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Tone and Mood. Quiz. Key. Write the correct answer on the line. B1. _____ is how the selection makes a reader feel. A. Tone. B. Mood. A2. _____ is the author’s attitude toward a subject. A. Tone. B. Mood. Read the ...

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Designing a Lesson Plan - Ithaca College

The Great Gatsby. New York State Standards Addressed: Students ... and speak for information and understanding by working on their synthesis notes, engaging in the discussion on tone and mood, completing the tone and mood ... Quick Quiz (formative) Scary Mary Review. Set-Up and Agenda: Agenda.

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Quiz #1

mood. 13. moral. 14. motif 15. myth. Quiz #6. 1. narrator. 2. naturalism. 3. novel. 4. oxymoron. ... Quiz #10 . 1. sonnet. 2. stereotype. 3. stream of consciousness. 4. structure. 5. style. 6. theme. 7. tone 8. total effect 9. tragedy. 10. tragic hero. 11. transcendentalism. 12. understatement ...

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Short Story Unit - SchoolNotes

Short Story Strategy. Setting R-Restate the Question Fiction. ... Theme. Point of View. Tone/Mood. Figurative Language. You must read and complete the activities for each story. ... Quiz “Seventh Grade” Watch . Harlem, ...

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Literary Terms Worksheet - teacher web

Literary terms to choose from: Climax . Foreshadowing . Flashback . Imagery . Metaphor . Mood . Narrator . Personification . Setting . Symbol . Theme . Tone. Fill in the blanks: The object of this exercise is to match the word with the definition provided.

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Elements of a Short Story Quiz. Use the five types of conflicts to answer the first five questions. (Character vs. Character, ... Tone is the way the reader feels and Mood is the way the author wants you to feel. Author: Lindsey Davis Created Date:

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Time - teacher web

Identify Tone/Mood in songs’ 8.9 September 19, 2013 (Early Release Day) TTW: Introduce Computer Lab Activities. TSW: Complete Activity # Turn in Homework # ... Tone and Mood Quiz . Static and Dynamic charts and Stories: “The Dandelion Garden ...

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Chronicle of a Death Foretold

Syllabus. Day One: Jan.10 Powerpoint presentation. Key terms: satire, parody, allusion, magic realism, postmodernism, epigraph, imagery, dramatic irony, bathos, motif, significance of names, tone, mood .

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Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions

Bradbury uses repetition of words and images to establish the tone or mood of the story. What is the . tone? What specific words or images does Bradbury repeat to help establish the tone of the story? ... Ray Bradbury “The Pedestrian” Study Questions Author: RITCHIE Last modified by: adaigle

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“Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions

“Dark They Were and Golden Eyed” Questions. 1. Why do the Bitterings come to Mars? ... What is the mood of the story? Find a quote that proves this. 10. What is the tone of the story? Find a quote that proves this. 11. The ending of the story is ironic.

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Government Quiz – Tuesday 6/10 - Londonderry School District

Mood, tone and style – Quiz Friday. Vessels. Read & Log. Earn a scoop! We need 500 by the end of the year. Mood, tone and style- Quiz Friday. 11. days of. school . ... Government Quiz – Tuesday 6/10. Government skits - Friday. Science. Mr. Tiella. None. Read /World Lang. Downing. Nason – R ...

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Monday - Houston Independent School District

Skills-based Quiz #1 (Author’s Purpose, Tone/Mood, Resources of Language) (.33)Dialectical/Assertion Journal Check #3. 28 entries due Expository Essay/Rhetorical Analysis Rough Drafts (1) Unit 2 Multiple Choice Exam. Grammar Quiz #2 . Skills-based Quiz #2.

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RATIONALE: - Portland Public Schools

Art Quiz Tone Assessment Submit. Concepts Relating to Tone Writing . Imagery Writing Process. Characterization Thesis. Setting Introduction Strategies. Diction ... 9.18.8 Introducing Tone and Mood Using Song Standards: 9.10.8, 9.10.10.

