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Crystallization Example - Pennsylvania State University

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Crystallization Example - Pennsylvania State University

Title: Crystallization Example Author: John Coupland Last modified by: John Coupland Created Date: 9/24/2001 3:44:23 PM Document presentation format

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Moment Methods for Modeling Crystallization Flowsheets

Title: Moment Methods for Modeling Crystallization Flowsheets Author: R. Bertrum Diemer, Jr. Last modified by: R. Bertrum Diemer, Jr. Created Date

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Fractional Crystallization

Fractional Crystallization General Chemistry 101/102 Laboratory Manual University of North Carolina at Wilmington Fractional Crystallization Fractional Crystallization Purpose Use the technique of vacuum filtration to separate a heterogeneous mixture into its components.

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Crystallization - Universiti Malaysia Perlis

Chapter 6: cRYSTALLIZATION MISS. RAHIMAH BINTI OTHMAN (Email: [email protected]) COURSE OUTCOMES CO DESCRIBE the basic principles and applications of crystallization process.

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Protein Crystallization Theory & Practice

Title: Protein Crystallization Theory & Practice Last modified by: Andrew Howard Document presentation format: On-screen Show Other titles: Papyrus Helvetica Symbol Lucida Grande Title & Subtitle Protein Crystallization Theory & Practice PowerPoint Presentation Journalist’s Criteria Who makes ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Lecture 1: Crystallization Methods and Protein Crystal Properties Four major steps in crystallization Obtain large amounts of pure protein samples Choose a protein buffer in which the protein is both soluble and stable Bring protein solution to supersaturation where spontaneous nucleation can ...

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2004 Training Seminars DSC - The College of Natural Resources ...

3 2004 Training Seminars DSC Interpreting DSC Data Glass Transition & Melting Glass Transitions Glass Transitions Heat Flow & Heat Capacity at the Glass Transition Measuring/Reporting Glass Transitions The glass transition is always a temperature range The molecular motion associated with the ...

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Crystallization Laboratory - UCLA

Crystallization Laboratory The agony and the ecstasy of protein crystallization M230D,Jan 2008 Goal: crystallize Proteinase K and its complex with PMSF Non-specific serine protease frequently used as a tool in molecular biology.

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Candy Crystallization - Purdue University

Candy Crystallization Go to Slide Show mode and click the button Heating phase Unsaturated solution (can dissolve more sugar in solution) End point cooking temperature During the heating phase The concentration of sugar in the solution is increasing due to the evaporation of water The boiling ...

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Crystallization Laboratory

Crystallization Laboratory The many facets of protein crystallization M230D, January 2011 Crystal structure determination pipeline select protein target clone express crystallize solve deposit in PDB Joint Center for Structural Genomics established. 2000.

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Candy Crystallization - Purdue University

Candy Crystallization Go to Slide Show mode and click the button Heating phase During the heating phase The concentration of sugar in the solution is increasing due to the evaporation of water The boiling point is increasing due to the colligative property of boiling point elevation, which says ...

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Tempering - Pennsylvania State University

Cocoa Butter crystallization, tempering, bloom Plan Lipid structure, crystallization & polymorphism Tempering theory & practice Bloom Fatty Acids Fatty Acids in Cocoa Butter Homogeneous Nucleation Heterogeneous Nucleation SFC is a function of temperature SFC is a function of temperature history ...

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Crystallization - UniMAP Portal

Crystallization Crystallization Process of producing crystals from a homogeneous phase which is obtained from a solution Capable of producing bioproducts at very high purity and considered to be a polishing step and a purification step Two different application of crystallization ...

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Absorption Water Chillers - NJATC

Some of these devices simply sense impending crystallization, put the chiller through a dilution cycle, and shut the chiller down. Other devices keep the chiller operating while regaining control of the solution temperature and concentration.

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Microstructure-Properties: II Lecture 6: Crystallization of Glass

Microstructure-Properties: II Crystallization of Glass 27-302 Lecture 4 Fall, 2002 Prof. A. D. Rollett Materials Tetrahedron Objective The objective of this lecture is to provide some background for the experiment involving crystallization of glass-ceramic.

