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The Sumerian Tablets and The Anunnaki (A brief alternate ...

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The Sumerian Tablets and The Anunnaki (A brief alternate ...

This was written on Sumerian clay tablets, around 5000 years ago, and was said to be copies of much older texts. Note that we supposedly only “discovered” Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in 1781, 1846, ... Sumerians and Anunnaki ...

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Nimrod, Nibiru and the Anunnaki

[emphasis mine] So, the earliest evidence of any civilization seemsto point to the 3,500 BC timeframe. Wikipedia says that the Sumerians were"incredibly advanced"

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Myths and Realities of ANUNNAKI, Reptilians, Planet Nibiru ...

Myths and Realities of ANUNNAKI, Reptilians, Planet Nibiru and the Pleiadians 1 ... Sumerians might have had a contact with this kind of visitors from outer space is the chronology mentioned in the Oomomen's documents. Indeed they

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Sumerian Description About Anunnaki and What They Taught

Sumerian Description About Anunnaki and What They Taught by: Zecharia Daniken ... Here, Sumerians described the ancient aliens as their gods, but Sitchin believes that they were actually the ancient astronauts of that 10th planet. It is also claimed why those Anunnaki left

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Zecharia Sitchin on the Anunnaki - Mark A. Foster, Ph.D.

Zecharia Sitchin on the Anunnaki As detailed in my books, beginning with The 12th Planet (1976) and even more so in Genesis Revisited and The Cosmic Code, the Anunnaki came to Earth some

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(Genetic Engineering Section) -

... the Fallen Angels ©2011 Wes Penre ( 1st Edition, October, ... Sumerians, and are the Fallen Angels of the Hebrew Bible, says Sitchin. ... Anunnaki miners were no more than slaves themselves, ...

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Earth History Timeline - Cosmic Solutions

Earth History Timeline According to Zecharia Sitchin Sitchin was born in Russia, ... Anunnaki used us in the construction of their palaces ... that the Sumerians knew these aliens to be real flesh and blood. The library of the ruler, ...

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In the Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki, 2013, BBS, 2013

In the Beginning: The Epic of the Anunnaki, 2013, BBS, 2013 Published: ... Who were these god-like beings, known to one of the oldest civilizations, the Sumerians, as the Anunnaki? This two-part story starts with an amazing discovery in the present day that takes us back hundreds

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They Came From the Sky - our secret ...

ix Introduction T his is a story about the Anunnaki. Anunnaki is the Sumerian name for the gods who once openly ruled mankind at a time so far back that their legend is only dimly

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Nibiru - Cosmic Solutions

Nibiru Nibiru, to the Babylonians, ... The Anunnaki ("those who from heaven came to earth" in Sumerian) ... The Sumerians depicted their goddess creator along with snakes in a double helix form with thin bars connecting between them in a spiral fashion.

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Gods and Goddesses -

Sumerian Gods and Goddesses ... Sumerians said one year on planet Nibiru, a sar, was equivalent in time to 3600 Earth years. ... The Sumerians never called the Anunnaki, 'gods.' They were called din.gir, a two-syllable word. 'Din'

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presents Sitchin’s Discoveries About The Sumerians

The Sumerians recorded the first ... communicated to them by the Anunnaki visitors from the planet Nibiru. In this presentation Rev. Donald Cooper will condense some of what Dr. Sitchin has discovered and reported in his writings and lectures.

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Sumerian Dictionary - Tikaboo

Sumerian Dictionary Every letter must be pronounced. There are no silent syllables in Sumerian. ... The Sumerians did not have an alphabet as we know it, ... ANUNNAKI = Those Who From Heaven Came To Earth

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ISON.. CRAFT OF THE ANNUNAKI? - Watchman on the Wall CO UK

Sumerian cuniform tablets describing how the Annunaki piggy backed on a planet called ... A couple of days ago I was thinking about the sumerians and the Anunnakis first visit and ... on page 254 The great Anunnaki gods fled before you like fluttering bats

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The Myth of a 12th Planet

This seal is the centerpiece of Sitchin’s theory that the Sumerians had ... This knowledge was allegedly given to the Sumerians by extraterrestrials, whom Sitchin identifies as the Anunnaki gods of Sumero ... part of Sitchin’s argument is that the Sumerians knew of an extra planet beyond ...

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Technology of the Gods - StealthSkater

Technology of the Gods by Tim Swartz ... Sumerians. No one knows for sure where the Sumerians came from because their language and culture ... because they had guidance from the Anunnaki (or "those who from Heaven to Earth came"). A biblical

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Just SITCHIN FICTION? - Archaeology Answers About Ancient ...

OTHER BOOKS BY JONATHAN GRAY Dead Men’s Secrets More Dead Men’s Secrets Sting of the Scorpion The Ark Conspiracy ... • Did the Sumerians say the Anunnaki have a connection to Nibiru, a 12th planet or some other planet? NO, THEY DID NOT.