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Curriculum Map for Thematically-Linked Multi-Genre Unit on

Mood/Tone Annotation. 2A. Mood/Tone Quiz. 2B. Elie Wiesel Socratic Sem. 2B. Setting Quiz. 2B. Photographic Analysis. 3A. Transitions Quiz . 3A. Narrative Paragraph. 3B. Graphic Organizer – Parallel Structure . 4A. Parallel Sentence Fix-up.

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Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”

What are the changes in the setting and how does this effect the mood? ... What tone is established at this point of the poem? ... Worksheet/Quiz for “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” Author: Windows98 User Last modified by: Student

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4Square – Government Gloss - All words activated!

Mood, tone and style – Quiz Friday. Vessels. Read & Log. Earn a. scoop! Mood, tone and style- Quiz Friday. 14. days of. school . Math. Mr. McCarthy. Pre-Algebra McCarthy. Solving Ineq. WS (both sides) McCarthy/Lambert. WS 133 & 134. Fri: TH #31 . Math 7- DE,FH,J. Page 46 # 8. Page 47 # 9. Fri ...

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The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions Chapter 1-3

What is the tone/mood of the scene where Daisy and Tom ate at the kitchen table? ... The Great Gatsby – Comprehension Questions Chapter 1-3 Author: Chicago Public Schools Last modified by: Chicago Public Schools Created Date: 3/15/2012 1:47:00 PM

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Literary Terms Test - Wikispaces

mood, theme, beginning, middle, end. ... tone, irony. beginning, middle, resolution. beginning, problem, character introduction, conclusion. ... Literary Devices, Figurative Language & Poetry. A figure of speech in which the noise for a sound is written out is.

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Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” - Fort Bend ISD

What is the tone of the story ... How does the author use concrete details to reinforce the effect on the reader (mood)? II. Write your own story of revenge that meets the following criteria: At least one page in length. ... Quiz – “The Cask of Amontillado” ...

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To Kill a Mockingbird - Vista Unified School District

To Kill a Mockingbird. Chapters 12-15. Directions: For each of the following questions, respond with at least a 5 sentence analytical response. ... How does the tone and mood shift with the arrival of Aunt Alexandra at the end of the chapter? Chapter 13.

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Name: _________________________________________________ Date

Literary Terms Quiz. ... tone climax setting conflict symbol theme allusion metaphor. antagonist dialogue characterization ... _____ 9. the author’s way of expressing attitude or conveying a mood ...

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Reading - Parker Unified School District

*Comprehension Strategies (Coming of Age short stories) *Literary Text ... *vocabulary quiz *selection/unit tests OCTOBER. ... 2-1-5 Analyze relevance of setting to mood/tone. 2-1-6 Draw conclusions about style, mood, ...

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-QUIZ on stories from Tone & Mood unit-revise and print ‘Under the Rug’, turn in-none. 11/11. No school- Veteran’s Day.-none. 11/12-Read fiction and analyze the mood and how it’s created-none. Author: Brad Petry Created Date: 11/07/2010 21:51:00

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Cover Sheet for Chapters 1-5: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Date of Chapters 31-35 Quiz: _____ _____(3) Chapters 31-35 Vocabulary ... You may only choose the activity from the activity card only once during our study of the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. ... Tone: Mood: Cave: (When Tom and Becky were lost): Tone: Mood: Widow Douglas’s ...

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Complete the following chart in preparation for your quiz in Lesson 3.04 and 3.05. First, identify whether the example uses literal or figurative language. Explain what each example means, and then explain its effect on the tone and mood.

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7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test Answers

Tone. Anecdote. Internal Conflict. Free Verse. Antagonist. Fable. Informative Nonfiction. Protagonist. Autobiography. Satire. Mood. Limerick. Fiction. Cause & Effect. ... Couplet. Epic. Genre. Hyperbole. Dialect. Literary Nonfiction. Meter. Title: 7th Grade English Literary Terms Practice Test ...

