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6-step lesson plan.ppt [Read-Only] - East Carolina University

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6-step lesson plan.ppt [Read-Only] - East Carolina University

Standard 7: PlanningStandard 7: Planning 71Pl l f f ll7.1 Plan lessons for success for all styles of learners 72F ll d d f d7.2 Follow standard course of study


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Lesson Plan-Communicating at Work “Soft” Skills in the ...

Lesson Plan-Communicating at Work – “Soft” Skills in the ... Projector for PPT Learner Preparation: 2 ... Important Terms for this Lesson: Hard skills – skills that can be easily taught and measured such as computer skills,


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Public Safety Training Center PowerPoint Lesson Plan Cover

1 Public Safety Training Center PowerPoint Lesson Plan Cover Lesson Title: Liability and Continuum Issues for Firearms Instructors Method of Presentation: Lecture


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Universal Design for Learning: High School Lesson Planning

Universal Design for Learning: High School Lesson Planning PowerPoint Slides to be used in conjunction with the Facilitator’s Guide


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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2 - Academic Web Services

SIOP® Lesson Plan Template 2 © 2008 Pearson Education, Inc. STANDARDS: THEME: LESSON TOPIC: OBJECTIVES: Language: Content: LEARNING STRATEGIES: KEY VOCABULARY: MATERIALS: MOTIVATION: (Building background) PRESENTATION: (Language and content ...


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9 POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS Creating slide shows and related ...

Lesson 9: PowerPoint presentations 245 You see on the left an outline of the text for each slide in the Tudor Monarchs presentation. Compare the titles and text for each slide to an outline you would have made for a high school or


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LESSON PLAN: GLOBAL WARMING . Lesson Objectives By the end of this lesson, students will: 1. Form definitions of the greenhouse effect based on prior knowledge, class discussion, and


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PowerPoint Lesson Plan Cover - Monroe Community College

PowerPoint Lesson Plan Cover Lesson Title: DPF & Article 35 for Firearm Instructors Method of Presentation: Lecture ... Microsoft PowerPoint - Article 35 for Firearms Instructors 307.ppt [Compatibility Mode] Author: grossi Created Date:


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lesson plan 1 - Teach ICT

Lesson Plan Date Period Class Year 7 Lesson Lesson 1. ... Read the lesson starter instructions before the lesson and make any preparations necessary. ... Tell students that you will play the ppt a few times and that the first time they should just watch.


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LESSON PLAN Version: 12/2012 TOPIC: Hazmat Incident TIME FRAME: 2 Hours OBJECTIVES: The student should be able to: ... • PPT presentation • Scenario pictures • Tactical worksheets REFERENCES: • ndFire Officers Handbook of Tactics, 2


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Lesson Plan - North Dakota State University

Better Time Management LESSON PLAN ... lesson focus on the monochronic time orientation. Slide 4 Strategies


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Justin Hayward: The Art of Landscape Lesson Plan

Justin Hayward: The Art of Landscape Lesson Plan Grades: K-8 (with modifications) Subjects: Visual Arts, Science, Language Arts, Math, Social Studies (Geography)


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SAMPLE LESSON PLAN - Professional Profile for Samantha Russell

S. Russell SAMPLE LESSON PLAN SAMPLE LESSON PLAN: Young Learners, High-beginner PPT not included Using simple expressions of surprise (Using the textbook: Middle School English 2, Roszell, 능률교육, 2010)


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Lesson 2. Figurative Language Overview - Mensa For Kids

LESSON PLANS Lesson 2. Figurative Language Overview Before introducing the songs that contain similes and metaphors, spend one ... © This lesson plan is the property of the Mensa Education & Research Foundation, www.mensafoundation.org.


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Lesson Plan for Apple Pie - Wikispaces

Lesson Plan Presentation 3 5 5 10-15 slips iii. Check the answer with the whole class - Listening: Caramel Apple Pie Recipe 1) Pre-listening: Background information of the


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Lesson Plan - Teach ICT

Lesson Plan Date Period Class Lesson Lesson 4 – Selecting and organising suitable images Context of the lesson Where this fits into the “Big Picture” In this ... Display ‘whichimage.ppt’ on the whiteboard and discuss students’ ideas


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Basic Components of a Lesson Plan slide - Irving Independent ...

Basic Components of a Lesson Plan • Goal (The TEKS - Concept to be learned) • Assessment (Starting with the end in mind- Evidence of student learning)


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The Rosary is a prayer to remind us that Jesus The rosary ...

kroy/misc/rosary lesson.ppt The Rosary is a prayer to remind us that Jesus loved us so much that he died on the cross for us. The rosary tells the story of Jesus’ life in four parts:


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Stats Lesson Plan #4 – Histograms - Polytechnic School

Stats Lesson Plan #4 – Histograms A histogram (page 47) is a kind of bar chart that uses adjacent bars to show the distribution of continuous, quantitative data.


