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Bhaskaracharya and Leelavathi Sankhya and Ganith were sitting on a cot outside their grandfather’s ... He wrote a book called ‘Leelavathi’ in which he ... Happy Maths - 4 Time and Money (English) MRP: ...

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Indian Contribution to Science and Technology - Ancient to ...

Famous textbook of Mathematics, Leelavathi, written by Bhaskaracharya gives the most ... help us in remembering large numbers and formulae.For example a a text book on Mathematics, sadratna mala gives value of pi correct to 17 decimals as 3. 14159265358979324

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By Pidaparty Purna Satya Hariprasad, India. D

Out of love for his daughter, Sri Bhaskaracharya named his famous book on ... This is one of the stories attributed to Leelavathi Ganitham. In the year 1934, Late Sri Pidaparty Krishnamurthy Sastry, father of this writer

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BANKING AWARENESS YEAR BOOK 2011 First Edition : 2011 Publisher & Chief Editor D.V. RAGHURAM ... Leelavathi Award. Well-known physicist-turned author, ... the great Indian mathematician Bhaskaracharya, the award carries

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LILAVATI’S DAUGHTERS - Indian Academy of Sciences

And so Lilavati’s Daughters: ... came to be. Lilavati was the daughter of the twelfth century math-ematician Bhaskaracharya, for whom he wrote the eponymous trea-tise ... niece Sudeshna all figure in this book, for instance. In fact, in the

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“The great mathematician and an astrologer, Bhaskaracharya had a daughter, Leelavathi. ... get hold of any book on predictive astrology containing some basic ground rules and pronounce spot predictions, irrespective of whether they come true or not.

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