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Corona Discharge Ignition for Advanced Stationary Natural Gas ...

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Corona Discharge Ignition for Advanced Stationary Natural Gas ...

•Integrate pulsed corona discharge ignition system into stationary natural gas engines ... arc or laser sources. DOE.Corona.4-03.ppt, 3/9/03, PDR ... DOE.Corona.4-03.ppt, 3/9/03, PDR USC IC engine test facility AIR FILTER AIR FLOW METER VENTURI GASFLOW METER

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Heat engine/ Fuel reformer Thermal/Exhaust processor 1 mm ... Ignition wire Thermocouples Inlet & Exhaust tubes 5 mm 600 µm Intake Port Exhaust Port ... Laser Milled Gas Channels Anode Catalyst Polymer Membrane Fuel Manifold Carbon Fuel Distributor Current

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LIFE – Laser Inertial Fusion Energy based systems for ...

NIF Laser system. NIF-1208-15666.ppt11 192 main laser beams operationally qualified September 24, 2008. NIF-1208-15665.ppt Moses LSO 12/12/08 12 NIF is not only complete NIF is operational 1.1 MJ/3w from 96 beams delivered to TTC 3:15 AM March 10, 2009 Target shots start in June, and the ...

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A G N E L I N S T I T U T E O F T E C H N O L O G Y Schedule ...

system, surroundings, property, process, heat and work ... taxonomy – Spark Ignition & Compression Ignition with two ... Chapter-IC Engines + handouts + ppt. Multimedia interactive audio visual presentations are planned 2.1.2 Systems - fuel, ignition, lubrication and cooling ...

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I C Engine Fuel Sprays - Combustion

Optical Engine Laser Sheet Viewing Annulus LIF Camera + ICCD Nd: ... Camera / intensifier system with stereoscope lens for dual image acquisition. Injected Spray –Liquid / Vapour Analysis ... Combustion Analysis -Auto-ignition Delay

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Department of Mechanical Engineering - IITK - Indian ...

Excitements in Mechanical Engineering ... Laser Instrumentation ... IC Engine Laboratory Faculty: Dr. A. Agarwal Research Area: IC Engines, Combustion and Emissions, Biodiesel Development and Characterisation, Lubricating Oil Tribology, Laser Diagonistic

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