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HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST - CLTA TitleWizard(tm) - Title ...

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HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST - CLTA TitleWizard(tm) - Title ...

HOME INSPECTION CHECKLIST . CONTENTS HOW TO USE THIS CHECKLIST . Attic 1 . Balconies 1 . Basement 1 . Are you just starting your search or is the home ... condo alone. Common features such as roofs, plumbing, hallways, and stairs;

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Rental Inspection Checklist - AF

Rental Inspection Checklist Complete this inventory checklist as soon as you sign the lease. Do not move anything into your apartment till after you have filled this out.

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CMJ ENGINEERING, LTD. - Professional Engineer, Structural ...

Do-it Yourself Home Inspection Many homeowners can perform a basic walk-through home inspection on their own. We have provided a condensed checklist for you to print and use if would like to “Do-It Yourself”.

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UCSC: Condition of Rental Property Checklist

move-in checklist during the pre-move out inspection and again when determining if any of the tenant’s deposit will be retained for cleaning or repairs after move-out. BE SPECIFIC and DETAILED when filling out the checklist. Property Address Landlord/Manager Name (Print)

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Total Home Inspection Checklist

Total Home Inspection Checklist Use a checklist like this to make sure that you are looking at all parts of the house. Check off those items that are in good condition and make notes about those that are not.

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New Home Inspecition Checklist - Lowe's

New Home Inspection Checklist Sponsored by Advantage Inspection As a buyer, a thorough home inspection is your first step toward protecting your investment in your new home.

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Inspection checklist completed on (date) _____ at (time)_____and approved by: Owner / Manager: _____ Tenants: _____ Title move-in-inspection-checklist Created Date: 8/6/2008 12:00:00 AM ...

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Ellington Vacant Unit Inspection Form

Vacant Unit Inspection Checklist DATE/TIME COMPLETED BY ITEM LOCATION Toilets ... Vacant Unit Inspection – 06/03/09 Registration Form For owners whose homes are vacant for more than thirty days (vacation, home sale, extended stay

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Landlord/Tenant Walk-Through Checklist GENERAL CONDITION OF ...

© 2004 Nolo Landlord/Tenant Walk-Through Checklist Page 4 FURNISHED PROPERTY Condition on Arrival Condition on Departure Estimated Cost of Repair/Replacement LIVING ROOM Coffee Table End Tables Lamps Chairs Sofa Other KITCHEN Broiler Pan ...

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Self - Inspection Recommendations Apartments & Condominiums

Self - Inspection Recommendations Apartments & Condominiums State law requires that the local fire department inspect all multi-unit apartments ... Microsoft Word - Apartment-Condo Self Inspection Checklist.doc Author: anissa.hance Created Date:

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FHA INSPECTION CHECK LIST - International Association of ...

FHA INSPECTION CHECK LIST (Prepared for use with FHA/HUD Handbook 4150.2 ) Cliff Odom, RAA Birmingham, AL VC-1 Location Hazards And Nuisances Inspection Check List

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Final Walk-Through Checklist - All Aspects Home Inspections Inc

Final Walk-Through Checklist The final walk-through gives homebuyers an opportunity to inspect a property before closing on the sale of a property. During the walk-through, buyers can determine if the repair work they requested in the sales agreement has

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Inventory Checklist for Residential tenants

INVENTORY CHECKLIST FOR _____ You are being provided with two copies of the Inventory Checklist. You should complete one checklist, noting the condition of the rental property, and return it to the landlord within 7 days after obtaining ...

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Your Complete Guide to Home Inspections - Chase

The Home Inspection Checklist for Buyers: • Allow 2-2½ hours for a home inspection (1-1½ for a condo). • The buyer (client) should accompany the home inspector--for educational value. • Contact the property owner to confirm the date, time (during daylight

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Condo & HOA Smart Inspection & Due Diligence Checklist

Inspection & Due Diligence Checklist 1-800-572-2360. Financial: • Review the financial statements. Concentrate on both the Balance Sheet and on the the Income Statement-Actual vs Budget. A sample of some items to look for that might affect future assessments is below:

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Condo Approval Checklist - Veterans Benefits Administration Home

inspection (Low/High Rises and Conversions only) Yes No 27 Lender’s certification that pre-sale requirement met Yes Yes If you have other questions email the RLC at [email protected] or call 1-800-729-5772. ... Condo approval may take up to 4 weeks.

