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Edmark's TimeTelling Sample - Attainment Company, Inc.

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Edmark's TimeTelling Sample - Attainment Company, Inc.

Edmark Time Telling Program Introduction The Edmark Time Telling Program is the result of many years of research with special education children


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Edmark Functional Words Series (all 4 kits) 1,799.95 Edmark Reading Program Level 2—Print Version ... worksheets reinforce learning with activities such as writing, identifying, circling, matching, and using a word in context.


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Edmark Reading Program Supplemental Materials - Mind Resources

Edmark Functional Words Series (all 4 kits) $ 2,299.95 Edmark Reading Program — Level 1 ... reproducible worksheets that can be printed from the Reading Milestones Reproducible Materials Flash Drive included in each level package.


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Reading - CESA 6 - Cooperative Educational Services Agency 6 ...

Reading CESA 6 Media Center Catalog – May 2010 Page 3 Edmark Reading Program: Level 1 Story Book 14263 1-3 Book 1992 Edmark Has 16 stories to go with the Edmark Reading Kit.


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Edmark L2 Overview - PRO-ED

ences: Comprehension (previously called Supplemental Worksheets), Homework, ... Edmark Reading Program contains several tools for continuous progress monitoring of student achievement: a Posttest, Lesson Plan/Record Book, and Mastery Test.


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Teaching Functional Sight Words to Students with Shari Daisy ...

study came from The Edmark Functional Word Series: Fast Food/Restaurant Words . The words in the series were divided in ... Worksheets varied, but typically involved students drawing a line from a picture of the word to text form of word,


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SPED High School - RCPS: Always Connected, 100% Charged

SPED High School Literature LD Resource Holt Rinehart Winston Elements Of Literature – course 3 1Teacher Resource/school ... Edmark/Riverdeep Supplemental Worksheets Level 2 1/class Word Bingo Level 2 1/class Functional Word Series (4 Modules Print) ...


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Site Web Address Description - Panhandle Area Educational ...

Algebra Web Sites Compiled by Eileen Pracek, FDLRS ... calculators that show how to solve problems step-by-step, interactive worksheets. Algebrator http://www.softmath.com Online demo of algebra learning tool which allows students to ... Edmark http://www.edmark.com/free/ Download a free algebra ...


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Animal Life Styles Science - LearnNowBC

While children are finishing their worksheets, print out extra copies of page 97. Post two large sheets of heavy paper and have the class create one pictograph showing farm animals and zoo animals.


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LASD Special Education: Curriculum for Elementary SDC programs

Survival Signs Worksheets Edmark Environmental Print Series Teaching Te lephone A Functional Curriculum Survival Signs Worksheets Edmark Environmental Print T eac hi ng p o Social Star Set Navigating the Social World The New Social Story Book


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List of Items By Disability - Northeast Service Cooperative

B-624B Edmark Functional Word Series: Signs Around You 2 Edmark Corporation ... M-900A Money Calc (Calculator & Worksheets) PCI Educational Publishing Thursday, November 06, 2008 3:39:52 PM Northeast Service Cooperative - Lending Library


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Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology Math, Money, and Time Manipulatives Math &Money Manipulatives and Calculators ... 18 banking and budgeting forms and 27 shopping worksheets for calculating discounts and sales tax. ... formerly Edmark's, by Cathy Haugen Faucher, ...


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Literacy Resources for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Same approach and design as Edmark Reading Program, but focus is on functio nal vocabulary. Recommended for middle and high school students; ... used to make worksheets and literacy activities for students who may need visuals and pictures to aid in comprehension and expression for answering


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Steps for Implementation: Discrete Trial Training

Discrete Trial Training: Steps for Implementation Page 7 of 9 National Professional Development Center on ASD 10/2010 repeat the same learning trial several times in a row, ensuring that the learner is successful multiple times at whatever step of the skill is being taught.


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Algebra Made Easy - Core Knowledge Foundation

Algebra Made Easy Grade Level: 6th Presented by: ... 3. Astro Algebra. Edmark B. Books 1. Pre-Algebra: A Transition to Algebra. Merrill 2. ... HANDOUTS/WORKSHEETS Adding and Subtracting Integers from Kelley Wingate Publications, ...


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First 100 High Frequency Words - Eye on the Sky

1 First 100 High Frequency Words 1. the 26.or 51.out 76.its 2. of 27.by 52.them 77.who 3. and 28.one 53.then 78.now 4. a 29.had 54.she 79.people


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SPED Middle School - RCPS: Always Connected, 100% Charged

SPED Middle School Literature ED/LD resource Holt Rinehart Grade 6 Literature 1 Teacher Edition/school ... Supplemental Worksheets-Level 1 1/class ... Edmark/Riverdeep Spelling Level 1 1/class


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The National Fragile X Foundation Education Project

Fragile X Syndrome A Practical Approach for the Classroom Produced by ... For writing/composition worksheets, ... Edmark Story Book are usually 1-2 pages long, and each sentence is to be written out separately on index cards.


