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FOCS – Fiber-Optic Current Sensor Make light work of DC ...

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FOCS – Fiber-Optic Current Sensor Make light work of DC ...

easy-to-install precision high-current measurement device? Then FOCS – the Fiber-Optic Current Sensor from ABB – is your choice. FOCS combines ... optical technology brings radical benefits. The result is


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Interfacing Optical Current Sensors in a Substation

Interfacing Optical Current Sensors in a Substation J. D. P. Hrabliuk, B. Sc. E.E., P. Eng., ... Current measurement, current transformers, digital communication, ... V. FIBER OPTIC CURRENT SENSOR TECHNOLOGY The fiber optic current sensor is the core of an optical current


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A revolution in high dc current measurement - ABB Download Center

in high dc current measurement ABB’s new fiber-optic current sensor (FOCS) for the electro-winning industry Klaus Bohnert ... Optical fiber technology has con-tributed enormously to the increase in the capacity and speed of the world’s communication networks.


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Design of low-Consumption Piezoelectric Transducer for High ...

for High Current Measurement. Arvind S. Pande1, Rakesh Kumar Jha2, Prof. (Dr.) B.E. Kushare3 ... current measurements as is the case of the optical technology [8]. Different technologies try to play role of the Rogoswski coil, ...


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Optical Current Sensors for High Power Systems: A Review

Appl. Sci. 2012, 2 604 Lastly, the possibility of hybrid solutions for current measurement, using both conventional technology and new (optical) technology, are also discussed.


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Optical Fibre Sensors: a Current Perspective

Optical Fibre Sensors: a Current Perspective Brian Culshaw* University of Strathclyde, ... Optical fibre sensor technology has been with us ap- ... the measurement which is enabled and the difficulty in real-


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Fibre Optic Magnetic Field Sensing Utilizing Iron Garnet ...

Measurement technology is an application oriented research area, and ... 90 T. D. Maffetone, T. M. McClelland, ”345ÊkV substation optical current measurement system for revenue metering and protective relaying”, IEEE Trans on Power Delivery,


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Fiber Optic Technology Will Drive Next Generation Intelligent ...

Typical Current Measurement Performance • Current range 5-20,000 AAC • +/-2A accuracy (5- ... Enabling Technology: Optical-to-electrical power conversion; ... Fiber optic technology can be a key enabler


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All Optical Tank Level Indicator System - Virtual Acquisition ...

BASELINE TECHNOLOGY The current submarine tank level indicator technology is based upon magnetic reed switch ... Optical Tank Level Indicator features, ... liquid level indicator measurement sensitivity.


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Optical Current and Voltage Transformers - IESO Home

Optical technology and experience • Interface • Discussion of the flexible form factor (F3) optical CT • Certification and economics. ... Current measurement Bandwidth DC to 6 kHz AC or DC option Environmental Operating temperature,


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Optical distance measurement - Ifm electronic

measurement Optical evaluation systems www.if m.co m /us/pmd. ... technology • Innovative "smart pixel" SoC design (System-on-Chip) • Greater immunity to ... Current consumption [mA] Short-circuit protection, pulsed Operating temperature [°F]


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The fiber optical pulse current measurement instrument possesses both analog and digital signal outputs. It is not only suitable for ... Technology (SUCT), Chengdu, received his M.S. degrees in Department of Electrical Engineering from


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Manufacturing and measurement of freeform optics

This paper surveys the current application status and research on major technologies in details. ... Optical freeform prisms are currently the key element ofheadmounteddisplay(HMD) ... contact measurement technology, delivering over 1 million data


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Multipoint Temperature Measurement Technology using Optical Fiber

Multipoint Temperature Measurement Technology using Optical Fiber ... in the world, but if current trends continue, this ... F. Takei et al.: Multipoint Temperature Measurement Technology using Optical Fiber


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On Site Verification of Current Transformers Using Optical ...

Current Transformers Using Optical Transducer Marcelo Melo da Costa Technology Center Eletrobras Eletronorte Belém, Brazil [email protected] João Crisóstomo Weyl Albuquerque da Costa ... verification secondary current measurement. The optical


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Optical Technology: A Look into the (Near) Future

current optical applications, but rather than review cur- ... optical technology that has been discussed for some time. ... extreme example of an application is the measurement of small variations in gravitational fields, which may have a


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Twin All-Optical Magnetic Probe for Current Metering and ...

