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Get under the ‘spout’ where the glory comes out!

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Get under the ‘spout’ where the glory comes out!

Get under the ‘spout’ where the glory comes out! Y This Is the Moment for Miracles! During Richard and Lindsay Roberts’ first monthly Miracle Healing Service in Tulsa, ... Prayers for Seed-Faith Living by Oral Roberts Written out of Oral Roberts’ own life experiences, ...

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A Heritage of Healing - Richard Roberts

Your copy of MIRACLES© is made possible by Seed-Faith offerings to Oral Roberts Ministries. No subscription price. ... The Miracle of Seed-Faith by Oral Roberts As long as the earth remains, there will be seedtime and harvest (Genesis 8:22).

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Oral Roberts: salesman for God

Oral Roberts: salesman for God The late Oral Roberts was a healer, an exorcist, ... his “seed-faith” concept seemed at the time a practical way to expect things from God – plant a seed and watch your miracle grow. The seed was money and

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Wise Up 14 return. Or Finances 101 Financial Security quoted

They call it seed faith giving. ... Oral Roberts wrote a book entitled, “The Miracle of Seed Faith Giving.” They will quote verses like "Ezekiel 16:11 bracelet." The letter instructs Luke 6:38 "Give, and it will be given to you.

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Praise-a-Thon - Trinity Broadcasting Network

... wrap your seed with expectant faith. Remember dear Oral Roberts who taught us to “EXPECT A MIRACLE”? How we loved dear Brother Roberts and ... Dear partner, whatever your need, as dear Oral Roberts taught us, “PLANT A SEED!” Do it now.

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John Lennon's Born- Again Phase - Crimson & White Ministries Inc

asked Oral Roberts. "I want out of hell." 1/6 – A teaser ... John Lennon's Born-Again Phase p.2/6 ... Roberts sent him a copy of his book Miracle of Seed Faith and several letters explaining basic Christian beliefs.'s%20Born-Again%20Phase%20-%2007%20Jan-PDF.pdf

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People are giving to the Oral Roberts ... He is so thankful for the change in his son’s life here at Canaan Land. He sees a miracle ... Roberts, Jerry Savelle, or Kenneth Copeland building, just mark it on your envelope. I am asking you to pray and have faith in your prayers. Your seed ...

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February, 2010 “Hope For The Hopeless!”

The New Oral Roberts, Jerry Savelle, and ... The miracle that came out of that is Canaan Land as you know it today. Now it is in Australia and going to be in Halifax, Nova Scotia. ... in the faith is Jerry Savelle and my third is Kenneth Copeland.

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Characteristics Of New Testament Miracles

Characteristics Of New Testament Miracles ... When Oral Roberts had heart trouble, he did not go to his son Richard, ... If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; ...

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Something Good Is Going to Happen to You - Ning

Oral Roberts Albury Publishing Tulsa ... the riches of Egypt. When he did, he took the first step toward a miracle by choosing the imperishable of ... with the eye of faith. He chose the imperishable, which is the first step in God’s Kingdom to seeing the invisible. Seeing the invisible ...

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seed faith from Evangelist Oral Roberts, and after studying the Scrip- ... Oral Roberts, to allow me to include The Miracle of Seed Faith by Oral Roberts in the Appendix of this book. My role as an advisor has given me a front-row seat to so many

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A Historical Discourse on Tithing and Seed Sowing in some ...

investment” (p.16). Oral Robertsseed-faith principles is based on a thought that “Whatever you can conceive, and believe, you can do” (Roberts, ... Roberts, O. (1970). Miracle of Seed-Faith, Tulsa, Oklahoma: Abundant Life Publications. [14]. roberts, O. (1985).

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Making Million Secret ä

concept I first planted a $50 seed to Oral Roberts Ministry. ... WELCOME TO THE MIRACLE PLAN THAT CANNOT FAIL! ... review the author’s documentation of seed-faith giving tithes verses the harvests in the examples he has provided.

