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The Pharma Review

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The Pharma Review

The Pharma Review ® India’s Leading ... Germany, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Singapore, Syria, Thailand and Vietnam etc. We are associated with some major Pharma Expo Brands around the world. ... The guide has a print run of 4000 copies and is also available in E-Book soft

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Leading Importers, Exporter, Distributors, Booksellers & Publishers of Pakistan. Showroom F-7, Markaz Jinnah Super. Islamabad Pakistan. Phone: ... Drug Guide A Comprehensive Guide On Clinical Pharmacology And Pharmacy Ipram Code ... Pharma Guide The Quick Reference On All The Medicines Available ...

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The Communication Mix in Pharmaceutical Marketing

The Pharma Innovation Journal 2014; 3(5): 46-53 ISSN : 2277- 7695 TPI ... Department of Business, Administration, Indus University, Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. Vishnu Parmar Institute of Business Administration, Sindh University, Jamshoro, Sindh ... and become a basic guide to business ...

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2005, eleven MNC companies have undergone mergers (Pharma Guide 2005). This industry provided about 50,000 white collared jobs in 2004. IV. Review of Literature . ... pharma companies in Pakistan by market share and growth rate. This substantiates the

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Pharmacy Education and Practice in Pakistan: A Guide to ...

PHARMACY EDUCATION AND PRACTICE IN PAKISTAN: A GUIDE TO FURTHER DEVELOPMENT 155 of pharmacy education and practice in Pakistan. In Pakistan, pharma-cist’s role is not squeezed into national health policy which should be ac-

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Guidelines For Healthcare Professionals*interaction with ...

Healthcare professionals and pharma industry are an integral part of health care delivery ... several years within Pakistan as well as globally. 1-4 Pharma industry and the companies ... in the industry have established Codes of Ethical Practices which serve to guide, monitor

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Guidelines For Healthcare Professionals*interaction with ...

within Pakistan as well as globally.1-4 Pharma industry and the companies making ... and in the industry have established Codes of Ethical Practices which serve to guide, monitor and censure its members. These guidelines also extend to students and

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Partnering in the Global Generics Industry 2010: A guide to ...

Partnering in the Global Generics Industry 2010: A guide to companies Espicom Business Intelligence Date: Oct, 2010 Pages: 472 Price: US$ 1,040.00

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GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN THE PATENT OFFICE 2nd Floor, Kandawala Building, ... 324/2004 Altana Pharma AG, Germany ... cooling system consisting of, an upper guide ring, an air guide sleeve, a lower guide ring, wherein the air

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4Department of Conventional Medicine, Islamia University Bahawalpur, Pakistan Abstract: Present research work was conducted to study the clinical efficacy of coded herbal medicine ... recommended dosage form as given in Pharma guide (Ahmed and Mahmood, 2003). The patients suffering

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Good Distribution Practices (GDP‘s) & Pharma Supply Chain Mgt

Good Distribution Practices (GDP‘s) & Pharma Supply Chain Mgt Migration from GMPs into the Pharma Supply Chain Regulations overview –PDA March 1st, 2011

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ANNUAL REPORT 2013 - Sanofi in Pakistan

08 ANNUAL REPORT 2013. 09. OUR CULTURE, OUR SANOFI ... company in Pakistan was changed to Aventis Pharma (Pakistan) Limited in November 2000. In line with the amalgamation globally, ... Nutrition Guide Parenting Case Studies on dehydration / rehydration Diarrhea Dilemma

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FDAnews Guide to International Pharma Regulation digital.qxp ...

FDAnews Guide to International Pharma Regulation: 2010 Edition Table of Contents Appendices are noted with an asterisk* Introduction Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products

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Good Distribution Practice - Current Regulations

Good Distribution Practice - Current Regulations Author: Thomas Peither, ... 16. India: Pharma Manufacturers Guide-lines (not issued by the Gov’t but endorsed by the Gov’t) Weblink . 17. ... Pakistan: Drug Act of 1976 Weblink . 21. Brazil: Resolution RDC No. 234 ...

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PDF - Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences

guidelines€for€Pakistan€include€the€“Ethical€Guide-lines€for€Physician€Pharmaceutical€Industry€interac-tion”€formulated€by€Karachi€Bioethics€Group.21 ... Pharma€industry€employed€speakers€should€be completely€banned.30,31

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Guidance for Industry - Food and Drug Administration

Guidance for Industry Quality Systems Approach to Pharmaceutical CGMP Regulations U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Food and Drug Administration

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Pakistan Creates New Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan ...

Pakistan Creates New Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan to Regulate Drugs and Medical ... professionals to strategically guide the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as it implements its blueprint ... implementation status of Pharma-ceutical Affairs Consultation on R&D strategy, ...

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Partnering in the Global Generics Industry 2009: A guide to ...