The use of optical technology in this field greatly reduces the need for insulation ... proportional to the current under measurement[1-3]: F C(1) where V is the Verdet constant of the optical material and L the interaction length.


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Progress Towards Traceable Nanoscale Optical Critical ...

Progress Towards Traceable Nanoscale Optical Critical Dimension ... Heather J. Patrick 1,2 and Thomas A. Germer 2 1KT Consulting, Inc., Antioch, CA 94509 2Optical Technology Division, National Institute of ... current work, the optical signatures consist of the reflectance of the grating at a ...


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NxtPhase Brings Light To Precision Current & Voltage Measurement

The practical application for optical current and voltage measurement at transmission levels goes back a couple of decades. However, it is really only in ... compatible current sensing technology to fully exploit the market potential of the technologies.


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Overview of measurement standards for solid state lighting

Optical Technology Division 1 Overview of measurement standards for solid state lighting. ... Optical Technology Division 3 Current State of White LEDs. ... Optical measurement of High-Power LEDs (Y. Zong, USA)


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Optical Fiber Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Skin Moisture ...

Skin Moisture Measurement ... researches and for industrial users who need to be aware of current developments in fiber lasers, sensors and ... technology/optical-fiber-near-infrared-spectroscopy-for-skin-moisture-measurement. Created Date:


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Design and Development of a Low-Cost Optical Current Sensor

Optical technology is an ideal candidate for this, without the ... of conventional sensors. OPEN ACCESS. Sensors 2013, 13 13585 Optical current transformers based on optical fibre sensors are now being ... the accuracy of the current measurement. In the basic scheme of the polarimetric ...


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Disconnecting Circuit Breaker with Fibre Optic Current Sensor ...

ABB:s latest platform for optical current measurement. ... Successful pilot of ABB FOCS technology. © ABB Group April 26, 2013 | Slide 20 . Title: Title Subtitle Author: Sven Hager Subject: Power and productivity for a new world Created Date:


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Optical Current Sensors Eliminate CT Saturation

III MEASURING CURRENTS USING OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY The problem of CT saturation in iron core instrument ... optimally, an optical measurement of current has the ability to measure fault currents exceeding 400 kApeak. Additionally, using advanced techniques, ...


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The Basics of Turbidity Measurement Technologies

The Basics of Turbidity Measurement Technologies ... Instrument Based Interferences in their Impact on Turbidity Measurement . Optical Variation Degradation of instrument optical components can have both positive ... This turbidity technology involves the use of two or more detectors to ...


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Applications of High-Voltage Fiber Optic Current Sensors

Index Terms-- current measurement, high-voltage techniques, optics, optical current sensor, transducers, optical fiber devices ... the same optical products or technology can be used for several applications where traditionally different types of products or even F. Rahmatian is with ...


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Optical Fiber Measurement Technology - Beta LaserMike

Optical Fiber Measurement Technology Providing Measurement Solutions for the Optical Fiber, Wire, Cable and Extrusion Industries. The pressures of global competition force all of us to make products ... Analog Current Card 83125 Additional Scan Card 85625


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Z-Height Measurement with Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors

Z-Height Measurement with Capacitive and Eddy-Current Sensors LA03-0055 † August, 2011 Summary: ... technology for these applications because of their small size, fl exibility, ... Optical and nonoptical microscopy require precise positioning to maintain


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Fiber Optic Microsensors for Automotive Power Electronics

present sensor technology uses significant drive current, takes up space, and is both heavy and too expensive for inclusion in consumer drive packages. The Technology For current measurement ... Fiber Optic Microsensors for Automotive Power Electronics Subject: Automobile technology is evolving ...


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Optical Current & Voltage Sensors - IESO Home

Optical Current & Voltage Sensors IESO March 07, 2007 Eric Langford, ... measurement of neutral current. Confidential NXCT-F3-DC 25 kA Installation EKA Chemicals, Magog, Quebec. Confidential ... Sustainable Development Technology Canada


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Numerical Analysis of Current Measurement Error due to ...

Numerical Analysis of Current Measurement ... Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University School of Communications, Instrumentations, and Control, P.O.Box22 Thammasat Ranssit Post Offi ce, Pathumthani 12121, Thailand Abstract Accuracy of current measurement in optical ...


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APPLICATION OF OPTICAL FIBER CURRENT SENSORS TO UNDERGROUND CABLES ... technology for the control, protection, and supervision in most facilities sustaining industry and community, such as ... Current measurement range


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Magneto optical instrument and electro optical voltage transducer

optical fiber technology which, besides significant benefits, ... Current measurement ...


