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YOU ECO-MAP Instructions: Identify the important persons/activities in your life. Draw lines connecting yourself to each of the persons/activities.

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Using Eco-Mapping to Understand Family Strengths and Resources

What Is An Eco-map? A snapshot in time of a familyA snapshot in time of a family s’s informal and informal and formal supports. It shows the links a familyyg has to the larger

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Young Exceptional Children - Florida State University

Vol. 11, No. 2, March 2008 YOUNG EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN Eco-Mapping / McCormick et al. 21 Identifying Strengths of Relationships At the heart of the eco-map are

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ECO MAP - Michigan Child Welfare Training

Rev. 5/11 INTERVIEW OUTLINE ECO MAP I. Ask each family member about the various resources they use II. How would they describe their involvement with these resources,

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Eco-Map - University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Project INTEGRATE Frank Porter Graham Child Development Center University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 1999 Eco-Map This activity is a great way to begin establishing a relationship with a family new to your program.

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ECOMAPS - Nebraska

A completed eco-map is illustrated on page 17 of your Case Management for Child Abuse, Neglect & Dependency Guidebook and includes examples of additional information that can be used on the eco-map. Once the eco-map has been completed a more holistic picture of the family begins to

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eco-map, Sandy had the most social developmental sources of support and the least language and cognitive developmental sources of support. Most of Sandy’s self reported relationships were strong and positive.

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Expanding the Family Circle - University at Albany, SUNY

Building a Framework •Building a framework piece by piece •Use this framework with families with the tool of an eco-map

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Eco-map - University of Pittsburgh

Eco-map . The Pennsylvania Child Welfare Training Program 308-Adult Psychopathology: Bipolar Disorder Handout #8, Page 2 of 2

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The Child’s Eco-Map - Michigan Child Welfare Training

Rev. 5/11 The Child’s Eco-Map 1. Me By Today is I am years old 5 4 6 14 7 11 13 10 9 Favorite Color Least Favorite Color

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Additional Tools to Help with the Assessment Process

Additional Tools Appendix B 163 Eco-maps What is an eco-map? The eco-map is a paper-and-pencil diagram of the ecological system of the client/family, the

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ECO-MAPS - Home // Department of Human Services // State of ...

CWTS CWFT Module 7 Chapter 2 Eco-maps 1 ECO-MAPS . The eco-map helps to identify family resources at-a-glance. Areas of strength and concern are presented to assist in

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Research Spotlight - Human Development Institute (HDI)

Research Spotlight SEPTEMBER 2005 Using Eco-Mapping as a Research Tool One of the important variables under study by researchers at the National Early

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ECO-MAP Social Welfare Health Care 'Work Church Spiritual ...

ECO-MAP Social Welfare Health Care 'Work Church Spiritual Family or Household Extended Family Recreation School Fill Jn connections where they exist

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Activity: Eco Map - South Central Scholars

Activity: Eco Map Description: The Eco Map represents the relationships in your life by importance, strength, and costs and benefits. Purpose: Helps you define, create, and sustain your relationships.

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Eco-map - University of Pittsburgh

Eco-map . PA Child Welfare Competency-Based Training and Certification Program 308-Adult Psychopathology: Depression Disorder Handout #7, Page 2 of 2

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MAIN ENTRANCE eco plastic industries TO HELP YOU RECOGNISE THE PLACE PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY If you get lost. eco plastic industries CALL 880-1167 Sat - Thu 8:30 - 16:30

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Eco -m a p p i n g - EnviroReady - A New Accountability

6 / eco-mapping© H. W. En g e l 1. Eco-map: urban situation This map situates your site in its urban co n te xt . Do you want to ca l c u l a te ?

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Exploring Texas Ecoregions - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

A map of Texas divided into the ecoregions is provided for reference. The Texas Eco Trivia Game provides a tool for authentic assessment. A video, entitled "Ecoregions of Texas," describes the regions in seven, 10 minute segments. Each

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Description Purpose - University of Connecticut

Document last revised April 2010 2 Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online – component or components represent no less than 70 % of the map unit.

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Urban EcoMap - Cisco Systems

EcoSystem encompasses an eco-centric set of technologies and standards that allow for interoperability of “eco applications” and devices. Much like the Internet, it is a multi-layer

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Security Welcome t - Concordia Eco-Resort

Map updated 10.10.2013 N o P a r k i n g Concordia Guest N o P a r k i n g Please inquire about seasonal hours Grill Deck Welcome Unit Front Desk Hours 8:00 am - 7:30 pm Check Out 11:00 am • Check In 3:00 pm Quiet Time 9:30pm Night Security Shed r u i n s. Title:

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CITY OF DALLAS - Texas Emergency Management

CITY OF DALLAS CITY UNIVERSITY ECO PARK 5215 Simpson Stuart Rd. Dallas, TX 75241 Simpson Stuart is located off of Highway 45 South. ECO Park is opposite the direction of Paul

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watershed ecosystem map - United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Fresno Sacramento Los Angeles San Francisco Redding Bakersfield Modesto tu101 tu101 |}ÿ99 §¨¦ 5 §¨¦ 80 §¨¦ 580 |}ÿ99 §¨¦ 5 Oregon N e va d a C a l i f o r n i a P

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19.Eco-Map - Blank 12-2005 - Nebraska

Eco-Map Name: _____ Date: _____ School Extended Family Friends Recreation Work Recreation Extended Family Culture/ Religion Health Care Social Welfare Family or Household Members. Title: Microsoft Word - 19.Eco-Map - Blank 12-2005.doc Author:

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Directions to Hemswell Bottle Facility - ECO Plastics Ltd

Directions to Hemswell Bottle Facility ECO Plastics Ltd is a Limited company, registered in England and Wales No. 3948149. Plant Address: ECO Plastics Ltd

