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Teacher Guide for Ancient Mathematics - Schaubroeck

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Teacher Guide for Ancient Mathematics - Schaubroeck

Teacher Guide for Ancient Mathematics Special notes and timing The two units of Egyptian mathematics and Maya mathematics are independent of each other—you

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Maya Math Problems - teacher web

MAYA MATH WORKSHEET ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION Solve the following equations and write the answers in both Maya and Arabic. Remember that decimal places move up vertically.

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Mayan Mathematics oject and Architecture Alma de la Raza Pr

Mayan numbers on Worksheet 1. ... teacher, practice adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing Mayan numbers. Indepen-dently, practice solving math problems that contain Mayan numbers on Worksheet 3. ... Mayan Number System: The Maya wrote their numbers from bottom to top.

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Cracking the Maya Code || NOVA Activity Calendar Count Worksheet

Calendar Count Worksheet © 2008 WGBH Educational Foundation If someone asks you when your birth date was, you ... Gregorian calendar system. The ancient Maya measured time in kins, uinals, katuns, and baktuns based on the Maya Long Count system.

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Mayan Mathematics - Radical Math

Maya Mathematics Math was a part of the Mayan culture with their numbers existing as far back as the 400AD. The Mayan’s math was logical and ahead of its time.

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DIGGING DEEPER: MAYA MATH 1 - The Fightin' Gnomes

UNIT: MAYA MATH SUBJECT: MATHEMATICS GRADE: 5–9 “There’s not much point in making wheeled carts if you don’t have draft animals to pull them,” sniffed Lola. ... Procedure: Pass out the Maya Numerals Worksheet to the class.

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Magic of the Maya - San Diego Museum of Man

Get your math standards! Reproduce the worksheet on the back and instruct students to decipher Maya number glyphs. Suggested Reading for Teachers: Coe, Michael D. The Maya, 5th ed. ... Magic of the Maya Pre- and Post-Visit Activities.

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Mayan Numbers Lesson Plan - K-8 Websites, Inc.

Title: Mayan Numbers Lesson Plan Author: K-8 Websites, Inc. Subject: Mathematics Keywords: math, mathematics, mayan, maya, number, systems, 20, ancient, civilizations, lesson plan, plans, 6th 7th, 8th, 6, 7, 8, grade, grades

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Simple kindergarten Word problems - Math Worksheets Land

... Simple kindergarten Word problems: Worksheet 1 Max had toys in his school. Maya watched Max hide the toys. Andy wanted to know how many toys Max had. ... Tons of Free Math Worksheets at: ... Simple kindergarten Word problems: Worksheet 5 Porter had toys in his school.

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Maya, Inca, and Aztec - Core Knowledge Foundation

Maya, Inca, and Aztec Grade: Fifth Presented by: Lisa Berman, South Shore Charter School, Hull, ... math, technology and history. Portions of this unit allow for ... Give out worksheet on Aztec counting, the Aztec calendar and information about what the Aztecs ate.

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01 5 Come on Over to Maya Place - Core Knowledge Foundation

Come On Over to Maya Place, Grade 5 2001 Conference 1 Come On Over To Maya Place Grade Level: 5th Presented by: Holly Dunsmore, Phalen Lake Elementary School, St. Paul, Minnesota Length ... Mayan Math handout and worksheet (Appendix J), 2. picture of a Mayan calendar, 3.

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Maya Math About this Activity This simple exercise demonstrates how Maya numbers are written and how higher place values of

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Assessing Overlapping Data Sets Matching Worksheet

Tons of Free Math Worksheets at: ... that matches the problem. _____ 1. Sofia wanted to compare the mean age of Elijah’s and Maya’s students. Ages of Elijah’s students: 56, 78, 23, 64, 19, 20 ... Assessing Overlapping Data Sets Matching Worksheet

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School In The Park Curriculum

10:00-10:20 Maya Video 10:30-10:40 Maya numbers worksheet (also on overhead) 10:40-10:50 Maya Math worksheet (also on overhead) 10:50-11:00 Maya Calendar worksheet. Ritual/solar calendars. ThinkQuest question (on overhead) Day 4—Ancient Maya (Continued)

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Me Oh Maya - The Time Warp Trio

Me Oh Maya Time Warp Trio In the Classroom Activity Basketball Rules in this activity, students first create a Venn diagram

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Mixed Math: B-9 - Super Teacher Worksheets

Mixed Math: B-9 1. There were 52 boy scouts at Hawk Creek Camp. 18 of them are sleeping. The rest are ... answer: 34 scouts 2. Maya, Natalie and Lexi each have $16. How much do they have in all? (Show your work.) answer: $48 3. 4. What fraction of the marbles are black? (Be sure you write your ...