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Rental Property Checklist - Minneapolis

Minneapolis Housing Inspection Services Rental Property Checklist A practical guide to what Rental Licensing Inspectors look for… apolis. Housing Inspection Services. Exterior Window & Doors Bug and rodent proof Weather-tight

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BUYER’S CHECKLIST - | Foreclosures ...

1 Home Buying Checklist Step-by-step guide: Top tips for buying a first home or your next investment property Home Buying Checklist BUYER’S CHECKLIST

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Sample Maintenance Checklist - BC Housing

Sample Maintenance Checklist YEAR: _____ GROUNDS FREQUENCY INSPECTION/MAINTENANCE DATE REFERENCE SERVICE (See Note 2) PROCEDURES (3) (4) CONTRACT (5) Playground Annually Inspect for loose cracked parts, sharp 02880 (6) Equipment edges, rot and fall protection.

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Appraisals In-Depth Checklist - RMIC

Appraisal Checklist Loan # Borrower Name ... § Condo or Co-op – Appraiser must indicate that ... is allowed, using the exterior inspection and knowledge of current market conditions. FHLMC § If appraisal is over 120 days – the appraiser

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Self-Inspection Checklist - Homeowners Association Services

8‐2011 Concord Village Community Association Self­Inspection Checklist Purpose The purpose of this self‐inspection checklist is to educate Association members on what items will be covered in

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Checklist for Condominium Homeowners

Checklist for Condominium Homeowners . ... - Copy of the Condominum Association's System Inspection Form for common septic system currently on file with the municipal Board of Health (if applicable) These additional documents are also needed: a.

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Property Inspection Form Sample - Landlord e-Guide

PROPERTY INSPECTION FORM Review the following items for cleanliness and functionality. Acceptable items may be marked with an “X” (if left blank, it will be assumed they

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Annual Building Inspection Checklist - AASHTO - Standing ...

Annual Building Inspection Checklist Facility Exterior YES NO N/A Is the building address or identification clearly visible? Are exterior lights in working order?

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For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection - HUD/U.S.

For Your Protection: Get a Home Inspection ... condominium projects are covered by the condo’s HOA. Nevertheless, the appraiser should always make comments on a project’s overall condition. 23.

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Homeowners Association Checklist - HOA Community Solutions

Homeowners Association Checklist These days there are many things to “remember” regarding your HOA. Here are a few things you may

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CABIN/CONDO FIRE INSPECTION GUIDELINES The following items are required to be corrected/installed prior to a business license inspection by the Fire Department. CALL 435-677-2029 TO SECHEDULE A FIRE INSPECTION if you are a new nightly

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CONDOMINIUM PLAT FIELD INSPECTION CHECKLIST (This form is for internal inspection guidelines and not an all-inclusive list) Condominium Name: _____ Date of Initial Field Check:

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UNIFORM RESIDENTIAL APPRAISAL REPORT CHECKLIST For the review of the URAR, Fannie Mae 1004/Freddie Mac 70 ... If the property is subject to inspections – be sure to condition for inspection not to reveal any property issues. 6) ...

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Appraisal Review Checklist - STM Partners

Appraisal Review Checklist Conventional Loans _____ _____ SunTrust Loan No. Borrower Name ... final inspection with photos APPRAISAL ADDENDA / OTHER 1. Does appraisal contain all

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Date of Inspection: ... Type: Condo [ ] Townhouse [ ] Single Family [ ] High Rise [ ] CONDITION ACTION TO BE TAKEN ATE CDOMPLETED (Condition: G = Good ... A. Safety Checklist _____ _____ B. Slides ...

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Checklist for setting a home inspection 2012 (2)

CHECKLIST for Setting up a PROPERTY Inspection PROPERTY ... _____ Year Built _____ !HOUSE !CONDO ! GUEST UNIT !POOL Condition: ! Excellent !Good! Fair! Poor _____ !OCCUPIED! VACANT Other ... Checklist for setting a home inspection 2012 (2).doc

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3 Condo Inspection Contract

This Limited Condo Inspection Agreement Contains a Limit of Liability & Arbitration Clause, Please Read Carefully. Client: Phone: Buyers Address: City: State: Zip: Inspection ... provided Walk Through Pre-Settlement Inspection Checklist. I waive

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Condominium (Condo) Conversion Checklist

PHONE NUMBERS: Fire Inspection, Fire Department: 847-866-5928 Housing Planner, Planning Division: 847-866-2928 Permits/Inspections, Building Division: 847-866-2932 . Title: Condominium (Condo) Conversion Checklist Created Date:

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Condominium Unit Purchase Checklist - Sylvester Law Firm

CONDOMINIUM PURCHASE CHECKLIST I. General Issues A. Percentage ownership in common elements . B. Documents . 1. Examination of declaration, bylaws, plat, and rules and regulations . a. ... Punchlist/Inspection (condition of property acceptable?) 2. Escrows (all work completed?) 3.

