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ACLS Medications - Mid-State Technical College

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ACLS Medications - Mid-State Technical College

Title: ACLS Medications Author: Joe Mrozek Last modified by: randers Created Date: 12/1/2008 8:09:13 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show (4:3)

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AsystolE Definition: Asystole is the absence of electrical activity in the myocardium. Page 1-24 in ACLS book AsystolE Treatment Algorithm Continue CPR Intubate at once Obtain IV access CONFIRM asystole in more than one lead AsystolE Algorithm cont. Hypoxia ...

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ACLS Pharmacology Review

ACLS Pharmacology Jeremy Maddux ... Used to increase heart rate Questionable absolute bradycardia Asystole: The Silent Heart Algorithm * Atropine Sulfate Dosing ... ACLS Pharmacology Review Subject: ACLS Author: Jeremy Maddux, NREMTP Last modified by: LONNIE

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) - Faculty Site Listing

Metropolitan Community College ... or ventricular fibrillation we defibrillate. Absent, as in asystole we pace with a Trans Cutaneous Pacing patches. ... Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) Author: ITS Last modified by: metro Created Date:

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ACLS Rhythms Cheat Sheet - Ponder Web Design

ACLS Rhythms Cheat Sheet Amanda Hooper 2008-2009 Normal Sinus Rhythm Arrest Rhythms Asystole PEA Vfib/pulseless Vtach Agonal Rhythm/Asystole Pulseless Electrical Activity (PEA) Note that PEA can look like any rhythm (any organized electrical activity), but if no pulse it is PEA Course ...

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ACLS - Orange Coast College

ACLS Advanced Cardiac Life Support RC 275 Defibrillation External depolarization of the heart to stop Vfib or Vtach (that has not responded to other maneuvers) Automated External Defibrillator Defibrillation Procedure Position paddles “Clear” the patient Shock and then resume CPR for 5 ...

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Title: ACLS INSTRUCTOR COURSE - 2003 Author: Lakeview Hospital Last modified by: u0099036 Created Date: 3/12/2003 3:22:43 AM Document presentation format

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ACLS The science behind the changes - ACCFL

Objectives. Discuss the recent changes in ACLS. Understand the scientific rationale for the changes presented. Explain the use of capnography and hypothermia

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ACLS 2005 - rEMERGs

ACLS 2005 What is new and why? Morbidity Rounds Feb 15, 2006 Rob Hall MD, FRCPC Overview Goal = review major changes to CPR, ALS, electrical therapies, cardiac arrest, arrythmia algorithms, post – resusc care Briefly review some Landmark papers.

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ACLS-OB - 2014 AWHONN Georgia Section Conference - Conference

ACLS-OB. A Maternal Code. Are You Ready? Angie Rodriguez ARNP, CS, MSN, CNM, RNC-OB. Kerry Foligno RN, BSN, CLC, CPST. ACLS-OB ... Asystole. Shockable Lethal Rhythms. Ventricular Tachycardia (Pulseless) Ventricular Fibrillation. Ventricular Tachycardia. Pulseless.

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Resuscitation guidelines 2010 & ACLS Updates

Resuscitation guidelines 2010 & ACLS Updates Delivered By The American Heart Association Presented By Dr Hesham Mohamed Allam ... Atropine, long given for asystole and slow PEA, is discontinued, it remains for peri-arrest management.

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and Update on New ACLS Guidelines Krista Piekos, Pharm.D. Clinical Pharmacy Specialist - Critical Care Harper University Hospital Adjunct Assistant Professor

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ACLS Pharmacology Review - powerpoint world

ACLS Pharmacology Objectives To review and obtain a better understanding of medications used in ACLS Indications & Actions (When & Why?) Dosing (How?)

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ACLS Update - Wikispaces

ACLS Update Marisha Chilcott, MD CCRMC Emergency Department Audience Survey Who has been certified in ACLS in last 3 years? Who was certified before then?

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Asystole Evidence for no shock PEA and Asystole Management of PEA / Asystole Causes of Pulseless arrest The drugs in cardiac arrest Classification of ACLS drugs Epinephrine – Class II b Vasopressin – Class ...

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BLS and ACLS - Stanford University

Sometimes after defibrillation, the heart is not pumping effectively because it is in asystole, ... BLS and ACLS Author: S0035732 Last modified by: S0035732 Created Date: 3/30/2010 6:31:55 PM Document presentation format: On-screen Show Company:

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Title: EASY TO UNDERSTAND ACLS ALGORITHMS 2nd Edition Author: Joe Last modified by: Paul D Scariano Created Date: 2/22/2011 8:18:05 PM Document presentation format

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Pacers, ablation, cardioversion, telemetry, Intro to ACLS

Pacers, ablation, cardioversion, telemetry, Intro to ACLS By: Diana Blum MCC NURS 2140 * Knowing the basic A-V and V-A intervals will help in understanding the four modes or “faces” of dual chamber pacing.,%20ablation,%20cardioversion,%20telemetryredo.ppt

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Cardiac Arrest management - Medical website

Cardiac Arrest managementAn organized system of ACLS management. o Including attention to team dynamics and. organization. o Careful use of drugs especially adrenaline, ... recommended list of pharmacological agents for the treatment of asystole and PEA (pulseless electrical activity), ...