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THE NIBIRU PLANET X WORMWOOD CONTROVERSY PART 1 Last Updated : May 3, 2007 ... Enuma Elish/Epic Of Creation, Tiamat, Asteroid Belt, Creation Of Earth And Moon, Anunnaki, Genetic Engineering And Creation Of Modern Man, Elohim And Nephilim, Doubts About ... Sumerians, (the ancient inhabitants of ...

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Opening Statement: - Hebrews Wake Up

What do they say? The Annunaki are space aliens? The Anunnaki are the 300 gods of the underworld? No they are the 300 gods of heaven. They are “those of royal blood” the 10 great gods. ... Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylon the Anunnuaki.

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blue stones of alantis - HiddenMysteries

The Bible is mute concerning what Moses did with the blue stones of the Anunnaki. This is strange considering they potentially represent the core secrets of the universe. ... alchemy Vulcan or Haiphastos, the gold/soul smith whom the Sumerians called E.A.

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Z Sitchin - The Lost Book of Enki - My Curious Brain • Blog

culled by Zecharia Sitchin, in his The Earth Chronicles Series, from the Bible, ... especially by the Sumerians. And they, ... even before Mankind came to be-from the writings of the Anunnaki ("Those Who from Heaven

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The End of Days - Meetup

who have read my books, the “they” being the Anunnakithe extraterrestrials who had come to Earth from their planet Nibiru and were revered in antiquity as gods. ... were known to the Sumerians millennia earlier by names (Fig. 8) and depictions (Fig. 9) that we use to this day. Figure 8 In .

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Notes and Suggestions on the Early Sumerian Religion and Its ...

among the Sumerians, of the heavens, and their relation to the life of man. It belongs, therefore, to the secondary, not the ... Anunnaki and other similar powers to work havoc in the storms, the hostile agencies mistaken by Langdon and others in some cases, ...

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ASTR Doomsday 2012, the Planet Nibiru, and Cosmophobia ONOMY BEAT

planet discovered by the Sumerians, is headed toward Earth. Zecharia Sitchin, ... civilization of aliens called the Anunnaki. Then Nancy Lieder, a self-declared psychic who claims she is chan- ... Astronomy Beat No. 32 • September 21, 2009 Page 3

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Ancient Aliens, Sumerian Cueniform Tablets, and Mathemaitcs

Ancient Aliens, Sumerian Cueniform Tablets, and Mathemaitcs ... languages and became one of the few to master the reading of the cuneiform writing of the Sumerians from ... (Nefilim, Elohim, Anunnaki) had come. He has gone on to suggest that they arrived on Earth from their planet, Nibiru.,%20Sumerian%20Cueniform%20Tablets,%20and%20Mathemaitcs.pdf

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Ancient Astronauts1 - Bread of Life Bible Study .com

the Sumerians - I channeled with an alien who called himself Dilmon. ... Sumerian civilization into a 5-part paperback series, The Earth Chronicles, ... Nibiru is inhabited by the Anunnaki - Nefilim - Giants of the Bible - Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came. They are supposedly a Reptilian Race. 4

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itebbiru ni-bi-ri ni-bi-ru ni-bi-a-na neberu

Nibiru, to the Babylonians, ... The Anunnaki ("those who from heaven came to earth" in Sumerian) came upon evolution on earth as it had been progressing for billions of years however, ... The Sumerians depicted their goddess creator

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Page 1 of 171 - POLONEUM

FLYING SERPENTS AND DRAGONS by R. A. Boulay ©1990 Editorial Comments By Roberto Solàrion ©1997 * Prologue ... Calling themselves Anunnaki, these Proto-Sumerians are credited with the establishment of Western, if not World, civilisation.

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SECRETS OF THE CATHARS - HiddenMysteries Information Central

serpent called E.A. by the Sumerians. Myths said he could drill holes in space. ... On one side is E.A. the great Anunnaki scientist featured in the Sumerian epic poems ... this was a search for the secrets of the Anunnaki, ...

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The Anunnaki ………………………………………………………………….…… ... December 21 2012 Predictions ... an outside orbiting planet that the Sumerians and the Babylonians referred to as Nibiru, ...

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The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Deluge - Onondaga and Oswego ...

The Epic of Gilgamesh and the Deluge Compiled by Gary L. Heinmiller ... Akkadian Empire in the 23rd century. Herein arises the hard question for science: from whence did theSumerians’ come . . . ? ... The Anunnaki - the Great Gods ...

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Mufon UFO Journal - The Black Vault

Sumerians themselves. "We tend to think of human progress," Sitchin said, ... Anunnaki came in search of gold, not for jewelry, but in the form of gold dust to be scattered above the atmosphere of Nibiru to serve as a shield against an impending ecological

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ENUMA ELISH - The Epic Of Creation - Altervista

... Enuma Elish' is written on seven tablets, each are between ... Sumerians. Drawing some new light on the ancients, ... May they magnify thy name over all of them the Anunnaki." She gave him the Tablets of Destiny, on his breast she laid them, ...