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S.M.A.R.T. March 18, 2009 - UPDC

Edmark Comments: 1:1 or group (has overhead transparencies). This program may be good for children who are visual learners (as some ... access to thousands of printable books, lesson plans, assessments and worksheets. ...


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SPED Curriculum Library Item Subject Grade Lvl Comments

Item Subject Grade Lvl Comments Knowing Mathematics Math 5th-6th Math Warm Ups Math 4th-7th Blackline worksheets w/ answer guide Mental Math Math 4th-7th Blackline worksheets w/ answer guide ... Edmark Reading Primary Computer based and worksheet based programs


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Technology Device/Software Summary Reading

Allows teacher to print out reports and worksheets based on the students use of the software. www.donjohnston.com ... Word Around Me – Sight word reading software based on the Edmark Reading Program. www.riverdeep.com Wordmaker ...


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Around the World - Core Knowledge Foundation

Around the World Grade Level: 2nd grade Presented by: Sandra Gammon & Sasha Lance, Washington-Wilkes Primary School, ... J. Software: Travel the World with Timmy!, Edmark K. Software: Imagination Express; Destination: Neighborhood, Edmark


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Substitute Teacher Information Form Basic Information Class ...

Substitute Teacher Name: _____ Date of Assignment ... Worksheets, Tests, and Other Materials Needed for Lesson . Seating Chart ... Play some of Edmark user’s favorite software games online.


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Park View Middle School

comprehensive reading program using Edmark and Reading Mastery. We will focus mainly on vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, and fluency; ... Students will be evaluated on daily “hands-on” activities, worksheets, testing, following directions, and interactions with other peers and adults.


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Money and Time Materials - CESA 6 - Cooperative Educational ...

Practice Money Skills: Workbook 1985 Edmark Contains 32 pages of activities designed to help recognize and work with sums of money. Book A 22089 1-6 ... worksheets, new activity ideas and games, demonstration coins, and assessments. Toy Money 18692 1-9


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Dear Pen Pal - PBS Kids

Dear Junoby Soyung Pak EXPLORATION BOOKS AND SOFTWARE Games Around the Worldby Louise Orlando Strategy Games of the World, computer software published by Edmark Back to Schoolby Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko Me on the Mapby Joan Sweeney Neighborhood Map Machine, simple mapping software


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Math Kindergarten Grading Skill Standard Activity Assessment ...

worksheets, tests Use beginning estimating skills Beyond standards Estimate marbles in a jar and check for Class discussion Math Kindergarten . ... Edmark Jump Start, Kindergarten, Pre-K, and First, Knowledge Adventure Kids Works 2, Davidson


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List of Items By Disability - Northeast Service Cooperative

B-624B Edmark Functional Word Series: Signs Around You 2 Edmark Corporation M-1056 Edmark Reading Program - Level 1 Box Curriculum Pro-ed ... B-741 Time Families Worksheets PCI Educational Publishing M-997 Time Mat Floor Game Learning Resources, Inc.


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SOCIAL SCIENCE Page Course Title Revised 2012-13

Drug Store Math 4310 $49.95 PCI516SBH Reproducible Worksheets, TE ... Edmark Time Telling 4310 $79.95 EDK113SBH Reproducible Lessons ... Symbols of Freedom Photo Book Series 4210 $39.95 VS-258 Six-paperback books - American symbols Lakeshore Learning and icons, ...


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I Emergent Writing - Education Service Center, Region 2

picture symbol worksheets or individual story booklets about age-appropriate topics, such as This Is the One I Want (Richman, 1987). ... (Edmark) for creating greeting cards. Emergent H-5. Title: Microsoft Word - I Emergent Writing.doc Author: cmendez


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Instructional Materials for Exceptional Student Education A ...

Write-on Worksheets, Levels AA-IA Steck-Vaughn Company ... Mighty Math Series Edmark..... 65 Money Management Educational Design, Inc ..... 66 Money Matters ... preferably with explanations of how answers were derived.