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Optical Speed Measurement and applications

Optical Speed Measurement and applications Tibor Takács, Viktor Kálmán, dr. László Vajta Budapest University of Technology and Economics Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology Hungary 1. ... only from the current measurement and does not accumulate over time.


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Flow Rate Measurement in Microfluidics Using Optical Sensors

An optical flow measurement system using similar ... That is the light current IL is ... 1st International Conference on Sensing Technology November 21-23, 2005 Palmerston North, New Zealand 29. The MP contains two OSs and a capillary tube.


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Oxygen Measurement Systems Whitepaper Technology

Optical Oxygen Measurement Optical DO Whitepaper: Technology Enlight your process control Fluorescence, a natural phenomenon Optical sensors for dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement use ... The slope of the current is constant over a wide measurement range.


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HARTING Hall effect current sensors

The HARTING Technology Group is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking, ... Current measurement in power electronics ..... 9 Fields of ...


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6.- Optisense, optical biosensor technology for real time ...

6.- Optisense, optical biosensor technology for real time monitoring Title and name of product or technology Optisense, ... optical chip technology, bio-chemistry and micro fluidics. Measurement of refractive ... Current domain of application


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Advances in On-Line Dissolved Oxygen Measurement using ...

METHODOLOGY LUMINESCENT DISSOLVED OXYGEN TECHNOLOGY The newest technology being used for dissolved oxygen measurement and control is the luminescent technology.


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Alignment and Calibration of Optical and Inertial Sensors ...

Alignment and Calibration of Optical and Inertial Sensors Using Stellar Observations ... stitute of Technology. His current research focus is on the fusion of optical and inertial systems. He received his M.S. ... and measurement fidelity to resolve the location of celestia l objects.


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Multi-Channel Optoelectronic Measurement Technology

– Multi-channel optical Measurement ... Current Multi-Channel Technology courtesy: Yole Développement . Multi-Channel Optoelectronic Measurement Technology A. probe array B. Multi-Channel Electric Source Measurement and control


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Study of Optical Fiber Grating Sensor Systems and Its ...

Abstract Fiber Bragg grating is one of the most important inventions of modern measurement field at the end of the twentieth Century and become the research focus of current sensor. The Optical ... grating Sensor Technology is a core having refractive index periodic changes in the structure of the


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Meas. Sci. Technol. Measurement of the absolute linearity of ...

Metrology Research Institute, Helsinki University of Technology, PO Box 3000, FIN-02015 HUT, Finland ... current measurement methods. ... optical power, which was the maximum output power of the


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Measurement Technology for Industrial Sensors

“The miniaturized pressure unit is only a few square millimeters in size, making the optical measurement procedure of the MSA the perfect solution for small


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Current measurement by Faraday effect on GEPOPU

Current measurement by Faraday effect on GEPOPU ... The design and calibration of an optical current sensor using BK7 glass is presented. ... \Pulse Technology", Proc. Symposium on Small Plasma Physics Experiments (ICTP, Trieste, Italy)


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Study on the Temperature Measurement of High-Power on Fiber ...

measurement, in the current the embedded ... measurement. Using optical branching device or light switch, the optical path is divided into multiple. ... Institute of Technology (201210304007). Sensors & Transducers, Vol. 170, Issue 5, ...


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Laser Diode Gas Sensors - Swissphotonics

Technology - TDLS Measurement Principle Laser diode scan across ... Technology - Laser Gas Monitor Sharp laser line high selectivity Intrinsic reference channel high, long term stability, calibration-free continuous status monitoring Optical technology


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NanoFocus AG · Optical 3D surface measurement technology for ...

are difficult to measure either using current optical pro - cesses or surface profilers. As a result, measurement systems from NanoFocus are used in development ... the confocal measurement technology developed by NanoFocus. In industrial applications, ...


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In-Situ Optical RDO Methods for Dissolved Oxygen Measurements ...

In-Situ® Optical RDO ... constant current to be applied to the sensor, ... Electrochemical sensor technology is quickly being replaced by optical technology, which allows the user to acquire stable, accurate results and significantly reduce maintenance.


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Optical fibre current sensor for electrical power engineering

Optical fibre current sensor for electrical power engineering ... Fig. 2. Optical fiber measurement probe for optoelectronic current transformers ... ing Technology at the Bialystok University of Technology, (Poland). Fig. 3.


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