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D ˆˇˇ˘ P raise the Lord SPECIAL MOMENTS

is on TBN’s Arabic language Healing Channel, ... modern day father of the faith Dr. Oral Roberts as our guest on “Behind the Scenes.” Dr. Roberts had a special time of prayer with Paul and Paul Jr. and shared about “Seed Faith” a concept on giving that the Lord taught him 61 years ago.

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Poverty & Prosperity: The Piiivi Hasu

Oral Roberts added the idea of 'seed faith', that one prospers through planting a seed in faith and the return of that will meet all needs (Brouwer et al. 1996:26-27, 171; ... a miracle in its notions of economic activity and means to prosperity.

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Granville Oral Roberts was born into pov-erty in Bebee, OK, on January 24, 1918. Bedfast at 17, Roberts was miraculously ... His book “The Miracle of Seed Faith” has more than 8 million copies in circulation. Missionary to Honduras and overseer of Central

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Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are King ...

Oral Roberts declare these unchanging truths repeatedly: "God is a ... It will take more than a miracle anointing vice, a self-help improvement book or a network marketing plan to ... Seed-Faith Is The Principle That You Can Produce

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Three prominent faith-healers - Reformed Reflections

Three prominent faith-healers God always works to your advantage. ... Oral Roberts Oral Roberts is a tall, dark-haired, and well-known radio and TV evangelist. ... Through Seed-Faith, that his greatest discovery about health, ...

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Wisdom Times Issue 13 - TheWisdomCenter.TV

THE WISDOM CENTER 4051 Denton Highway • Fort Worth, TX 76117 You Will Love Our Website! ... These are extraordinary men of Faith – My Father...Lester Sumrall...Oral Roberts...Robb Thompson...just to ... 4 Miracle Harvests are guaranteed in

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Don’t How to experience this exceeding greatness of His power?

Page 1 of 8 Shining with His Excellence 12 Experience the Exceeding Greatness of His Power How to experience the exceeding greatness of His power of Increase, breakthroughs in

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False Worship False Worship WWWithin Christianityithin ...

originated theseed-faith” heresy and created a vast charismatic empire including the City of Faith and Oral Roberts University ... —he is a popular prosperity gospel, faith-healer, TV evangelist who has Miracle Crusades which claim to heal people with Aids, cancer, etc. He predicted ...

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Foundations Lesson 14 NIV Heb 11 Faith - ABWE

Foundations for Your Faith Hebrews Chapter 11 ... Hinn; Copeland; Oral Roberts; this is the faith concept of most untaught believers. They view faith as a tool to manipulate God. ... your own little miracle" & what are they appealing to?

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calling, just like being called to the ministry. It is ...

by Faith. Birthing a Dream In time, Bill and Veronica started ... miracle, and the Lord directed me to sow a big seed, ... I attended Oral Roberts University. I believe God sent me there to learn something that changed my life. It was

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UNEDITED DRAFT Accessing The Grace For Accelerated Victory ...

Def. Victorious Living is the lifestyle of faith that experiences the promised abundant life in ... * There is a quality seed, precious seed, sacrificial seed that produces supernatural harvests when believers have the courage to obey! 1.

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strong BUILDING ON A foundation GOD - Benny Hinn Ministries

your best seed in faith, ... ORAL ROBERTS “I so much appreciate Pastor Benny Hinn and his heart to reach others for Christ. Pastor Benny is a precious ... Benny Hinn Ministries to bring miracle power into the lives of people all over the world.

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A Religion of Convenience?

... the miracles of Oral Roberts’ group, and those promised by Hinn ... the Bible. For one thing, you never see the end of the matter, only themiracle.” People have died because some “evangelist” pronounced them healed ... He has replaced the faith, repentance, and baptism ...