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ACLS 2009 - Emory University

ACLS Review 2009 Emory Family Medicine Adult CPR Phone first ABCs 30:2 cycles 100/min 1 ½ - 2 inches Check rhythm after 5 cycles Name this rhythm Ventricular Fibrillation What drugs can you use initially? ... Asystole Do you shock this pt? NO What do you do? CPR, O2, IV, ...

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CARDIAC ARRYTHYMIAS - Suffolk County Community College

scream cardiac arrest ventricular asystole 80 ... cardiac arrest review acls guidelines 2005 treatment: immediate cpr airway/ advanced airway control breathing/ positive pressure ventilation circulation/ cpr, start iv defibrillate (v-fib, ...

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AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION AMERICAN HEART ... Use in infants (with or without attenuator) AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION: 2010 GUIDELINES ACLS Simplified algorithm Optimized CPR quality with monitoring Waveform capnography (>12 mmHg) Atropine deleted (PEA/Asystole) Chronotropic drugs for ...

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Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest قل ان الموت ... VF/ VT Asystole Approach is same , BLS +ACLS 2 things contribute significantly to survival: Early CPR (bystander CPR) Early Defibrillation All of the above is BLS EVERY MINUTE COUNTS Given the choice to take one course which one u prefer: BLS or ACLS?

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CPR What is the correct compression/ventilation ratio for all ages? Is there an exception to this rule?

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2000 -

Advanced Cardiac Life Support 2004 Mark I. Langdorf, MD, MHPE, FACEP Professor or Clinical Emergency Medicine Chair and Associate Residency Director

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The ABCD’s of ACC Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Epinephrine (1 mg IV or IO) every 3-5 minutes is recommended for PEA, asystole or persistent VF, and vasopressin (40 units IV or IO) ... The ABCD’s of ACC Advanced Cardiac Life Support Author: BCAYLEY Last modified by: Administrator Created Date: 1/9/2006 5:24:37 PM Document presentation format:

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ACLS ALGORITHMS - Hamilton Health Sciences

ACLS ALGORITHMS Ventricular Fibrillation (VF) & Pulseless Ventricular Tachycardia (VT) ACLS ALGORITHMS Ventricular ... 0.04 mg/kg Figure 3 Asystole Treatment Algorithm Continue CPR Intubate at once Obtain IV Access Confirm asystole in more than 1 lead Atropine 1 mg IV push repeat ...

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New Perspectives in Cardiac Arrest Management: The 2000 ACLS ...

SLIDE ANTHOLOGY: Clinical Studies and Perspectives in Cardiac Arrest Management The 2000 Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Guidelines Amiodarone IV

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Case 5 -

... (DNAR) orders/status Explicit criteria for stopping Death certification in the field Prohibition on transporting failed ACLS with CPR Case 5: Asystole Family presence at resuscitation efforts Survivor support plans More formal death notification Case 5: Asystole?

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Advanced Cardiac Life Support - اکسیر

Advanced Cardiac Life Support Dr. Mohammad Taraz Tehran University of Medical Science ... Asystole & pulseless electrical activity Asystole is defined as a complete absence of demonstrable electrical & mechanical cardiac activity.

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Electrical Emergencies - Welcome to Provena Health

... VF or Asystole ACLS Protocols Treat cardiac & respiratory arrest Aggressive airway, ventilation, and circulatory management. Management CPR/AED as needed Treat cardiac rhythms Management (continued) ...

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Determination of Death CT State Guidelines

Determination of Death ... Pupils non-reactive Additional Assessment in Cases of Dependent Lividity and/or Rigor Mortis Cardiac Monitor asystole in 2 ... Termination of Resuscitative Efforts Non-Traumatic Arrest -- Paramedic Only -- ACLS is administered for an amount of time to be ...

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Pond Depths - Clark County Fire & Rescue

Learning Objectives. Discuss potential complications of near-drowning, which may cause cardiopulmonary arrest or a prearrest condition. Manage a case scenario describing the resuscitation and stabilization (ACLS)appropriate for a near-drowning victim

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Heart Rhythms, Let’s Keep It Simple! Linda Latour, RN/CN ...

Heart Rhythms, Let’s Keep It Simple! Kathryn McBroom, RN/NMO 71/73 Steps to Rhythm Interpretation: Is it regular or irregular? What is the rate

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Insulinoma: Case Presentation and Treatment

New Practices in ACLS Rapid Fire Jason Persoff, MD Assistant Professor of Hospital Internal Medicine Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

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PowerPoint Presentation

... PALS, ACLS, NALS ITLS ... Lidocaine in cardiac patient Not heavily studied Amiodarone proven to be more effective Atropine in PEA and asystole Not proven to be effective Removed from treatment Control of Seizures Why Versed over Valium for seizure control with no IV access?