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Crystallization Overheads - Oregon Health & Science University

10/16/2009. Workshop: Crystallization (c) M.S.Chapman, OHSU. Why crystals? Electrons scatter x-rays inefficiently (1 in 1016) Dataset from one molecule ~ 100 trillion yrs

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Title: IMPACT OF MOLECULAR WEIGHT ON MATERIAL PROPERTIES Author: William H. Daly Last modified by: dspivak Created Date: 8/25/2002 6:00:31 PM Document presentation format

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CRYSTALLIZATION AND PARTICLE ENGINEERING IN THE PHARMACUETICAL INDUSTRY CHE 702 SPRING 2007 Laila Jai Jallo Outline Basic Concepts of crystallization Particle Engineering BASIC CONCEPTS OF CRYSTALLIZATION Supersaturation For crystallization to occur, solution must be supersaturated ...

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CRYSTALLINITY AS A PART OF PREFORMULATION STUDY CONTROLLED CRYSTALLIZATION Very useful method for getting microcrystals in very narrow size range for hydrophobic drugs.

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BP’s Energy Efficient Technology for the Production of Para ...

BP’s Energy Efficient Technology for the Production of Para-Xylene Variable Cost of Utilities * Basis: Southeast Asia, China Fuel @ $30 per MMkcal Electric power @ $0.08 per kWh Fuel $/MT pX Power $/MT pX Total $/MT pX BP Crystallization Base Base Base Selective Adsorption Base + $36 Base - $ ...

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Crystallization Development - Santa Rosa Junior College

Rock Crystallization Development Ryan Weber & Shamim Formoso Santa Rosa Junior College Engineering 45 Younes Ataiiyan Semester Project The Anatomy of a Crystal A crystal is a solid in which the constituent atoms, molecules, or ions are packed in a regularly ordered, repeating pattern extending ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

Crystallization Crystallization v The organic compound should be insoluble or sparingly soluble in the solvent at room temperature but readily soluble in hot conditions. v The ...

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Crystallization Image Analysis on the World Community Grid

Crystallization Image Analysis on the World Community Grid Christian A. Cumbaa and Igor Jurisica Jurisica Lab, Division of Signaling Biology Ontario Cancer Institute,

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Crystallization: Technique Semi-microscale Crystallization Good Laboratory Practice Determining Melting Points Melting point-Composition Curve Slide 56 Mixture Melting Points Mixture Melting Points ...

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Ch 2 Perspectives On Mass Communication FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS

... media exposure Political Behavior Negative advertising Effects of mass media on voter choice Conversion Reinforcement Crystallization Effects of televised debates Television and the political behavior of politicians RESEARCH ABOUT THE SOCIAL EFFECTS OF THE INTERNET Two trends in Internet ...

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... . reinforcement strengthening or support of existing attitudes and opinions . crystallization sharpening and elaboration of vaguely held attitudes or predispositions If a person approaches a campaign undecided or neutral, ...

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Choosing mutations for crystallization - Rutgers University

Protein Crystallization Using the Surface Entropy Reduction Approach Jakub Bielnicki standing in for Zygmunt Derewenda, PhD Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics

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Reactions in Aqueous Solutions: Metathesis Reactions and Net ...

REACTIONS IN AQUEOUS SOLUTIONS: METATHESIS REACTIONS AND NET IONIC EQUATIONS Experiment 21 ... Temperature and Crystallization Prepare the solution as per instructions on Pg. 231 Cool the solution to ~10°C by dipping beaker into ice water ...

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How Minerals Form In general, minerals form in two ways:

How Minerals Form In general, minerals form in two ways: By crystallization of magma & lava By crystallization of materials dissolved in water. Crystallization is the process by which atoms are arranged to form a material with a crystal structure.[email protected]/files/Sec._2.ppt

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Company name DEPARTMENT Management of GMP Documentation

API Reprocessing - Examples. Re-crystallization from the same solvent. Re-filtration through the same type of filter. Re-milling using the same type of mill. Introducing material to the process that conforms to specifications (e.g. tailings)

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PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF DRUG MOLECULES By Dr. S. Adebayo * * ... Solvent of crystallization – crystallizing solvent may preferentially favour interaction with different faces and consequently alter the crystal habit.

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Purification, Crystallization, and Mutagenesis of ToxB, a ...

Purification, Crystallization, and Mutagenesis of ToxB, a Host-Selective Toxin in Pyrenophora tritici-repentis Kara Miles-Rockenfield In collaboration with the labs of

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PowerPoint Presentation - Chapter 6- Phase Relations and ...

Phase Equilibrium Makaopuhi Lava Lake Magma samples recovered from various depths beneath solid crust Makaopuhi Lava Lake Temperature of sample vs. Percent Glass Makaopuhi Lava Lake Minerals that form during crystallization Makaopuhi Lava Lake Mineral composition during crystallization One ...

