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THE CIVIL CODE - Lex Emirati

1 THE CIVIL CODE Translated from Arabic into English by James Whelan MA (Cantab), Cert. Ed. (London) Resident Manager, Clifford Chance, Sharjah

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The New Civil Code of the United Arab Emirates: A Further ...

THE NEW CIVIL CODE OF THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES 247 was in direct conflict with the prevailing view of society, particularly in the field of

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UAE - Civil Code: Suspension and Termination of Construction ...

1 UAE - Civil Code: Suspension and Termination of Construction Contracts by Nicholas Gould, Partner Most standard form contracts provide a contractual code under which the parties can

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The attached Commercial Transactions Code shall take force and effect. ... President of the United Arab Emirates ... As an exception to the rules of jurisdiction provided for in the Civil Procedure Code, the Court within

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Business Laws of the United Arab Emirates -VolumeIII

United Arab Emirates-VolumeIII - Translated from Arabic into English by ... or the UAE Civil Code, as it is commonly referred to, was published in the December 1985 issue of the UAE Official Gazette, and came into effect on 29th March 1986. The

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UAE: Enforceability of a Non-Competition Clause in an ...

410 ARAB LAW QUARTERLY secrets confidential as per the agreement with the employer or by custom, even after termination.2 Furthermore, Article 909 of the UAE Civil Code rules that an agreement of an

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The UAE Civil Procedure Code, Federal Law No. (11) of 1992 ...

The UAE Civil Procedure Code, Federal Law No. (11) of 1992 Chapter Three ARBITRATION . Article (203) 1. The parties to a contract may generally stipulate in the basic contract or by a supplementary

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e Availability in the UAE of Liens to Secure Payment under ...

P.O. Box 506826, Dubai, UAE Abstract While much attention has been devoted to curbing the rise of lawsuits surrounding Dubai s struggling construction industry, ... federal laws. e base law of the UAE is the Civil Code. e Civil Code

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DUBAI’S LEGAL SYSTEM - Latham & Watkins

federal laws, such as the Companies Law or the Civil Code, as well as the laws and decrees enacted by the Ruler of Dubai, ... sectors of the UAE and Dubai economy are subject to more stringent licensing requirements than others. As an example,

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United Arab Emirates - Legal 500

The creation of security interests in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) (outside all free zones) is mainly governed by the: UAE Federal Law No. 5 of 1985 relating to the law of Civil Transactions (Civil Code). UAE Federal Law No. 18 of 1993 relating to the law of

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Doing Business in the United Arab Emirates - Latham & Watkins LLP

investors considering doing business in the united Arab Emirates (UAE). A. IntroductIon (i) country Background The UAE is a federation of seven Emirates comprising Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, ... Locally incorporated entities may be formed under the UAE Civil Code or incorporated

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Master Gazette Index of Uae Laws Federal Abu Dhabi Dubai Sharjah Ajman ... of the UAE Civil Code and the Ministry of Justice’s Commentary Continued overleaf. dUbaI Laws All Dubai Laws Charitable Organisations Civil Service Courts Dubai Chamber of Commerce Dubai Civil Aviation Dubai Companies ...

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SETTING UP IN THE UAE - Ali Al Aidarous - Home

SETTING UP IN THE UAE By Yves A. Delaey and Dr. Jean-Michel Morinière Ali Al Aidarous International Legal Practice ... UAE Commercial Code and the UAE Civil Code. Registered Commercial Agencies Under the UAE Commercial Agencies Law, registered

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Navigating Construction Disputes in the Middle East

See, e.g., Article 249 of the UAE Civil Code, Article 171 of the Qatar Civil Code, and Article 147 of the Egyptian Civil Code. Contracting parties should be aware of the substantial and important differences between the

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United Arab Emirates - Legal 500

of the United Arab Emirates, 1971 (as amended) (Constitution). The UAE has sovereignty in all matters assigned to it under the Constitution. ... the provisions of the UAE Civil Procedure Code must be satisfied. The primary test is whether

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2 The UAE Constitution –Contents Summary The constitution came into being to explain: the main rules of the political and constitutional

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CHAPTER 16 CIVIL CODE - Justice Services

CIVIL CODE [CAP. 16. 1 CHAPTER 16 CIVIL CODE To amend and consolidate the Laws relating to Persons and the Laws respecting rights relative of Things and the different modes of acquiring and transmitting such rights.

