene Systems Offhand Cutting ...

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Welding, Cutting and Brazing - University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

Welding, Cutting and Brazing 29 CFR 1910.251 & 1926.350 ... Turn on acetylene as for welding and light. Turn on oxygen adjusting flame to neutral. Make sure ... Torch Brazing Oxy-fuel torch with a carburizing flame First heat the joint then add the filler metal UW-Eau Claire Facilities ...

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Welding Tool and Joint Identification - Cleveland County Schools

Welding Joint Identification and Types of Welds By Theresa Casey ... Identify equipment used in welding and oxy- acetylene cutting. Use proper safety procedures when welding and oxy- acetylene cutting.

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PowerPoint Presentation - OxyFuel Welding - Georgia CTAE | Home

... regulator adjusting screw M. Acetylene hose N. Oxygen hose O. Oxygen torch valve P. Acetylene torch valve Q. Torch R. Welding tip S. Acetylene cylinder ... welding and cutting uses two types ... for Victor welding tips. Metal Thickness Tip Size Oxy Pressure Acet Pressure Acet cfh ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Oxyfuel Welding Procedures One of the most important steps in learning to weld with oxyfuel is to carry a molten puddle of metal along the line or seam of parts to be ... Texas 77843-2588 2007 * Too Much Acetylene in Preheats Reduces cutting speed approximately 25%.

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Chapter 5 GAS WELDING - Wikispaces

... types Calcium carbide dropped into water Water allowed to drip on carbide Carbide-to-water generators used to produce acetylene gas for welding and cutting Water absorbs heat given off by ... welding and cutting Large size contains 300 cubic ... all safety operating procedures.

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Using Gas Welding Equipment - Wikispaces

Competencies to be Developed Identify major parts of propane and oxyacetylene welding equipment Change oxygen and acetylene cylinders Turn on and adjust ... may result Follow procedures for turning systems on and off ... welding and cutting To light Open the acetylene valve an eighth ...

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WELDING, CUTTING, AND BRAZING Compressed Gases ... acetylene for example, have high flammability characteristics. Flammable compressed gases, therefore, ... While most precautions and safe practices are common to oxy-fuel gas welding, ...

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Welding - Georgia Tech OSHA 21d Consultation Program

... (ii). AWS D10.9-69 Standard Qualification of Welding Procedures and Welders for Piping and ... Hose for oxy-fuel gas service ... National Welding Supply Association Review What is the maximum working pressure of acetylene in cutting operations? Is ...

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This presentation is for illustrative and general educational ...

... 2003, horseplay in the form of misuse of cutting torches, acetylene gas, and compressed oxygen resulted in an explosion at this mine that injured four miners, ... Safety procedures were not communicated effectively enough to indelibly establish management’s prohibition of horseplay.

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Hotwork Permits - National Park Service

Hot Work Permit Process ... welding burning brazing propane soldering oxyacetylene cutting grinding ferrous metals Procedures: Before beginning any hot work project, contact the Park ... and oxygen-acetylene cutting and welding should have hot work permits issued by the Park ...

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JV Industrial Companies - HBR

JV Industrial Companies. Turnarounds . Fabrication. Engineering. New Construction. Procurement. Catalyst and Chemical Cleaning. JVIC Service Offerings. 25,000 Current ... Torch Safety and Operation, Oxy / Acetylene Cutting . Procedures . Basic Metallurgy, Welding Procedure Specifications, Filler ...

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Implementation of the ATEX User Directive

... ATEX Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres ... atmospheres Substances because of their properties and the way they are present or used create a F&E risk * * Acetylene cylinder exploded three minutes after a flashback from a cutting torch Emergency procedures worked ...

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Health and Safety Accreditation What ... of food Oven/Cookers Systems and control with core from page 14 of standards book Hand tools Soldering Testing procedures Using chemicals Pneumatics/Hydraulics RDTHSC to provide feedback and ... Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting (S5HS ...

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Welding, Soldering, Brazing - University of California, Berkeley

Welding Welding is a materials joining process which produces coalescence of materials by heating them to suitable temperatures with or without the ... Oxy-fuel welding and cutting safety (flame temperature 2000 C): Before using an oxyhydrogen setup, ensure that ...,%20Soldering,%20Brazing.ppt

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Automotive Shop Safety - Cherokee County School District

... you must wear a full face shield-SAFETY GLASSES ARE NOT ENOUGH! Gas (Oxy-Acetylene) welding, cutting, or ... storage, signage, emergency procedures, flash points ... Arial Wingdings Calibri Times New Roman Capsules 1_Capsules Automotive Shop Safety Accidents in the Shop Eye ...