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MODULE 16 - Georgia

CREATING YOUR FAMILY ECO-MAP . An Ecological Map (Eco-Map) is a visual representation of your family system and all the extended familial, community, and institutional supports with which your family

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ETSU CAMPUS ECO TOUR MAP - East Tennessee State University

ETSU CAMPUS ECO TOUR MAP 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 6 8 17 13 7 9 At our Lady Bucs softball field we have a storm water storage tank and water recycling system un-der the field. The tank holds 75,000 gallons of water. This is large enough to collect all of the water that falls on the

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Major Map: Economics - Rollins College

The required core curriculum provides economics majors with a foundation to pursue either economic theory or applied economics. Students must

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Ecoregions of Texas color map -

Title: Ecoregions of Texas color map Subject: Map of the ecoregions of Texas Keywords: ecoregions, map Created Date: 4/6/2000 1:11:23 PM

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Portland Ecoroof Tour Map - | The City of ...

Portland Ecoroof Tour Map Author: City of Portland Bureau of Environmental Services Subject: Where to find Portland ecoroof projects Keywords: portland ecoroof tour map Created Date:

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BFD Eco Manual - FXpansion - Home

Key Map reverts to the factory default map. Default key map When BFD Eco is launched, it loads the last saved key map that was in use. If you make some assignments, make sure you save the key map so it can be loaded when BFD Eco is next launched.

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Minnesota's Remaining Native Prairie A Century After the ...

1Prairies mapped by the Minnesota County Biological Survey (MCBS) as of May, 2011. Some of the prairies represented on this map may have been destroyed since the time of their

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Inland Wetland Soils - University of Connecticut

Document last revised April 2010 1 Connecticut Environmental Conditions Online – Inland Wetland Soils. Description . Inland Wetland Soils provide the general location of soil map units in Connecticut that are defined as Inland

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baileyeco - Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

This map layer is commonly called Bailey's ecoregions and shows ecosystems of regional extent in the United States, Puerto ... <> Fees: There is no charge for the map layer. Metadata_Reference_Information: Metadata_Date: 20100312

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Sourcemap: eco-design, sustainable supply chains, and radical ...

Eco-Design, Sustainable Supply Chains, and Radical Transparency In 2007, I was looking for a tool that ... Figure 5. A map of the supply chain behind 100% post-consumer content recycled paper. “The idea was simple: if designers had real-

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Maps and Geospatial Data for Planning, Management, Education ...

CT ECO Map Services soils orthophoto contours base map Your GIS software Map Services Internet connection. CT ECO is a partnership between the Connecticut Department CT DEP of Environmental Protection and the University of Connecticut Training videos

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Alexandria's Eco-City Map Series Natural Base

Alexandria's Eco-City Map Series Environmental Services ...

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Central Corridor Eco-District - SF Planning

Eco-districts Road Map from the Portland Sustainability Institute ... Eco-District Plan and Implementation Program for a Central Corridor Eco-District. Some of the initial work to create the Eco-District has already been funded and is about to begin.

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ECO TOUR MAP edited - Eco-Home Newtwork

M inne ap olis t. ECO-HOME HQ HOUSE 4344 Russell Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027 MATT MOSES HOUSE 4109 Clayton Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90027 ROSE ANN HALL HOUSE

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ECO Substation Project - San Diego Gas & Electric

ANZA-BORREGO DESERT STATE PARK SA O Salton Sea Boulevard Substation ECO Substation Miguel Substation Imperial Valley Substation SAN DIEGO COUNTY IMPERIAL COUNTY

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Eco-Village - St. Croix Valley Habitat for Humanity

Eco-Village is a real-world illustration of the viability of sustainable design — not only in environmental terms, materials used or energy efficiency, but also as it applies to broader economic concerns, social impact, transportation, food,

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The Green Jobs Map - ECO Canada

The Green Jobs Map Tracking Employment through Canada’s Green Economy LABOUR MARKET RESEARCH STUDY 2012 Funded by the Government of Canada’s Sector Council Program

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Sustainable Living - Green Map

Eco Expert B B Culture & Society Green Map ® Icons Version 3 © Copyright Green Map System, Inc. 2008. All rights reserved. * Standard Icon Set . Title: 1 Created Date:

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What is an Eco-City? What is Eco-City Alexandria?

What is an Eco-City? Eco-Cities are places where people can live healthier and economically productive lives while reducing their impact on the environment.

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Alaska Ecoregions Map - Division of Forestry

P3 P1 B3 M6 B6 B13 P8 B11 P2 B7 B2 M7 P9 P4 B10 B12 M2 B15 P6 B4 P10 B1 B5 B8 B9 M3 M4 P5 P7 M5 P7 B14 Polar P9 - Beaufort Coastal Plain P1 - Brooks Foothills P3 - Brooks Range

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A Community Eco-Map - University of Maine System


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ECO-CITY CHARTER 2008 city of alexandria, virginia [Environmental Policy Commission Draft, April 26, 2008] Cover | City of Alexandria, GIS Base Map COMPILED BY: Environmental Policy Commission City of Alexandria The Urban Affairs and Planning Program Virginia Polytechnic & State University

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i-Tree Eco as of Jan. 2012 827 Projects i-Tree Users . Lake Forest Park Seattle'QNMercer Tacoma —Island Portland Corvallis Clackamas i-Tree Sacramento San Francisco Kennedy Pacific Fresno Grove Visalia Los Angeles Missoula Boise Flagstaff Phoenix Casper Golden Midland

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ECO-CITY CHARTER 2008 - Alexandria, Virginia

Eco-City Charter City of Alexandria, Virginia Vision Defi nition of Sustainability Guiding Principles Roles & Responsibilities Pledge & Commitment

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