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Decennial Liability and Decennial Insurance - XL Group

The concept of decennial liability is derived from the French Civil Code of 1804. In its simplest form, it’s the responsibility for defects ... Article 880 of the UAE Civil Code provides that where the contract is one for the construction of buildings which are to last more than 10 years, both

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Petrochemicals Projects in the Middle East: Implementation ...

9 Duty of Good Faith •Article 246(1) of UAE Civil Code reflects the French and German codes: “The contract must be performed in accordance with its contents, and in a

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UAE contract law - 5 legal points to remember Recent legal ...

Article 390 of the Civil Code states that contracting parties may fix in advance the amount of compensation payable under terms of the contract, or in a subsequent

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Challenges in Structuring non-recourse Financing for Projects ...

Although the UAE is a civil code jurisdiction, Shariah is embedded in many provisions of law. Article 7 of the UAE Constitution provides that Shariah is “a source” for legislation. Article 2 of the Civil Code

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Construction & Engineering - Mayer Brown

UAE Civil Code Expressly acknowledging Shari’a as a source of law and in many respects adopting principles from Shari’a, the Arab Civil Codes seek to a large degree to achieve fairness

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Construction & Engineering newsletter - Nabarro

Construction & Engineering Newsletter April 2011 Contractors’ rights to suspend works and terminate contracts under FIDIC and the UAE Civil Code

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The Projects and Construction Review - Galadari, Advocates ...

Chapter 25 uniTed ARAB emiRATeS ... 21 and the Civil Code. bank guarantees, documentary credits and the arrangement of discounting are all recognised commercial transactions in UA22 e law. the same can be said of mortgages over immoveable property, ...

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UAE Law for Architects - DubayBlog

services, are governed by the UAE Civil Code comprising 25 articles. While this may seem inadequate for what is effectively the largest construction site in the world, the fact is that the civil

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Foundations are vital when working with UAE Civil Code

working with UAE Civil Code As a push for lengthier pieces of construction-related legislation becomes increasingly felt, Antonios Dimitracopoulos, Partner, Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) LLP, makes a motion for the adequacy of the current laws and the

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United Arab Emirates - Federal Aviation Administration

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES . ISO Country Code – AE . Verification Date: 30-July-2014 . Contacts. Designated Authorities. ... laid down in United Arab Emirates Civil Aviation Regulations, Part 3, 4 and 5. Contact the General Civil Aviation authority ...

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Gulf Business Law - Lexgulf

United Arab Emirates Civil Code of Kuwait Law of Government Tenders & procurement of Saudi Arabia. Tel: +44 (0) 20 8946 5910 Print Print Publication Price £ Price $ Order Payment Business Laws of the United Arab Emirates Volumes 1-2 ...

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OVERVIEW OF UAE LAWS • UAE Constitution and legal system Federal Constitution Civil law System No Doctrine of Precedent • UAE Civil Code

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A practical cross-border insight into securitization work in ...

the UAE Civil Code. However, interest is permitted under Article 88 of the Commercial Code, which allows for the charging of interest in late payment circumstances and under Article 76 of the Commercial Code which states that a creditor may include interest provisions in a

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GULF LAW LIBRARY - UAE Legislation Online

UAE CIVIL CODE AND MINISTRY OF JUSTICE COMMENTARY – 2010 BY JAMES WHELAN. This book provides you with a clear, concise and reliable understanding of the Civil Code of the UAE and consists of James Whelan’s new translation of the entire UAE Civil Code.