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HeartMate LVAD & Thoratec VAD VAD Resource Team University of ...

HeartMate XVE LVAD VAD Resource Team University of Washington Medical Center ... VF or Asystole ACLS protocols EXCEPTION: NO chest compressions (may dislodge outflow conduit) ...

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PowerPoint Presentation

... VF or Asystole ACLS Protocols Treat cardiac & respiratory arrest Aggressive airway, ventilation, and circulatory management. Consider Fluid bolus for serious burns 20 ml/kg Consider Sodium Bicarbonate: 1 mEq/kg Consider Mannitol: ...,%20Burns%20PP.PPT

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ACLS Recert - Hamilton Health Sciences

ACLS Special Resuscitations Dr. Michelle Welsford ... Asystole common Electrical Shock & Lightning Continued Respiratory arrest may be prolonged long after cardiac rhythm restored Respiratory arrest secondary to: ...

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Adult Resuscitation Review and Update - Stellenbosch University

One study found that 80% were in PEA/asystole and 20% ... given routinely at any stage during cardiac arrest increases rate of survival to hospital discharge References AHA ACLS Resource Text Adult Resuscitation Review and Update Benjamin Wachira Overview Introduction Major changes in ...

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CPR/AED & Cardiac Arrest - Provena

Demonstrate cardiac arrest management following ACLS guidelines. ... Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation Region 6 Adult Cardiac Arrest Protocol V-Fib / Pulseless V-Tach Region 6 Adult Cardiac Arrest Protocol Asystole / PEA Reversible Causes ...

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CoreICD - Rhythm Basics

... PEA/Asystole Adenosine Now more recognized for treatment of monomorphic wide complex tachycardia ... CVCC Disclaimer Slide 3 BLS CPR BLS CPR BLS CPR Slide 7 ACLS ACLS Slide 10 PALS/NRP PALS/NRP Slide 13 Post Cardiac Arrest Care Slide 15 Special Situations Special Situations ...

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Accidental Hypothermia - Calgary Em

Accidental Hypothermia Cass Djurfors May 8, ... asystole ACLS protocol CPR 1 series of 3 defibrillations at T<30oC Withhold other rewarming strategies while awaiting extra-corporeal support Place percutaneous arterial and venous cannulae if vessels accessed pre-arrest or cutdown if post ...

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Pediatric Resuscitation - Calgary Em

Pediatric Resuscitation Core Rounds Oct 2007 Marc Francis R5 FRCPC PEM Fellow year 1 Dr. Roger Galbraith Case 6 Patient arrives in asystole with no signs of life The nurse gets an IV line and you administer Epinephrine and Atropine IV followed by 1 minute of good CPR There is no response…

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2010 American Heart Guideline Update - Fire/EMS/Safety Center

2010 Guidelines. Atropine-PEA/Asystole. Not in algorithm anywhere. Adenosine-now for narrow REGULAR wide complex. ... ACLS EP mid to late 2011. When to teach new material. March 1, 2011 is when new bridging science material is to be used into the classroom.

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Miracle Cure? #2: Lipid Rescue for Local Anesthetic Toxicity

Lipid Rescue® for Local Anesthetic Toxicity Joe Dietrick, CRNA, M.A. ... MR for persistent asystole 0.25 ml/kg/min for 30-60’ ACLS is da’ bomb – or it bombs Ropivacaine & Levobupivacaine have had successful standard resuscitations Anesthesiology: ...

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Chapter 39: Responding to the Field Code

... (asystole or pulseless electrical activity). Always consider and treat reversible causes. For asystole or pulseless electrical ... Advanced Cardiac Life Support Algorithm Builds on BLS Healthcare Provider Algorithm Advanced Cardiac Life Support Algorithm Managing Patients in Ventricular ...

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Emergency Medicine Echocardiography

Cardiac Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine Anthony J. Weekes MD, RDMS Sarah A. Stahmer MD For the SAEM US Interest Group

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Block 17: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, shock management ...

Major chances in advanced cardiovascular life support. ... Atropine is no longer reccomended for routine use in PEA or asystole and has been removed from the ACLS cardiac arrest algorithm. When would atropine be appropriate for use in cardiac arrest?

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1 day EKG Workshop & Axis Deviation, hemiblocks, hypertrophy

Most likely Let’s take a closer look Remember, this is 1/2 standardization End Summary: New ACLS Drugs Vasopressin Positive epinephrine effects without epinephrine side effects Longer lasting (10 to 20 min) 1 dose: wait ... asystole Asystole - Causes ...'s%20Lectures/Cardiac%20Lectures/Modified%20EKG%20Course.ppt

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