URL Pharma acquires PharmPro manufacturing facility and equipment Strategic partnering In addition to outright purchase, strategic partnering or the acquisition of specific drug assets is on the rise ... Partnering in the Global Generics Industry 2009: A guide to companies 2.

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GOVERNMENT OF PAKISTAN (CABINET DIVISION) INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY ORGANIZATION THE PATENT OFFICE ... male erectile dysfunction (MED) and female sexual dysfunction (FSD). 950/2001 Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co., ... “Guide device for lapping yarns” DO1H 13/06, DO2G 3/36

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Ethnobotanical Leaflets Pharma Times

studies of some indigenous medicinal plants of Pakistan. J. Ethnobotanical ... Pharma Times 37(6): 9-11. Ahmad, F., M. A. Khan, M. Ahmad, M. Zafar, A. Khan and Z. Iqbal. 2011. Palynological ... J.B. 1973. Phytochemical methods: A guide to modern techniques of plant analysis. Chapman ...

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Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities from LGC GmbH

Pharmaceutical impurities 2 All your needs for pharmaceutical analysis - email Edition 2011 Pharmaceutical impurities

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doctors respectively, to guide and justify their prescription choices. Regarding perceptions of new drug effectiveness, ... pakistan, pharma marketing. INTRODUCTION Globally, there are gaps between research, policy and practice; ...

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The Indian Pharmaceutical Association PHARMA PROFESSIONAL

Pharma Professional November 2009 A joint Initiative by IPA and Cygnus to enable Pharma Professionals to be more successful Indian Pharmaceutical Association[1].pdf

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Pharmaceutical reference substances and impurities 2011/2012

Pharmaceutical reference substances Edition 2011/2012 All your needs for pharmaceutical analysis – email 3 Pharmaceutical reference substances

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hyundai getz wiring diagrams - Free PDF Downloads Blog ...

Software Application Guide Version 10 ... Medicinal and pharmaceutical preparations, GETZ PHARMA PAKISTAN (PRIVATE) LIMITED, a Private ... Hyundai Getz 1.4 28231-27000 HA205239 TD025M-09T-3.3. Software Application Guide Version 11.2 -

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Metals standards for the pharmaceutical industry

Visit us at! Metals standards for the ... tured under ISO 9001 and ISO Guide 34, certified under ISO/IEC 17025 and accompanied by a NIST- ... Pakistan Ireland Tel: +44 7879556983 Email: [email protected] Italy Tel: +39 02 2412 6830 Email: [email protected] ...

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you a completely up-to-date guide to Asia’s ever-changing pharmaceutical industry. If you need to source from, or sell to Pharmaceuticals, ... Laos, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Why wait? If you’re are buying or selling ...

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A View of Pakistan's Industrial Development - JSTOR

A VIEW OF PAKISTAN'S INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT SANDRA RICHARD ... government policies which guide industrialization; ... basic pharma- ceuticals and machine tools.3 The government's industrial endeavors have been undertaken primarily through the semi-public, ...

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“Overview of Sugar Manufacturing Overview of Sugar ...

been visiting Pakistan to guide & undertake improvement projects, specially from India. Dewan Mushtaq Group Recent Trends in Sugar Industry of Pakistan. 10 ... •Pharma grade Sugar •Acetic Acid •Alcohol •Gasohol •Animal Food •Herbal Medical

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Reclast PI - Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

MEDICATION GUIDE Reclast® (RE-clast) (zoledronic acid) Injection Read the Medication Guide that comes with Reclast before you start taking it and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This Medication Guide does not take the place of

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PAKISTAN CONSUMER SECTOR 2013 Review - Investor Guide 360

PAKISTAN CONSUMER SECTOR 2013 Review March 17, 2014 Topline Securities, Pakistan. ... GLAXO GlaxoSmithKlinePak Pharma, Consumerhealthcare Dec 154 44,536 335,663 13% ‐11% 41.9 1.8 30.2 1.5 ABOT AbbottLaboratories Pak Pharma ...

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan

Inside Chartered Accountants Avenue, Clifton, Karachi-75600 (Pakistan) UAN: 111-000-422 PABX: 99251636-39 Fax: 99251626 Email: [email protected]

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Attitudes of medical students towards incentives offered by ...

been investigated in Pakistan before. ... (AMSA), to develop guide-lines and recommendations. AMSA recommendations discourage physicians and students from accepting gifts ... of pharma industry in medical student education and train-ing.

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Copy of Regulatory Affairs-2014 Tentative Program

Adam Sabouni, Pharma Consultz, USA ... Title: A guide to an effective clinical trial protocol in CGMP & CGCP as a tool for ... Zafar Abbas Zaidi, University of Karachi, Pakistan. Title: Copy of Regulatory Affairs-2014 Tentative Program.xlsx

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Counterfeit Drugs Prevention in Pharmaceutical Industry with ...

guide, for implementation of the RFID technology in the pharmaceutical industry. FDA believes that the compliance ... It became a major risk in the pharma industry, however, in the Pakistan this risk exits and it is of severe kind. According to an estimate 50% of the marketed drugs are ...