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Deciphering Word Problems In Order To Write Equations

Title: Deciphering Word Problems In Order To Write Equations ... See Teacher Worksheet #1. Teacher Facilitation ... Caitlyn did 6/7 of the problems on her math quiz correctly and four incorrectly. She did all the problems.

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Introduction to Geography - Aventa Learning

Mesoamerican History WebQuest Worksheet. Use the web links provided to ... The Maya did not unite to form a single ... Temples, tombs, pyramids, and palaces were built. Advances in science, math, and astronomy were made. Postclassical Maya . The Maya began to decline during the Postclassic ...

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Homework Practice and Problem-Solving Practice Workbook

Homework Practice and Problem-Solving Practice Workbook. Pdf Pass Crxs Homework Practice and Problem-Solving ... Last month Larry got three math games. ... Maya is using skip counting to see how many music notes are

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Suggested Summer Work for Incoming 9 Graders

A Song Flung Up to Heaven by Maya Angelou The Awakening by Kate Chopin Math work: See the attached math worksheet and answer document. We recommend that the student complete the worksheet before using the answer sheet to check their work.

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Latitude and Longitude - Super Teacher Worksheets

Write the name of the city and state found at the given latitude and longitude coordinates. 1. 33°N latitude, 112°W longitude 2. 35°N latitude, 78°W longitude 3. 46°N latitude, 96°W longitude 4. 45°N latitude, 122°W longitude

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Write and Solve Number Sentences - MathCoach Interactive

Math Write number sentences to match each part of the the story. Then solve. Maya had 5¢. Her mother gave her 9¢ more. 5¢ 9¢ 14¢ Then Maya spent 4¢.

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GRADE 5 SUPPLEMENT - The Math Learning Center

Independent Worksheet 1: Negative & Positive Temperature A10.29 ... The Math Learning Center, PO Box 12929, Salem, Oregon 97309. ... Maya Please take off the one in the middle of the middle row. Students Okay, ...

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Title: Math Through The Ages - A Study of Patterns in Number ...

Title: Math Through The Ages - A Study of Patterns in Number Systems Link to Outcomes: • Problem Solving Students will demonstrate their ability to use problem solving to

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Unit Rates and Ratios of Fractions Matching Worksheet

Tons of Free Math Worksheets at: © Unit Rates and Ratios of Fractions - Matching Worksheet Match the word problems to their answers. Write the ... Maya reads 1/8 of a newspaper in 1/20 of a

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Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction

Mastering the Basic Math Facts in Addition and Subtraction viii Chapter 2 Plus One and Plus Two 31 Focusing on the Big Ideas 32 Understanding +1, +2 Facts 34

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GRADES 4–6 -

5 Welcome to Math Line Designs From Around the World: Grades 4–6—a collection of more than 50 interactive pages that feature designs based on

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Worksheet - 12 Class VI Chapter - 11 (Algebra)

Worksheet - 12 Class VI Chapter - 11 (Algebra) 1. ... If Maya's present age is x years then what will be her age two years ago. 5. There are some expression given below. ... [Math SA-II] 'RZQORDGHGIURPZZZ VWXGLHVWRGD\ FRP. Created Date:

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Student Practice and Activity Workbook - MHSchool

Maya Ancestral Pueblo ... CURRICULUM CONNECTION MATH 1. According to Graph A, where were the largest numbers of enslaved Africans taken? 2. According to Graph B, about how many total enslaved Africans were taken to the Spanish Empire between 1500 and 1870? 3.

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L E S S O N 1.1 Bar Graphs and Dot Plots - Resources for ...

To make a dot plot of the pulse rates, first draw a number line with the minimum value, 56, at the left end. Select a scale and label equal intervals until you reach the maximum value, 92. For each value in the data set, put a dot above that value on the number line.

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WKCE Practice Worksheets - McDougal Littell

WKCE Test Practice: Significant Historical Periods ... MAYA MISSISSIPPIAN AZTEC With which other empire did the period of the Aztec people overlap? A Maya B Olmec ... Practice Worksheet 2 Wisconsin Standards: A.12.1, A.12.8 WKCE Test Practice:

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Extension and Enrichment Student Problems

Problem-Solving Worksheet 50A Maya has a cup of pennies, a cup of nickels, and a cup of dimes. Show all the ways she can make 23¢ using her dimes, ... Saxon Math 2, Lesson 133 Guided Class Practice, Problem 4 Sam, Ally, Tracee, and Joe will share 2 dozen doughnuts equally for

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An Aztec Abacus - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

An Aztec Abacus Aztec and Maya merchants who lived in Mesoamerica used the abacus to add and subtract the goods they bought and sold. An abacus is a portable tool for solving math

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Base 20 mathematical system (31 B - NASGEm homepage

Materials: Copy of the Maya math symbols and what they are worth for each student in the class. Work sheet using Maya math symbols with addition and subtraction.

