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TOPICS FOR THE KET SPEAKING TEST: TALK ABOUT…………….. FAMILY Parents/ brothers/sisters/best friend: physical description (v.scheda Physical appearance): I look like my mother, we’ve got the same eyes/hair etc…; personality (v. scheda adjectives of

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Sample Speaking Test Student Worksheets KET Introduction ...

Sample Speaking Test Student Worksheets KET Introduction ... Watch Part 1 of the test again and tick ( ) the topics listed below that the candidates talk about. 1. [ ] Home town 7. [ ] Music 2. [ ] Family 8. [ ] Hobbies 3. [ ] Work 9.

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KET for Schools Paper 3 Overview Overview – Notes for teachers

Explain that they are going to find out what they have to do in the Speaking test. Put students into pairs, Student A and Student B. Give Worksheet A to student A and

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... (CEF level A2). The two candidates are taking a Cambridge ESOL Key English Test (KET). This speaking test performance was originally recorded for ... to talk about their daily life, interests ... Mansour can exchange information on familiar topics using simple phrases which include some ...

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Assessing Speaking - Cambridge English Language Assessment

Issues with the individual speaking test format ... There is more collaborative development of topics 2. The test taker has more opportunities for initiating topics 4. ... There is more examiner talk 1. The test taker has more turns True True True False True True .

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Information for candidates - Cambridge English

Key English Test (KET) for Schools keyforschools. About ... for example, in the Speaking test, ... • Make sure you know vocabulary about many different topics. Try to use English in

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Cambridge ESOL Speaking assessment

and topics Conveying basic meaning: ... travelling to school or work, taking part in leisure activities. A KET task that requires candidates to exchange details about a store’s opening ... Long Turn the opportunity in the Speaking test for a candidate to talk uninterrupted for a period of ...

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Cambridge Key English Test 2

Key English Test 2 TEACHER’S BOOK Examination papers from University of Cambridge ... (Listening) and Paper 3 (Speaking). Paper 1 Reading and Writing (1 hour 10 minutes) ... then exchange roles and talk about a different topic.

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NEW INSIDE OUT PRE-INTERMEDIATE AND INTERMEDIATE, SPEAKING ACTIVITIES ... KET Key English Test A2 Entry 2 ... talk about it for up to a minute. Both photographs relate to the same topic. Describing photographs and managing

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Cambridge Key English Test 3 - Cambridge University Press

Key English Test 3 TEACHER’S BOOK Examination papers from University of Cambridge ... then exchange roles and talk about a different topic. ... a ‘Tell me something about …’ prompt. The topics are still of a personal and concrete nature.

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Cambridge English: Preliminary 7 - Cambridge University Press

Key English Test (KET) A2 Entry 2 Cambridge English: Preliminary is accepted by employers, ... everyday topics. Paper 3 Speaking 10–12 minutes per pair of candidates Four parts: ... To talk freely on matters of personal interest. Paper 1: ...

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BEGINNER Tests Language

Speaking test 1 22 Speaking test 2 23 Speaking test 3 24 Speaking test 4 25 Summary test ... Key English Test (KET). The written ... on a variety of topics. Some of the content is usually specified. There are six marks for each paragraph. Note: The test takes 70 minutes. If this is longer than ...

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Cambridge Preliminary English Test - Cambridge University Press

Cambridge Preliminary English Test 5 without answers Examination papers from ... KET A2 Entry 2 Key English Test ... everyday topics. Paper 3 Speaking 10–12 Four parts: Assessment of candidates’ ability

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What? Who? - Cambridge Exams

THE BULATS TEST REPORT 2 1 Speaking and Writing Test ... A2 1 Key English Test (KET) Certificat d’Etudes Grundbaustein Deutsch als de Françaises Pratique 1 (CEFP1) ... topics, particularly in an exchange of simple factual information.

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Our World ESOL Examinations Correlation Documents

Key English Test (KET) is a rigorous and ... In Part 1, all the topics in the CYLET and KET syllabuses are listed under the ... Correlations Our World Summary of Starters Speaking Test Main skill focus Input Expected response Level 1 Level 2

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A2 1.5-1.93 N/A N/A 225-545 KET (Key English Test) A2 DELF A2 Level 2 (A2) 204-360 Level 2 - Limited working proficiency BEGINNER I "I can talk a little and understand people if they speak slowly and clearly." This level recognises basic knowledge. At ... ² Language test score equivalencies are ...