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ocean - Mid-State Spec

OCEAN ANIMALS Creating Instructional Unit Resource Guides ... games and downloadable worksheets and puzzles. ... www.edmark.com Zoo Zillions: www.edmark.com Carnival Countdown: www.edmark.com Graph Club: www.tomsnyder.com . Assessment


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Edmark Reading – led to more spelling practice, worksheets completed on ipad . 7/27/2014 8


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life skills inventory dshs 10-267 (12/2000) children's administration division of children and family services life skills inventory independent living skills assessment tool instructions


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Really Useful - PACER

Imagination Express (Edmark Corporation) (PC/Mac) ... use teacher-made worksheets that can’t be edited or erased. Available in Spanish also. Telephone: 800-899-6687 E-mail: [email protected] ... (PC) Free trial, Full version is $20, ...


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Neuropsychological Variability in Partial Agenesis of the ...

... Edmark Reading Program, recognition recall format for sight words, extended time, slant board for writing, handwriting hygeine, ... less handwriting- improve keyboarding, worksheets instead of copying off board, extended time, oral responses, verbal strategies for visual tasks, phonics ...


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Freeware, Shareware and Demo Programs on the Internet Cursors

Freeware, Shareware and Demo ... Teach-nology.com offers teachers free access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, reviewed web sites, rubrics, educational games, teaching tips, advice from expert teachers, ... Edmark Algebra Calculator ...


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EXTENDED SCHOOL YEAR (ESY) Individual Educational Needs

Academic: (e.g. program materials & methods, software such as Edmark, DTT or Touchmath) Describe how instruction is typically presented, most effective/familiar activities. Please identify any materials, books, worksheets, activities, ...


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pci survival signs curriculum

B-815 Survival Signs Worksheets PCI Educational Publishing ... M-913 The Transitions Curriculum: ... Dolch word list, Edmark Reading/Spelling, PCI Survival Signs, Great Source Daily Oral Language ... Individualized Curriculum: -Human sexuality, ...


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Add Your Title Here - Oklahoma Autism Network

•Forget the worksheets!!! Make activities hands on if possible. •Apply prior knowledge to the activities. •Work stations (even independent) 11 ... •Edmark Reading Program Henry M.S., Kimberly A. (2010). How do I teach this kid to read?:


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ESL titles column3 - Lake County Illinois Regional Office Of ...

teachers to make worksheets, picture instruction sheets, reading books, journals, or posters. Each ... Note: Riverdeep (Edmark), Laureate Learning Systems, and Don Johnston are well known publishers of software programs for Special Needs students. Many of their


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numerical expressions wall clock answers

Edmark's TimeTelling Sample - Attainment Company. http://www.attainmentcompany.com/sites/default/files/pdf/sample/ttell-sample.pdf ... Worksheets for MA 113 - University of Kentucky.


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Reading Literacy & Comprehension Curriculum for Individuals ...

Edmark Functional Word Series Combo Grades: 6 to 12+ Functional curriculum that uses word recognition and repeated ... This online subscription includes lessons, books, worksheets, and assessments that are leveled according to ability.


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Multi-Needs Universal Screener - Illinois Alliance of ...

Description: SASED’s Multi-Needs Program Leadership Team ... Edmark functional literacy word list, Dolch lists, Fry picture noun list, words used in PODD ... Post community outings worksheets with vocabulary listed.


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ESL Teacher Conversations Shelby County Schools SETESOL: 2010-11

Useful Teacher Resource: Edmark Language (K-3), Wake-up Brain (4-8), Writing Matters (9-12) Something I do to help the classroom teacher is keep up good ... other than worksheets is great! Something useful the classroom teachers do to help my ESL


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COURSE OF STUDY - Camden County Schools > Home

Fifth Grade ... Edmark Milestones Riverdeep Math Math Connections SRA McGraw-Hill Touchmath Touchmath, Inc. ... Worksheets: 1. What Is a Sexually Transmitted Disease? 2. Overview of Four Common STDs 3. The Responsibility of Health


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DISABILITY RESOURCE LIBRARY at the Center for Disabilities ...

communication boards, device overlays, worksheets, schedules, calendars ... Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or higher (free download available at www.microsoft.com). Nuance-approved noise-canceling headset microphone (included ... The Edmark House Series is a multi-sensory learning environment ...


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Cincinnati Public Schools Approved Software List**

Cincinnati Public Schools Approved Software List** ... boards, worksheets, schedules, books, writing activities, games, and ... Edmark Reading Program 1&2: Pre-2. Beginning reading & language development for nonreaders. Millie’s Math


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Kaiserslautern School District Assistive Technology Lending ...

Kaiserslautern School District Assistive Technology Lending Library Inventory September 2013 1 Legend for Intended User: LI-M/M Learning Impaired Mild to Moderate


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Academic Software, Inc. 2006 Product Catalog

software and older DOS programs from ASI, Edmark, Laureate Learning Systems, and other ... tional devices, more indexes, and new chapters and worksheets brimming with practi-cal information on ergonomics and physical interaction, seating and positioning, con-


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