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Mrs. Trammell 6 7 8th

Maya worksheet (provided by teacher) HW: finish Maya worksheet if not completed in class BW: None Class: ... Wed., 2/5 BW: Mayan Math Exercise Class: Read/discuss p 173-176; complete WT66 HW: none BW: Review for test Class: Take test; introduce open house projects

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GRADE 2 SUPPLEMENT - The Math Learning Center

Bridges in Mathematics Grade 2 Supplement Set A8 Numbers & Operations: Ordinal Numbers The Math Learning Center, PO Box 12929, Salem, Oregon 97309.

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Agenda Page 1 of 3 - Welcome to AHIS

MATH CW: Reviewed shapes. Introduced the Oval shape. Did trace the oval worksheet. Played the” story of shapes” on line. Practiced counting numbers from 1-10. ENGLISH CW: Did morning circle, ... maya Created Date:

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Worksheet #13: Career Planning List - BreitLinks

Worksheet #13: Career Planning List ... Maya • Earhart, Amelia • Nidetch, Jean • Arden, ... Basic Skills: Reading, writing, speaking, listening, math Thinking Skills: Creativity, decision-making, problem-solving, learning and reasoning

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2008 CAHSEE ELA Practice Test - California High School Exit ...

By Maya Angelou Practice Test Most people today know Maya Angelou as one of America’s most important poets. One of her stories, ... example, I am really pretty good at math and other things that require me to be logical. (12) I also think I am pretty good at writing

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PUT IT ALL TOGETHER - the Mystery of History

Worksheet 1: –LESSONS 1–21 You ... Mayan culture made two similar breakthroughs, one in math and one in astronomy. Use Lessons 15 and 16 to find and list these two breakthroughs in the overlapping oval below labeled “Both.” ... Maya 1. 2. Quarter 1, Worksheet 1 111

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Mr. Jeung • (510) 427 – 0794 • [email protected] ...

Math worksheet Write your ... Malcolm, Maya, Mina, Monkaia, Nicholas, Quinan, Philip, Trinity, and Zachary! Behavior Superstars (These students had good behavior all week. The students in bold has the best behavior!) Benjamin, Butterfly, Crystal C.,

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Simplify Ratio: Word Problems - St. George's Episcopal School

Free Math Worksheets @ ... Simplify Ratio: Word Problems . Student Name: ... Student Accessible – – Maya Khalil Set up a proportion to solve each of the following problems.

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Reading/Discussion Questions Collapse by Jared Diamond

Reading/Discussion Questions Collapse by Jared Diamond Math/Music: Structure and Form Prologue: 1. Who was Ozymandias and how does the quote \Look on my works ye Mighty, and despair!"

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Mayan, Incan, and Aztec Civilizations TABLE OF CONTENTS Time line ..... iii Introduction ...

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Aztec, Inca, and Maya - Trinity University

Aztec, Inca, and Maya Trinity University Canyon Ridge Elementary School ... What were their contributions in math, science, and literature? ... the guided note taking worksheet and re-read independently, completing the guided note

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Skills Worksheet Directed Reading - Somerset Academy

Skills Worksheet Directed Reading Section: What Is Earth Science? 1. ... What did the Maya track in ancient times? a. the tides b. the movement of people and animals ... physics, and math. d. diet, nutrition, and exercise. 16.

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Weekly Assignments for 7th Grade October 14­18, 2013

Math Mid­Chapter Quiz (on lesson 1­4) Inquiry Lab pg.141 Percent of Change pg. 143 Worksheet Sales Tax, Tips, and Markup pg. 151 In­class work, no assignment Sales ... Maya Assignment Early History of the Americas­­Day 3­­The Aztecs

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LESSON Practice C 2-2 Translate Between Words and Math

2-2 Translate Between Words and Math LESSON 1. Which of the following is the solution to an addition problem? A product sum C plus D add 3. ... Maya bought some pizzas for $12 each. If p represents the number of pizzas she bought, what expression

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Homework 6/2/2014 - St. Louis Parish

Spelling - worksheet in LA packet Test Wednesday Reading ... No homework. 6 Math Riser None 6A Language Arts Fisher Language Arts Final is tomorrow. Science Rose ... By the next class, have a Maya Angelou poem (one that speakes to you) to share.

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Fourth Grade Math Facts - ReaderDoc.Com

On the worksheet, have the students label and color in each layer of the Earth. ... Multicultural Curriculum Fourth Grade Science/Math Lesson. Content/Theme: The Maya Counting System. Grade: Fourth. Textbook Connection: Harcourt: Grade 4

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