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LIBERATION AND PROSPERITY THEOLOGIES GEOFFREY GROGAN, GLASGOW ... 1974) and Oral Roberts, The Miracle of Seed-Faith (Tulsa, OK, 1970). ... men through applying the principles of seed-faith became Tulsa's

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Every day we pray -

It was Oral roberts who pointed Kenneth copeland to a deeper revelation of the ... of the seed-faith ministry that I had introduced to the world; ... God Has Your Miracle on His Mind by Gloria copeland

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Creating Cultures of Generosity Living into The workshops on ...

... I was haunted by the ghosts of Oral Roberts and ... the stories of believing in God’s calling and people responding in faith; stories of ... We look to the future with our ministry partner Holy Seed NCD, our sister Korean NCD in Frisco.

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the proof of - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Africa

Heritage ofFaith Tribute to a Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland inside ... of the seed-faith ministry that I had introduced to the world; ... It was a miracle of God that I was completely delivered from cigarette smoking on Jan. 8, ...

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“Fire On The Mountain”

been built on faith in God, without debt, public tax money or professional fundraisers. To date, over $2,000,000 has been donated and spent on the project. More than a dozen monumental sculptures, worth $3,000,000, have been

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You Have Authority

1 You Have Authority The Abundant Life God wants all believers to come before the throne of God with boldness and authority and to actually claim what is rightfully theirs.

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How the Power of God (Love) Changed My Life

Oral Roberts University, and after prayer and seeking the Lord’s plan, ... seed into what God was doing in our lives. ... Christ who had traveled to JSMI from China to attend school, named Peter Ng, cried and prayed together waiting for a miracle of financial blessing that day. By 5:00 PM, we

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Every day we pray - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Europe

Heritage ofFaith Tribute to a Oral Roberts and Kenneth Copeland inside ... of the seed-faith ministry that I had introduced to the world; ... It was a miracle of God that I was completely delivered from cigarette smoking on Jan. 8, ...

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Iowa District LCMC in Iowa

faith in God as they pour seed into the planter and bury it 2 inches be- ... tions. This year some corn has been planted then topped with 6-12 inches of SNOW! This is giving the seed a very bad start with an icy- cold first drink of water. The ... A miracle that happens 34,000 times an acre! As ...

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Kenneth Copeland Ministries - This will soon be the new home ...

the great healing and miracle outpouring of the Holy Spirit, T.L. Lowery traveled the ... them. Gloria and I have been there. THEY HAVE FAITH IN GOD! We also have more than 800 Partners in Crimea ... As you sow your BLESSING seed this month, humble yourself before The LORD. Say before ...

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Recognition of an opportunity for a miracle of healing Blind Bartimaeus did. He cried out and received his ... Dr. Oral Roberts who is known for healing once told Dr. Mike Murdock that young preachers had spent ... to move with the anointing and plant your seed when the Holy Spirit prompts you ...

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For many years prosperity preachers like Benny Hinn, Oral Roberts, John Avanzini and others have ... who sang in the Miracle ... Benny Hinn Faith Healer or Disguised Mesmerist 2009, Yves Brault ...

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March 2004 2nd Anniversary Edition Issue Date: This Month’s ...

faith.” This effort does not replace the old-time face-to-face preaching of the WORD, and fellowship meeting. Featured Questions and Answers March 2004 2nd Anniversary Edition Issue Date: March 01, 2004 Since March 16th 2002 QUESTION:

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pp 2-3 ad TOC 02 07 - KCM Europe - Kenneth Copeland ...

Oral Roberts University and, because I worked for ... and again, like a mechanic uses a tool, to set people free from the oppres-sion of sickness. I heard him preach “seed faith” and God is a good God. About that same time, my mother ... and that miracle occurred after Keith Moore prayed ...

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Every day we pray - Kenneth Copeland - Canada

Heritage ofFaith Tr i b u te to a Oral roberts and Kenneth copeland inside ... of the seed-faith ministry that I had introduced to the world; ... It was a miracle of God that I was completely delivered from cigarette smoking on Jan. 8 ...

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