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PICU protocols from “Drug Doses by Frank Shann. Intensive ...

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PICU protocols from “Drug Doses by Frank Shann. Intensive ...

PICU protocols from “Drug Doses" by Frank Shann. Intensive Care Unit, Royal Children's Hospital 14th edition Gentamicin. IV or IM. 1wk-10yr: 8mg/kg day 1, then 6 mg/kg daily. >10yr:

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Paracetamol: use in children - WHALE

Frank Shann, Intensive Care Unit, Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne ... The dose in children is 10-15 mg/kg 4 hourly, to a maximum of 100mg/kg/day, and no patient should receive more than 4 g/day. Key words: fever, pain, analgesia, antipyretic (Aust Prescr 1995;18:33-5)

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Case Report: Clinical Evaluation of Treatment for Congenital ...

Based on Frank-Shann Drug Doses, the dose of Cefotaxime is 25mg/kg every 12 hours or 8 hours therefore by multiplying the amount with the current weight of the patient, the dose is adequate. The drug of choice is also correct as it is suspected to be infection by ...

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AUC/MIC RATIO AS A TOOL IN DETERMINING EFFECTIVENESS OF GARASENT® FOR THE ... [17] and Frank Shann Drug Dose 2008 [18]. Post concentration was set at range of 5-10 mcg/ml and is based on minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of two of the

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This dose calculator is designed to be used in conjunction with an appropriate formulary which contains information on drug interactions, ... Drug Doses, Frank Shann 14th Ed, 2008 Emergency Management of Severe Burns- Course Manual, 12th Ed, 2008

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Neonatal Medication Protocol - Women and Newborn Health ...

DOSE: DOSE stated as Noradrenaline base Initial Dose: 0.05 – 0.1 microgram/kg/minute ... Frank Shann Drug doses 2005 DATE THIS REVIEW: June 2014 NEONATAL MEDICATION PROTOCOLS NORADRENALINE NCCU Clinical Guidelines NCCU KEMH/PMH Date last review: Oct 2013

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Antibiotics in the PICU - ADHB

Antibiotics in PICU ... • The default dose for all antibiotic doses for children in PICU is the severe infection dose in the “Drug Doses” handbook by Frank Shann. • The two commonest ICU-acquired infections are bacteraemia (which may be due

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Letters to the Editor - Australian Prescriber

Frank Shann Specialist in Intensive Care Royal Children’s Hospital ... uncertain that the drug was responsible. ... high-dose furosemide plus low-dose isosorbide dinitrate in severe pulmonary oedema. Lancet 1998;351:389-93.

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Paracetamol: overused in childhood fever - Independent ...

Some years ago Frank Shann warned us of the routine use of ... Drug toxicity Whilst the frequency and dangers of intentional paracetamol overdosage are well known4, ... An initial paracetamol dose of 15 mg/kg could be given,

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Hyperkalemia - ADHB

HYPERKALEMIA Author: Dr William Wong, Dr Gabrielle Nuthall Service: ... Errors in IV KCl dose calculation 4. Liquid formulas and foods (salt substitutes) ... Frank Shann. Drug Doses 15th edition 2010. RCH publications

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Pharmacokinetics for Physicians

Drug Doses 1998, 10th edition Frank Shann (RCH, Melbourne) • 20mg/kg stat, then 15mg/kg/dose 4 hourly Beware of the formulation strength. Title: Microsoft PowerPoint - FRACP Lecture 2002.ppt [Read-Only] Author:

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Vasoactive Drugs - Royal Children's Hospital

Drug Infusions Performance Criteria Date Signed 1. Locate and read a. Vasoactive Drug Infusion Management PICU Intranet Guidelines b. Drug Doses. Frank Shann c. Paediatric Injectable Drug Guidelines 2. State the action, usual dose, side effects and nursing responsibilities during ...

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Prevalence & Types of medication errors intervened by ...

Frank Shann Drug Doses 15th Edition 2010 . 7 DATA COLLECTION FORM . 8 Total No. of Prescriptions & items analysed 3933 1683 prescriptions 33% 20% 18% ... •The odds of antiallergy under dose is 0.7 times higher . 20 weight of patient is written by prescriber . 21 Written by Pharmacist after ...