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Download - SRM University | Home

... (ii). Gas Welding Oxy-acetylene Air-acetylene Oxy-hydrogen (iii). Resistance Welding Butt Spot ... Related Process Oxy-acetylene cutting Arc cutting Hard facing Brazing Soldering Uses an electric arc to coalesce metals Arc welding is the most common method of welding metals ...

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GACTC COURSES - Altoona Area Junior High School

... finishing (interior and exterior), and roof framing. Estimating, purchasing, and time management procedures are also ... permanent waving, hair cutting, highlighting or ... MIG, TIG, robotic welding, plasma welding, electric and oxy-acetylene, as well as the cutting of metals ...'s/GACTC%20COURSES%202012.ppsx

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PowerPoint Presentation

Describe the process of cutting copper tubing. ... Discuss the procedures for soldering and brazing. Explain how to flare and swage copper tubing. Explain the process of ... Propane, Butane, Air-acetylene and Oxy-acetylene torches are commonly used. The torch kit consists of a fuel tank ...

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TMs provide step by step maintenance procedures in order to perform the maintenance accurately and efficiently. ... power tools, oxy/acetylene (gas) cutting & welding capability, with compressor and pneumatic tools all located within easy reach of the mechanic, ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... Butane, Air-acetylene and Oxy-acetylene torches are ... life of the cutting wheel Ream the pipe after cutting is complete Threading Steel Pipe Secure the ... of bending tubing Discuss the procedures for soldering and brazing Explain how to flare and swage copper tubing ...

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Tool radius compensation - Northern Illinois University

Oxyfuel (gas) welding Source of heat is a gaseous fuel combined with O2 Fuels : - acetylene (oxyacetylene welding ... bolts, rivets, screws, etc Metal cutting processes Oxy ... Tin-bismuth (electronics) Types of Soldering Procedures Soldering Irons Torch soldering Dip soldering Wave ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... SHORT COURSES COURSE TITLE UNIT STANDARD NUMBER LEVEL CREDITS PERIOD Oxy-fuel gas cutting 12243 2 6 10 Days Oxy-Acetylene gas welding ... and Travellers Cheques Coordinate the Greeting and Assisting of Guests Valet Butler Service Maintain Practices and Procedures for Handling ...

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TPI Power point Presentation - -:: Tube Product Inc ::-

... with written procedures of acceptance, ... Hydraulic Press. CUTTING EQUIPMENT'S: CNC Profile Cutting Machine, Plasma Units, Oxy-Acetylene Units, Hacksaw Machine, Abrasive Pipe Cutter. WELDING EQUIPMENT'S: Automatic Wedge Positioners, Rectifiers / Transformers, TIG Machines, ...

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Working Safely PowerPoint presentation PPT

... is unsafe at work taking appropriate action if the fire alarm goes off knowing why it is important to follow evacuation procedures using ... (eg electric heaters, oxy acetylene cutting equipment, hot water etc ... box cutting knife blade exposed The safe working ...

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... (SBA) with Spare cylinders Training Aids Oxy-acetylene cutting plant Successfully handled Major Fires in chemical units of Ankleshwar and nearby Indl. ... Safe Operating Procedures Preparation of Safe Operation Procedures (SOP) ...

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... A. Creed B. Parliamentary Procedures C. Public Speaking D. Extemporaneous Speaking Answer: C. Public ... Oxy-Acetylene equipment can be used for brazing, welding and cutting metal.

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Confined Space Entry - BC Municipal Safety Association

... (e.g., painting, welding, use of cutting torch, etc.) and workers may be exposed to levels in excess of the ... Oxygen enriched atmospheres are usually as a result of the leakage of oxy-acetylene or other oxygen containing ... Our procedures for pre-entry testing are included in our ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... when they were last reviewed and the procedures for ensuring that they are ... Centre lathe for metal cutting (S2HS) Casting non-ferrous metals (S3HS) Metal arc welding (S4HS) Oxy-acetylene welding and cutting (S5HS) Milling machines and machining centre (S6HS) Wood turning lathe (S7HS ...

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Things to Know - James Madison University

... uses How they work Quenching Why quench Why different fluids are used Heat Treatment Surface hardening Know the common procedures Know the different uses ... the process Ring blanks Cut from a plate Cutting a thick ... similar to oxy-welding) Faying surfaces = the surfaces to be ...

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ppt - ekDRM - Integration of Natural Resource ...

... Strategies to minimise risk Process safety information provides input for such studies/task Operating Procedures ... Hazards Recommended Protector Burning,cutting,gas weld ... Red) Health (Blue) Reactivity (Yellow) W OXY W : Indicates possible ...

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Context for Pilot Risk-Ranking Model to Prioritize ...

Cutting. Assembly. Reaction. API, fermentation. Fermentation. Inactivation. Micronization of components. API, synthesized. Biotech. Questions. ... (in conditions such as certain open heart and kidney surgical procedures) by its direct application. SOL F/SLUSH.

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