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An Exopolitical Perspective on the Preemptive War against Iraq

race of extraterrestrial visitors the 'Anunnaki' ('those who from heaven to Earth came') ... Rather than a simple temple scene involving the chief Anunnaki of the Sumerians, Anu and his two sons, Enlil and Enki, Henry proposes that the above scene represents a

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WORLD HISTORY Summer 2013 - Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory

WORLD HISTORY Summer 2013 Due: August 21, 2013 PART 1 ... What did the Sumerians call their temples? What function did these temples serve? ... When the Anunnaki [the gods of the underworld], the judges, come together, and Mammetun ...

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The Moment of Realization Discovery - Taroscopes

Does this mean that the ancient Sumerians could have been here in the. Americas? ...[15.03.2010 23:52:48] members of a . Galactic Brotherhoods.

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Out of Babylon (1): Judaism - Ning

Out of Babylon (1): Judaism ... doubtless the priesthood of the Sumerians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Sumerians, and Babylonians, were connected by the same brotherhood ... invented by the Anunnaki priesthood, the Mithra rites and religion were

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Book Review: Rulers of the Earth: Secrets of the Sons of God ...

Zecharia Sitchin concerning his translations of Sumerians cuneiform records of theAnunnaki’ bio-engineering humanity from primitive hominoids. ... Lewels’ scholarship, numerous insights, ...

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Adventures In The Hollow Earth - Stranger Dimensions

The Sumerians knew it as Kur, a "void space," or home of the dead, located ... The Hollow Earth Theory has a bit of everything: ancient mythology, ... •Anunnaki •Naraka •Jahannam •Duat •Pacha •Xibalba •Hopi Mythology

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A L C H E M Y - Beezone

researcher of alchemy. ... With names like the Devas, Anunnaki, Neteru, and Elohim, they are collectively known as the Shining Ones. ... Sumerians, Ambrosia by the Greeks, Manna, Christos, or Living Water by the Hebrews, and The

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Dear Ancient Astronaut Enthusiast - Altervista

Can you produce a single text that says the Anunnaki come from the planet Nibiru - or that Nibiru is a planet ... ... Notice anything? Count them. According to Sumerian sources, the Sumerians

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Sumerian Liturgies and Psalms by Stephen Langdon - JSTOR

Sumerians. Its expression may sometimes seem to us wearisome and childish ; but ... Babylonians, within which dwelt the Anunnaki by the side of tin: Waters of Life. By way of conclusion it may be noted that Asrat, "the mistress of ...

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the hijacking of humankind. © by dr arthur d. horn ...

Anunnaki civilization that was established along the ... to point out that the myths of the ancient Sumerians and other cultures throughout the world were their own primitive rendering of their history. Sumerian Civilization, ...,Hijacking%20of%20Humankind,FSR2001V46N4.pdf

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Literature, Culture, and the Humanities Comment

Both the Sumerians and the Babylonians had schools of scribes who created a varied and impressive literature. ... Anunnaki and while Gilgamesh felled the trees of the forest, Enkidu cleared their roots as far as the banks of the Euphrates.

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Dominion, NOT Domination - Healing Nexus

documented by the Sumerians. Geneticists are proving the true ... Domination on Earth. It is well documented that we were created as a slave species, and the tools of Domination was programmed into our consciousness to control us ... the Anunnaki needed to control us and keep us ...

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Anunnaki were culturally and technically advanced people ... "An" was the supreme God who never came to Earth, but ruled in the heavens. Sumerians believed in one Divine Being. In Sumerian pictographic writing the sign of a star stood for An, heavens, divine being/god.

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Epic of Updated: June 27, 2011 - Brophy College Preparatory

Epic of Gilgamesh Journal Entries ... Cuneiform (Latin: “cuneus” = wedge, “forma”= shape) writing is the type of writing invented by Sumerians of Mesopotamia who wrote with ... Anunnaki Ereshkigal ...

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Written in Stone - The Origins Museum Institute

The Treasures of Eden and the Rosetta Stone ... but the origins of the Sumerians, as well as their linguistic affinities, are unknown. ... gods of Sumer, the Anunnaki, who also found their way into the pantheons of Egyptian, Greek,

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download sample chapter - Lloyd Pye

As for the “Invisible College” mentioned in the dedication, its original “student body” was ... The Sumerians Epic Of Creation Proofs And Speculations Comets Asteroids Cylinder Seal VA/243 The Teachers Nibiru And The Anunnaki Colony Earth The Evidence The Great Mystery Making The Worker ...

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monatomic gold rp

It has always been assumed that the Sumerians were the first civilisation on Earth. However, since the dig at Mount Horeb by Petrie, it appears they were not. ... if the Anunnaki are doing this all round the universe? Upgrading life forms so that they can

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