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Legal Survival: Move -In/ Move - Out Checklist

MOVE-IN/MOVE-OUT CHECKLIST Tenant Apt. No. Move-In Inspector Date Move-Out Inspector Date ITEM MOVE-IN MOVE-OUT KEYS Apartment Door Mail Box LIVING ROOM/DINING ROOM Walls/Ceiling Flooring/Carpet Doors Glass Drapes/Blinds/Shades ...

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Date of Inspection: _____ Time: _____Inspector:_____ Type: Condo [ ] Townhouse [ ] Single Family [ ] High Rise [ ] CONDITION ACTION TO BE TAKEN DATE COMPLETED (Condition: G = Good, F = Fair ... Microsoft Word - Inspection checklist.doc Author:

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Motu Estate & Yacht Watch Services Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 ...

EXTERIOR INSPECTION CHECKLIST Property Entrance Visual Observations Normal Notes Newspapers & Flyers None present Notes Mail None Present Notes Door Locks All Secure

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Fire Department Life Safety Bureau Performance - City of Houston

use a standardized inspection checklist. Inconsistent inspections are occurring and, ... The Rage Inspection Teams of the Houston Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Office ... o St. James Condo – Fire Alarm o Exxon Training Center

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Pre-Inspection Checklist for Single-family

Rental Licensing Pre-Inspection Checklist Please use the following checklist to prepare for the Rental Licensing Inspection. The list highlights things often found to be in violation.

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I was present at the time of the inspection, and agree with this checklist, except as noted in the space above. Move-In: Move-Out: Date: _____ _____ Landlord Signature ...

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Orange County Fire Authority High-Rise Building Inspection Guide

Orange County Fire Authority High-Rise Building Inspection Guide For Compliance With Fire Safety Regulations

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FHA Inspection Requirements Webinar - HUD/U.S.

Welcome to the FHA Appraisal Inspection Requirements Webinar Scheduled Start: 9:00 AM Mountain - We will be underway shortly – All audio for this webinar If you have any technical or

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Property Inspection Checklist

Inspection Ordered Date: Required Inspection Completion Date: Street Number: Street Name: ... Single Family Duplex Triplex Condo Townhouse Other HOA Information Property Inspection Checklist Loan Information Borrower Name: Property ID: Vendor Name: General Property Information

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Condo Conversion Risks/Protections Checklist.9.10.12 (00144223)

Condo Conversion Risks/Protections Checklist 1 of 3 ©McLennon Law Corporation 2012 ... Owner/Developer gives type 1 indemnity to Contractor if converted to condo ... HOA shall perform due diligence and inspection to satisfy self all needed repairs and maintenance have been done

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Condominium, Apartment or Mobile Home Facility Checklist

Have the Municipal Wiring Inspection approval reported for this Work Request # to us by having the Wiring Inspector call 1-800-375-7405 Note: The construction can be completed prior to receipt of the Municipal Inspection approval. ... Condo checklist with logo.xls

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F. 1. CONDOMINIUM CONVERSION CHECKLIST Effective March 24, 2009 ... inspection, and provide a determination regarding compliance with such local laws. ... \CODES\Condo Conversion 061308.doc . Author: Administrator Created Date:

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Worksheet)4:)Home)inspection)checklist - Maxxum Investment ...

Worksheet)4:)Home)inspection)checklist Propertyaddress Realtor/Builder)Notes Asking)price Taxes UtilityBills Excellent Heattype Good Condition/age*of*furnace

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Safety Checklist - Aviva Canada

Safety Checklist 1/1 ... be sure to review it in advance of your inspection and customize it to suit your needs. Apartment buildings and condominiums. Safety Checklist 2/1 MAIN ENTRANCE/LOBBY Adequate lighting

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Make Ready Checklist - SunRidge Management

MAKE READY CHECKLIST Feb. 2009 SR – Make Ready Checklist 1 of 1 Property Name: _____ Apartment Number: _____ Notes: Checklist will be left in unit when move-out inspection completed. Removed by Manager on final walk-through and placed in unit file. Place a check mark beside the items ...

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