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Effects of Mixing on Adipic Acid Crystallization

Effects of Mixing on Adipic Acid Crystallization Susan Philyaw, Kathryn Baker, Randal Nelson, Jessica Moffitt, Joy Sroykum and Dr. Terry Ring Outline of Talk Introduction- What is Adipic Acid?

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Exercise C2 Melting Point & E1 Refractive Index

Describe the probably cause and explain how you could induce crystallization. 6) During a suction filtration, what are the consequences of using a filter paper that is larger than the funnel diameter and one that is too small?

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Identifying Minerals - Fayette County Public Schools

Igneous Rocks and Classifying Igneous Rocks Chapter 5 Igneous Rocks Igneous rocks are formed from the crystallization of magma. Igneous Rocks Extrusive igneous rocks are fine-grained rocks that cool quickly on Earth’s surface.

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Separation Techniques - Hwa Chong Institution

Separation Techniques LSS 1 Term 3 ... Chromatography Magnetic Attraction/ Separation Crystallization Separating immiscible liquids Discussion With the help of diagrams, describe the following separation techniques and the kind of mixture (solid-solid, solid-liquid, ...

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Revision - crystallisation / FrontPage

... crystallisation process in a pharmaceutical plant Explain how to crystallise by cooling Crystallisation - Introduction Crystallization refers to the formation of solid crystals from a homogeneous solution.

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The crystallisation of (membrane) proteins, using a flexible ...

The crystallization of (membrane) proteins, using a flexible Sparse Matrix Screen. Soluble proteins and membrane proteins Screening protocol for 3 D crystallization

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PowerPoint Presentation

Thermal Analysis Yury Gogotsi, MatE 280 2011 Differential Scanning Calorimetry Melting Glass Transition Crystallization ENDOTHERMIC EXOTHERMIC Sample: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) Temperature increase rate: 20°C/min Temperature range: 30°C - 300°C The First law (Conservation of Energy) We ...

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Mechanical Behavior mostly Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers

Mechanical Behavior mostly Ceramics, Glasses and Polymers. Chapter 6: Part 2. Dr. R. Lindeke • Room T behavior is usually elastic, with brittle failure. ... Slow cooling of the liquid would allow crystallization abruptly at T m and a retracing of the melting plot.,%20Glasses%20and%20Polymers.pptx

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Introduction Into Cubic Phase Lipids - University of Florida

Introduction Into Cubic Phase Lipids Matt Chandler Polymorphism In general, it describes multiple possible states for a single property. Also known as mesomorphism.

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Recrystallization and Melting Point - Chemistry Courses ...

Recrystallization and Melting Point. Summer 2012. Purification and Characterization. Purification: ... Inducing crystallization. Washing crystals. Too much/too little solvent. Oiling out. Melting Point. Physical property to characterize substance. Identity. purity.

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Crystallinity in Polymers - University of Texas at Austin

An estimate of crystallinity Example: Strain-induced Crystallization Other methods: IR & NMR Conclusion: A comparison Conclusion ...

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The Types of Water in Cellulosic Fibers: DSC and NMR

Types of water. Free/Bulk water. Found in large pores. Makes up inter-fiber free water in pores and intra-fiber water in lumen. Removed by centrifugation, melting point similar to bulk water

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Congruent Melting - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Congruency of melting is important in the determination of phase analysis diagrams and in drawing crystallization paths. Congruent Melting Binary Systems In binary systems, compounds are composed of various ratios of the two end members (A & B), ...

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Crystal-Melt Equilibria in Magmatic Systems

Equilibrium Crystallization: crystals continuously react and re-equilibrate with the melt at P-T-X conditions change. Melt-xtal reactions are reversible Fractional Crystallization: Crystals are immediately isolated, removed, ...

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Temp Decreases Lab 32: Heat of Crystallization Heat of Crystallization Heat of Crystallization Heat released as 1 g of a substance crystallizes. For wax = For napthalene = Lab 33: Specific Heat Capacity Symbol: c heat needed to raise 1 g of substance 1oC Units: ...

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Supernova Confetti in Meteorites - University of Hawaii

The lunar magma ocean crystallized sequentially, producing a mineralogically and compositionally zoned cumulate pile. The Magma Ocean Concept Equilibrium Crystallization Sequence Crystallization sequences for two proposed lunar bulk compositions, one rich in refractory elements compared to Earth ...

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