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Lesson Plan - teacher web

Lesson Plan Course Title: Cosmetology I Session Title: Facial & Body Waxing ... Web TV or projector for PPT Learner The learner should have mastered the study of the skin. The learner should provide their textbook, pen, and paper. Introduction


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Classroom PowerPoint for Grades 3 -4 - Child Sexual Abuse ...

Classroom PowerPoint for Grades 3 -4 Licensed solely for use by Child Lures, Ltd. clients. ... Lesson Plan #17 ©1984-2010 childluresprevention.com e-Safety Pact Please review and sign with a parent or guardian. Lesson Plan #17


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Lesson Plan - Oklahoma State University–Stillwater

Lesson Plan Show slide with pictures on it, and then ask students what might be an important factor that is in all three pictures. - Have them get into pairs and brainstorm why soil is


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[PDF] Differentiated Instruction PPT

Differentiated instruction is a very popular, not to mention ... complex strategies, like writing tiered lesson plans, or it can take a more simplistic form, ... [PDF] Differentiated Instruction PPT Author: Dr. Laura Verry-Sidoran


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Lesson Plan - teacher web

Cosmetology I: 45˚ Haircut Plan ©2004 Texas Trade and Industrial Education 1 Lesson Plan Course Title: Cosmetology I Session Title: 45˚ Haircut


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Lesson Plan Template - Los Angeles Unified School District

The present lesson plan, however, is designed for a second year class, either first or second semester. In the present plan, the students are asked to use the "ir a & the infinitive construction along with the various conjugation of the verb


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LESSON PLAN FORMAT - Oklahoma Panhandle State University

LESSON PLAN FORMAT Math-What Time Is It? Lexi Rose 3rd Grade Telling and showing time to 5 -minute intervals, identifying a.m. and p.m., identifying number of minutes


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ICT Lesson Plan - International House London

ICT Lesson Plan TITLE: EAP/ESP ... Ania Rolinska LESSON SUMMARY: EAP/ESP students use a class wiki to peer-review and edit final versions of end of course 1,500 word academic essays, in ... http://www.slideshare.net/ to upload sts PowerPoint (ppt) presentations, and embed as slideshows in the ...


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Bullying Lesson Plan Final Format - Purdue University

"Bullying" Lesson Plan. 2 Learning Objectives 1. Define and give characteristics of bullying. 2. Identify warning signals of bullying behavior. ... • Lesson plan with instructional objectives • Notes pages of PowerPoint presentation with talking points


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SunGuard Your Skin Lesson Plan for Power Point Presentation

SunGuard Your Skin Lesson Plan for Power Point Presentation Goals: 1. Students will demonstrate increased knowledge regarding the dangers of overexposure


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Creating A RESUME - Utah Education Network

RESUME. YOUR RESUME IS YOUR MARKETING TOOL aResumes may be prepared in various forms. aRemember to show your STRENGTHS. aResume should be: `TYPED or Computer generated. ... Microsoft PowerPoint - RESUMES__ppt[1] Author: jgolavar Created Date:


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Sample Lesson Plan - University of Maryland, Baltimore County

ELLs’ Funds of Knowledge can enhance their understanding of content AND expand the cultural knowledge of all students. EVALUATION Modifications: Give ELLs fill-in-the-blanks or multiple choices to ... Sample Lesson Plan.ppt Author: Joan Shin


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Lesson 1: Teacher’s Guide and Notes - Colorín Colorado

Lesson 1 PPT and Teacher’s Guide; Student Chart 1A . This teacher’s guide offers an overview of “The Story of an Hour”: Lesson 1. It includes a detailed daily guide of materials, activities, lesson objectives, tips for preparation, and the Common


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Nutrition 4th Grade - Lesson Plan (2) - Stanford University

Nutrition Edition, at the end of class to review what kinds of foods optimize the energy output we need to function. 1. ... Microsoft Word - Nutrition 4th Grade - Lesson Plan (2).doc Author: Cissy Yang Created Date: 1/26/2009 8:44:20 PM ...


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LESSON PLAN 1 - University of Virginia

LESSON PLAN 1 LESSON PLAN for ... Materials: PPT, Chinese style clock, poker cards, paper plate clocks (12) ... of the lesson taught sentence with a few taught which reflects but pronunciation, and slips, but acceptable in pronunciation and


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Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Lesson Plan - Home | Stanford ...