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language level equivalences nato international staff nato is test common european framework level descriptions coe/alte (council of europe/association

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Assessing English Language Speaking Proficiency in the Case ...

of each MS Speaking test are as follows, based on the description provided in the Handbooks ... The candidates talk together about their opinions, likes/dislikes, preferences, experiences, habits, ... Key English Test Handbook. Cambridge: UCLES. Available at: ...

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A guide for parents - SMILE SCHOOL

The face-to-face Speaking test means your child’s teacher will ... Teachers get lots of support as they prepare your child for their test: • Training, lesson plans and activities they can use in the classroom. A Cambridge ... (KET for Schools) Young Learners Starters (YLE Starters) Young ...

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April 2009/Rabee al Thani, 1430 AH How to choose an English ...

Test (KET), Preliminary English Test (PET) and the ... • interact with English speakers who talk slowly and clearly. PET B1 At this ... might meet when travelling as a tourist in an english-speaking country • ask simple questions and take part in factual conversations in a work ...

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How is language proficiency measured: which aspects of ...

• (FCE, PET, KET) ... All the topics are of general interest. They deal with issues which are interesting, ... speaking test. Examiner use and views of the revised IELTS pronunciation descriptors. To what extent does IELTS encourage communicative

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& National WRC Test. 10 minutes What is customer service? ... Customer service issues 20 minutes Break 15 minutes Supporting Workbook Exercise: KET ... Actively Listening, Speaking & Focus Skills Reminders

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A guide for parents

– Familiar and interesting topics mean your y child can talk confidently about them. – Fun and enjoyable activities, such as y ... – The face-to-face Speaking test means your child’s y ... (KET for Schools) Young Learners Starters (YLE Starters) Young Learners

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Cambridge English Language Assessment: Principles of good ...

Speaking Test Describe and explain ... to talk about A 1-minute ‘long turn’ for each candidate, plus a 30 ... in a decision-making task 4 Minutes A discussion on topics related to the collaborative task (spoken questions) 4 minutes © UCLES 2013 Speaking ...

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Talk a Lot - English

The topics of the units in this book have been chosen to be ... think you need to spend time in the UK or an English-speaking country to learn English well? Why? / Why not? 5. ... Talk a Lot Lesson Test – Learning English

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TOPICS CONTENTS WEEKS ASSESSMENT Welcome Section A. ... Preparation to the KET exam Mock exams: speaking, listening, reading and writing 18 - 21 2 tests ... Speaking test Project work Unit 8 Peacemakers -Past perfect passive

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The Effectiveness of Dictogloss in Developing General Writing ...

Concretely speaking, ... The topics were many argumentative to boost up conversation and let learners talk more for reaching a conclusion. For this particular purpose, eight dictogloss texts were prepared. ... Key English Test (KET)

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A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 - ALTE

Key English Test (KET) ... Française DELF / A1 Française DELF / A2 Française DELF / B1 Française DELF / B2 Langue Française DALF / C1Langue Française DALF / C2 ... Listening/Speaking Reading Writing CAN talk about complex or sensitive issues CAN ...

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Name Class Date - Brookemead ELT

2 SPEAKING TEST (3 minutes) ... Talk to your partner about similar events you have been to, or why you would like, or not like to attend events such as those ... certain topics such as the latest technology, internet links that I like and my

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Activate A2 - Pearson PLC

Activate A2 Common European Framework (CEF) ... Read quickly / identify topics. Complete gaps in the text with given sentences. Use context to understand unknown words. ... Speaking I can talk about how I like to shop and give my reasons.

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Drama 6th - Kentucky - Floyd County Schools

choose one of the topics they had discussed, and talk about it for a minute. This drama activity is meant to develop skills like public speaking, spoken language ... okit/drama/ Videos

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Teaching notes for the photocopiable activities Photocopiable ...

public examinations such as UCLES KET and Trinity Integrated Skills. Test keys ... TEST KEYS 48 Messages 2 PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2005 Module 1 test 2Vocabulary ... Speaking 10 Test total 80

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Cambridge Global English - Cambridge University Press

... Movers and Flyers and Key English Test (KET) for schools]. About Cambridge Primary and Global English ... Vocabulary topics: character qualities, adjectives (good, naughty, evil), ... Speaking: Talk about favourite story characters. Pronunciation: syllable stress.