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Policy and Practice

Policy and Practice Evidence on the use of paracetamol in febrile children Fiona M. Russell,1 Frank Shann,2 Nigel Curtis,3 & Kim Mulholland4 Abstract Antipyretics, including acetaminophen (paracetamol), are prescribed commonly in children with pyrexia, despite minimal'_use_paracetamol

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Use of Prostaglandin E2 in Neonatal Emergency Transport: A ...

Use of Prostaglandin E2 in Neonatal Emergency Transport: A Case Report KL SIU, WH LEE ... The dose is from 0.01 to ... Frank Shann. Drug Doses: Intensive care unit, Royal Children's Hospital, Australia, 11th ed, 2001.;7;223-226.pdf

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Shann, Frank. Drug Doses. 14th ed. Intensive Care Unit. Royal Children’s ! Hospital, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia, 2008.! ... CVVHDF 75-100% of usual dose Wellington ICU Drug Manual v2 2013 52 Azathioprine. DOSAGE IN PAEDIATRICS:

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Policy and Practice - SciELO Salud Publica

Policy and Practice Evidence on the use of paracetamol in febrile children Fiona M. Russell,1 Frank Shann,2 Nigel Curtis,3 & Kim Mulholland4 Abstract Antipyretics, including acetaminophen (paracetamol), are prescribed commonly in children with pyrexia, despite minimal

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Paediatric Resuscitation Card - Anwar Al-Ghassani

Information presented here comes from several sources, particularly Drug Doses by Frank Shann If you know the patient’s weight – use that, otherwise the age can be used. ... Adrenaline dose is given in mls for 1:10,000 solution.

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SECTION 8 SPECIAL SITUATIONS - Sydney Local Health District ...

a paediatric drug dose book (e.g. Drug Doses by Frank Shann) on their person to assist in accurate dosages. Paediatric trauma patients under 14 years of age come under the care of the Paediatric Surgeon on call. All those over 14 years of age come

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Disclaimer - Great Ormond Street Hospital

estimated using the following table and formula taken from ‘Drug Doses by Frank Shann 13. th Ed 2005’. ... and for children older than five years requiring a second dose of succinylcholine. o. Lignocaine — 1 mg/kg IV in raised intracranial pressure. o.

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Respiratory infections in children: management in small hospitals

Health Organization, by Dr Frank Shann, Melbourne, Australia. It was ... Table of drug doses (continued Drug Dose Frequency Means of Form Actual dose (in tablets, capsules, or ml) administration according to body weight in kg

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Introduction: Acute Respiratory Tract Infections: The ...

research on acute respiratory infections. * Drug therapy has little effect on the course of viral upper ... The dose of each injection ... Frank Shann, Ann Woolcock, Robert Black, Allan Cripps, Hjordis Foy, ...

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TGA response to recommendations arising from the Review of ...

surrounding the labelling and packaging of OTC analgesic products. ... Mr Frank Shann Director of Intensive Care – Royal Childrens Hospital ... patients do not inadvertently take more than the recommended dose and, if they do, that.

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Kapittel 1 Akutte prosedyrer og tilstander inkl. ulykker

Frank Shann. Drug Doses. 13th Ed. 2005. Collective Pty Ltd. ISBN 0-9587434-5-2. 2. Advanced Paediatric Life Support. The Practical Approach 4th edition. 2005. ... Dopamin i lav dose (1-5 mikrogram/kg/min) gir ikke nyrebeskyt-telse, slik man tidligere trodde.

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Volume 369, Issue 9563, Pages 715-798 (3 March 2007-9 March 2007)

Frank Shann 8. Robotic prostatectomy: facts or fiction? • DISCUSSION ... US campaign tackles drug company influence over doctors • NEWS Page 730 Michael McCarthy ... Two fixed-dose artemisinin combinations for drug-resistant falciparum and vivax malaria in Papua, ...

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Smartphones et Tablettes Quelques applications, bénéfices ...

lisée en pédiatrie comme référence de dose, le Drug Doses de Frank Shann est également disponible, de même que le British National Formulary for Children (BNFC). Un autre inconvénient est leur coût, passable-ment élevé pour Lexi-Comp Complete en par-

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Evaluasi Penggunaan Antibiotik dengan Kartu Monitoring ...

Drug doses yang ditulis oleh Frank Shann.9 Pasien ini.1 Antibiotik dapat dipakai sebagai terapi empiris, definitif, ... Adequate dose? OK Class VI Class V Class IV Class III Class II Class I STOP Appropriate indication for a carbapenem? No alternative

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