Gulf of Tonkin Gulf of Tonkin Resolution Lesson Plan Central Historical Question: Was the U.S. planning to go to war with North Vietnam before the


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The Cell WEB - Mensa For Kids

Fifth Grade Lesson Plan – The Cell Overview This series of lessons was designed to meet the ... http://www.worldofteaching.com/powerpoints/teachone/cell_part1.ppt#1 Grade the two sources using the rubric below. Give the PowerPoint and the Web site each a score for each category. CATEGORY 4 3 2 1


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PRINT ADVERTISING PowerPoint Lesson w/ Worksheet

PRINT ADVERTISING PowerPoint Lesson w/ Worksheet SUBMITTED BY: Brian Graziano Half Hollow Hills East HS [email protected] Business Ownership & Marketing PrintAdvertising.ppt. ... Business Ownership & Marketing Advertising What is the first step in advertising? Advertising –


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Korean War Lesson Plan - Stanford History Education Group

Korean War Korean War Lesson Plan Central Historical Question: Who started the Korean War? Materials: • Copies of Textbook Excerpts A and B • Copies of Korean War Guiding Questions


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2010 Unit and Lesson plan templates and guide

UNIT AND LESSON TEMPLATE GUIDE In order to facilitate a program to design curriculum, ... a curriculum refers to the program level plan of study. 2. ... Make a PPT and make a oral presentation regarding five Chinese dishes and


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Lesson 1: Teacher Guide and Notes - Colorín Colorado

Grade 1 Lesson Plan: Burro’s Tortillas Lesson 1: Teacher Guide and Notes Interactive Reading : Activity 1 A ... (PPT or PDF); Teacher Notes for Lesson 1: Vocabulary and Interactive Reading (see below) • Display Slide #1 to introduce the lesson.


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TOPIC: Presentation of a 25 minute Fire Safety Rally

LESSON #1 Presentation of an Annual Fire Safety Rally www.FireFacts.org INSTRUCTOR GUIDE 2/12/2009 Page.1 ... The following lesson plan provides an outline that can be used to teach children the importance of Fire Safety. Fire Safety Rally


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Viewer’s Guide The Three-Part Lesson in Mathematics

As they co-plan the lesson, they consult Ontario curriculum expectations and the Guides to Effective Instruction in Mathematics and delve into what research and experience reveal as effective practice. The teachers “do the math” prior to the lesson.


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2009 ImproveCredit Lesson Plan - Consumer Action

A MoneyWi$e Training MoneyWi$e Rebuilding Good Credit Lesson Plan Page 3 of 19 Training Design/Lesson Plan Session One (Two Hours) (Note: Before conducting the training, familiarize yourself with this lesson plan, the “Improve


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SIOP Lesson Plan - Loudoun County Public Schools

SIOP Lesson Plan Date: Apr 11th Grade/Class/Subject: K-2/Math Unit/Theme: Basic Addition Standards: MATH K.6, 1.8, 2.6 Content ... Mystery Number PPT Zip Around Cards Whiteboards, markers Paper cut in pizza slices, crayons SIOP Features Preparation


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High School Economics Lesson Plan Unit One

High School Economics Lesson Plan Unit One This lesson plan is for a one semester high school economics course. Included are the following: the Michigan


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Art Lesson Plan - Eastern Illinois University

Art Lesson Plan Teacher: Mrs. Bianchi Title: ... monochromatic color scheme by using paint color, white, and black (hues, tints, shades). ... Introduction: Day1:PPT- intro idea of concentric and radial- Timeless! Found in nature- where???


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MILITARY TRAINING LESSON PLAN: PRIME TIME TORTURE For More Information: Human Rights First 333 Seventh Avenue, 13th Floor New York, NY 10001-5108


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Branding lesson plan - Mr. Osborne's Education Portfolio

Strands: Marketing Fundamentals, The Marketing Mix, The Marketing Plan Suggested Time: 75 minutes Lesson Title: The Brand Generators: What is a Brand? Lesson ... Microsoft Word - Branding lesson plan Author: Sam Osborne Created Date:


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Lesson Plan for Electric Circuits - Salt River Project

Electric Circuits Lesson 5 Activity Descriptions and Discussions Activity 1: Simple Circuits Do this activity with the entire class before beginning the slide presentation.


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www.coe.ou.edu/ata/ Automobile-Accident Reconstruction

Lesson Information ... Automobile-Accident Reconstruction Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills Objectives. Procedures PAGE 2 AUTOMOBILE-ACCIDENT RECONSTRUCTION NOBLE HIGH SCHOOL ... Accident lesson plan Author: Administrator Created Date:


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