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Preliminary English Test KET Key English Test Council of Europe Level (ALTE Level 4) (ALTE Level 3) ... covering a wide range of topics, The paper a so inc udes questions on set texts. ... The Speaking Test assesses candidates' ability to

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English Unlimited Elementary and the Common European ...

1 Key English Test KET 3 A2 Waystage Breakthrough A1 ... SPEAKING CEF goals English Unlimited Elementary goals Describing experience ... 5.1 • talk about cities and neighbourhoods • can describe his/her family, living conditions, educational

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Flex-Power Services One Operator’s Innovation Journey

ket for fossil fuel power – facing lower demand, lower margins, and ... As part of those steps, KMW has test ... speaking with one another about their projects – KMW engineers frequently

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English Unlimited Pre-intermediate and the Common European ...

1 Key English Test KET 3 A2 Waystage Breakthrough A1 ... SPEAKING CEF goals English Unlimited Pre-intermediate goals Describing experience ... 5.2 • talk about rules and obligations • can participate in short conversations in routine contexts on

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Upbeat Intermediate Correlation Chart - Pearson PLC

The topics start from the familiar experiences of learners but then extend the ideas to develop the students’ world experience and ... Elementary A2 1 KET 3.0 246-380 - 1 Pre-Intermediate A2+ - 381-500 - 2 ... Speaking I can talk about trying experiences for the first time.

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Study English Worldwide

for students studying in English-speaking countries, and the curriculum allows you to ... KET, ALTE Level 1 You can write and speak in familiar situations and have a fair knowledge of grammar, but your ... On arrival at your school you will be given a profi ciency test to enable our staff to

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English Language Teaching - Collins

Cambridge English Key (KET) Preliminary (PET) First (FCE) Key Words 26-30 IELTS Get Ready for ... for an English test. ... gain entry into academic institutions in English-speaking countries

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A guide for schools - Smart Kids

Speaking (3–5 mins). ... – Familiar and interesting topics make it y easier for children to relate to the tests and talk about them with confidence. – Appealing content and activities, such as drawing, y ... Young Learners test gets a Cambridge English award.

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Secondary 1 - Cheeky

... more intensive step after KET. A typical lesson will involve discussion of a ... We will brainstorm and talk about the various aspects of tourism and the impact on the country. We will learn and practice related vocabularies and ... interesting topics using our interactive ...

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range of topics in real life; and • prepared for international tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, etc. Certificates • After finishing each level, students can take Cambridge English Test to get Cambridge Certificates of KET, PET, FCE (First Certificate in English) ... You can talk about complex!ConnectEn.pdf

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Summit 2, Second Edition Unit-by-Unit CEF Correlations

TOIEC = Test of English for International Communication ... Speaking I can talk about different articles. I can explain why I would select an article to read first. ... topics Speaking I can describe dreams and discuss their meanings.

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A Guide to PET -

Preliminary English Test B1 Entry 3 KET A2 Entry 2 ... everyday topics. Paper 3 Speaking 10–12 Four parts: Assessment of candidates’ ability ... candidate; appropriate responses. To talk In Part 3, they have an freely on matters of personal

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Information for UTM graduates doing the FCE exams

... FCE 1, FCE 2 and FCE 3. Students who studied under the KET-PET-BEC system need to complete FCE 1 to graduate. Other students ... need to take and pass three exams: a Speaking exam, a Listening exam, and a Reading & Writing exam. You ... range of topics. CAN scan texts for ...

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A Guide for Students and Parents - ACT

Welcome to the aCT Compass® Sample Reading Test! You are about to look at some sample test questions as you prepare to take the actual ... could hear the young couple talk and giggle. Their words and laughter and the sounds of his own chewing mixed into a sticky mess.

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Lessons for life! - United Towers

A1 Elementary KET - Key English Test B1 Intermediate PET ... communicator, practice making small talk as well as negotiating, or learn how to deliver an effective presentation. ... u Online Test / Speaking Test u Welcome Meeting

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Young Learner & Trinity Exam Tips - WorldArcStudio ::: v2.0

level is on par with the KET exams. The difference is that, unlike the exams for older students, ... speaking Trinity examiner, which test a student’s speaking and listening skills. ... and ability to discuss prepared topics. The exam grades range from absolute beginner level to near

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2014 USA & Canada University Placement Service

A prestigious degree from an English-speaking university is a great way to launch you into an ... • Free English Pre-Arrival Test • Support in the Application Process ... You can talk about everyday matters, but with a limited range of style

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