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Faculty of Pharmacy, Jinnah University for Women, Karachi. Pakistan. Email: [email protected], safila117@ ... only 3 about precautions and 18 pharmacies where medical devices are available guide about how to use the medical ... word Pharma which was a term used since the 15th–17th ...

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Chapter 3 Analysing pharmaceutical advertisements in medical ...

Chapter 3 - Analysing pharmaceutical advertisements in medical journals | 41 Chapter 3 ... 42 | Understanding and Responding to Pharmaceutical Promotion - a practical guide The World Health Organization’s Ethical ... (Source: Bayer, Schering Pharma, 2009) This graph appeared on a ...

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These organizations in Pakistan and the Gulf Countries have ...

Novartis Pharma Orix Leasing Pakistan International Airlines (PIA ) Pakistan Navy Pakistan Petroleum ... with Mian Ghani, Country Associate of Grid in Pakistan, and assisted Grid partners in ... Mian Sahib will also guide the Grid

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Complying to the latest EU GDP updates - Fleming Europe

New GDP Guide in general : Why? •Many players involved in today’s distribution (virtual, outsourcing, brokers) ... 2012 Medicine crisis Pakistan LAHORE: The unofficial death toll due to the Pakistan Institute of Cardiology (PIC) ...

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CPhI Pharma SFE & SFA Asia 2014 - Pharma Sales Conference ...

CPhI Pharma SFE & SFA Asia 2014 7th - 9th April 2014 ... This workshop will guide participants on how to develop a sales force effectiveness strategy, ... Vietnam and Pakistan). He has also worked in Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca and Unilab.

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C o n t e n t s

EXPORT GUIDE 3 – 6 ... Pakistan Industrial Cycle Corporation Society, (Rustan Sohrab) Shahdara. Lahore. Ph: 7320126-28, Fax: 7235143 ... Textiles, Pharma, Food, Leather goods, Surgical goods 10 8 Days Rs.1.25 M For trade promotion

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Ken Rushton, Biography - .:: PAKISTAN INSTITUTE OF CORPORATE ...

Mr. Timothy is the Author of the Audit Committee Guide (ICSA 2010) ... started his career in Pakistan as an auditor with A. F. Ferguson & Co., then joined Abbott Laboratories ... Chairman of Pharma Bureau and Director on the Boards of Pakistan State Oil, ...

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ment of several interagency policy documents, such as the Guide-lines for Drug Donations10 and The Interagency List of Essential ... the Republic of the Congo and Pakistan. WHO also participated in four regional workshops organized by the World Trade Organization in China, Costa Rica, Kuwait and

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... course a comprehensive guide for the basic principles of ... Maria Eugenia Rizvi, Head of Drug Safety &Pharmacovigilance, Getz Pharma ... Clear all the misconception & superstitiousness regarding the field of research, its trend in Pakistan &worldwide ...

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Critical appraisal of apparently evidence-based written ...

the claims substantiated with references in the pharma-ceutical advertisements in Pakistan are highly unreliable. ... Policies exist regarding the guide-lines for drug marketing in Pakistan (Drugs: Licensing, Registering and Advertising Rules 1976) [6] as in other

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The NGO World April 2012 NEWSLETTER

The NGO World April 2012 TO DISASTER PAKISTAN 2010 ... stan Pharma Medical associa-tion, WARBLE (pvt), HAWK, DPS Vehari, HADF, TCS, NRSP and ... In this Guide, they are referred to as the primary stakeholders of a project. CAPACITY: ...

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August 2011 Volume 3, Issue VIII ISSN : 2077-9305

Guide, deals with 1,251 species of birds from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh ... Textile, PICT, Novartis Pharma, Pakistan Cables, National Cleaner Production Centre Foundation, Dawood Hercules Chemical, KAPCO,

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GMP GMP and GLP DATABASE – Version 34 ( May 14 ) GLP

Pakistan GMP guideline, Biologicals GMP checklist, Bangladesh Biosafety . ... TT guide, Hormone & Stability, TRS 953, GMP - sterile medicinal products, GLP, TRS 957, ... 2 POLLUTION guides for the Pharma Industry ! 5.

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Probiotics and prebiotics - World Gastroenterology Organisation

World Gastroenterology Organisation Practice Guideline . Probiotics and prebiotics . May 2008 . Review team . Francisco Guarner (Chair, Spain) Aamir G. Khan (Pakistan)

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nd March 2013 at 11.00 am in Mural Hall of the Higher ...

Chairman directed to reconsider validation of degrees with nomenclatures like D-Pharma, DVM, ... UNESCO publication titled “World Guide to Higher Education” A Comparative Survey of Systems, ... in Pakistan without imposing any condition in collaboration with Pakistani partners,

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