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Middle East - Vinson & Elkins

UAE Civil Code to extend compensation for consequential losses to contractual claims. Whether such awards can be expected to crystallize in Abu Dhabi is yet to be seen. Regarding loss of profit and loss of opportunity, there is the

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Contractual misrepresentation under UAE law

Article 187 of the Civil Code indicates that UAE Law interprets 'misrepresentation' and 'lésion - gross unfairness' conjunctively and cumulatively. This is supported by Court of Cassation rulings, which have held that 'gross unfairness' transpires when the actual value of the subject

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BSA Article - Foreigners' Wills & Inheritance under the UAE Law

Foreigners’ Wills & Inheritance under the UAE Law By Jimmy Haoula, Managing Partner at Bin Shabib & Associates (BSA) (Contributions by Mojahed Al-Sebae) ... In general, inheritance and wills in the UAE are regulated by the UAE Civil Code, Federal Law'%20Wills%20&%20Inheritance%20under%20the%20UAE%20.pdf

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Arbitration€from€a€UAE€Legal€Perspective By€Tony€Maalouli Dubai's€ property€ and€ construction€ market€ is€ booming€ as€ world­class ... UAECivil€Procedures€ Code€of€ 1992.€For€the€interest€of€clarity,€I€ will

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Enforcement of Arbitration Awards in the UAE

Civil Procedure Code. Therefore, parties wanting to enforce an award under the New York Convention must satisfy the requirements of the UAE Civil Code. In practice, enforcing arbitration awards can be a lengthy and unpredictable process. It is

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The (UAE Civil Procedure Code of 1992 as amended by Federal Law No. 30 of 2005 ) (“CPC”) appears to confer jurisdiction upon the UAE courts to hear a case against a foreign defendant who has no domicile or residence in the UAE and also to order provisional relief ...

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Doing business in the UAE - Pinsent Masons

Doing business in The United Arab Emirates 2. The UAE General With its prime geographical location at the crossroads of the major Western and Eastern economies, its established

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Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct - الهيئة ...

Resources, and the approval of the cabinet : Issued the following resolution: Article (1) Article (2) The code of ethics and professional conduct document for civil service, as

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The K&L Gates Construction Law Masterclass: FIDIC in Qatar

common law and civil law jurisdictions such as Qatar and the UAE Article 711 of the Qatar Civil Code provides that contractors and designers provide a joint guarantee for ten years from project completion Strict liability

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Getting the Deal Through - United Arab Emirates

United ArAb emirAtes ince & Co 212 Getting the deal through – shipping 2010 Code. UAE law is not explicit in setting out the liability that carri-

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The International Comparative Legal Guide to: Real Estate 2009

The UAE’s Civil Code is based upon historic French and Egyptian codes. It, along with the Commercial Transactions Law (commonly “the Commercial Code”), contains various provisions at federal level touching upon real estate law such as basic property rights, the

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Contracts subject to UAE Law In the UAE, all contracts, including reinsurance and insurance contracts, are governed by the Civil Code (Federal

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UAE: Essential tips for successful investment

UAE: Essential tips for successful investment 2 Relationships are key Establishing and maintaining relationships is at the heart of doing business in

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CoZen middle east insuranCe o’Connor & suBrogation oVerView

As to laws governing insurance contracts, the UAE Civil Code has 29 articles in its insurance section relating to, inter alia, misrepresentation and non-disclosure, together with a specifi c subrogation clause at Article 1030 which sets out that:

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UAE FIRE & LIFE SAFETY CODE OF PRACTICE [ANNEXURES: B.2. EMERGENCY ACTION PLANS] P a g e _ B 2 | 4 incident. In an emergency situation, occupants are on their own until the arrival of the Civil

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Damages and contracts in the UAE - In-House Lawyer

Damages and contracts in the UAE Written by Habib Al Mulla Friday, 12 March 2010 00:00 - Last Updated Monday, 15 March 2010 13:41 First, the explanatory note of the Civil Code provides that compensation should be for the direct

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UAE: THE STANDARD OF CARE FOR SPECIAL CARE OBJECTS AND EQUIPMENT AND THE EXTENT OF LIABILITY OF ITS CUSTODIAN by Zafer Oghli - [email protected] ... explanatory memo of the Civil Code, that damage is direct if the act causing the loss is done directly

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16 Arbitration Agreement – UAE Domestic Law Federal Law No. 11 of 1992, The UAE Civil Procedure Code Article 203(1) The parties to a contract may generally stipulate …that any dispute

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The thematic study on

MENA CLS- the thematic study on The Legal Framework of the Real Es tate Sector in the Emirate of Dubai- United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Jan10 ... 4 Pursuant to Art. 1 of the UAE Civil Code, there is a hierarchy of Islamic doctrines according to which the courts have

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