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Syllabus- AP English Grade 11 Language and Composition Mrs

Analyze non-fiction writing by placing emphasis on diction, syntax, tone, mood, figurative language and other devices and conventions of English. Use source material effectively. ... It is the responsibility of the student to request a make-up exam or quiz.

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State Vocabulary Quiz~Fable #2. Name: Date: *Fable *Resolution *Exposition ... *Theme *Tone Mood Style _____: occurs when a character is opposed by some character or force. _____: a fictitious story or tale ...

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Tentative / Weekly Assignment Sheet

FRIDAY-Quiz over Poetry Terms. Focus on Similes/Mood/Tone; Read “The Highway Man”. Write a poem focusing on Mood and Tone. ELA. Ms. Spisak M - Students will begin the poetry unit by taking notes over the different poetry types and terms with a .ppt presentation.

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To Kill a Mocking Bird - Esperanza High School

These terms will be on a quiz and the final unit test. ... To Kill a Mockingbird historical context: _____ TKaM Setting ... Mood these tones will set for the reader: ...

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Rhetorical Strategies and Literary Analysis

Rhetorical Strategies and Literary Analysis. Vocabulary for the AP English Language & Composition Exam. QUIZ: Thursday, September 3rd . ... A shift is a sudden change—a contrast—in mood, tone, point of view, diction, or theme.

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Hamlet Portfolio - Ms Acla's English Classes

Hamlet Portfolio. English II. September 30, 2011. Authored by: Leigh Acla. Hamlet Portfolio. ... Describe the mood that Shakespeare creates in the opening scene of Hamlet, ... The tone of a work of literature reflects a writer’s attitude toward his or her subject.

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This unit on short stories will involve vocabulary study ...

Weekly Quiz (vocabulary; comprehension; conventions) Week three: Vocabulary list 2 (definitions and sentences; ... Plot Theme Universal theme Setting Mood Tone Antagonist protagonist Point of view (1st) Internal Conflict External conflict Irony Point of view ...

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FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE NOTES - Paulding County School District

PERSONIFICATION: gives _____ _____ to _____ things (including animals) TONE: An author’s _____ of _____ for the story or poem. MOOD: is the way the _____ or _____ makes a reader _____. ALLITERATION: is the _____ of _____ sounds. ...

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Literary Terms: Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test ...

Literary Terms: Beginning of the Year Diagnostic Test ... A writer’s attitude toward the subject or audience Tone. 30. The way a story makes you feel Mood. 31. A true story Non-fiction. 32. A type of literature Genre. 33. A type of non ...

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Overview - JRuddEnglishPortfolio - home

Lord of the Flies. By Joan ... Analyze tone, mood, symbolism, figurative language, and character development. ... Discuss final quiz and essay. Vocab quiz 7-10. Mini less on Peer editing techniques. Writing/editing workshop. Mini lesson on essays for final.

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Writing on Poe - News | Miller Middle School

You will write a literary analysis of the works of Edgar Allan Poe, ... elements of suspense, or mood/tone in his ... Expand your writing/thoughts on your short constructed response paragraphs from your Poe quiz and “Raven” worksheets into a four or five-paragraph essay, to address ...

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Acquisition Lesson Plan - Wikispaces

Dialogue affects the tone and mood Lesson Essential Questions: How can we come to understand how characters, ... Students will work in pairs to quiz each other with vocabulary trading cards depicting the ten essential vocabulary words.

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6th Grade Reading Timeline - Orchard Farm High School

Quiz after 10 words, ... Read grade level text with fluency, accuracy, and appropriate expression . ... -Mood/Tone: 1. Music activity-Imagery: 1. Using the Senses Chart. 2. Bring in a picture of a special memory and use imagery to describe it. 3.

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Table of Contents for Interactive Notebook

27L- Quiz Time-Ch. 13-15. 27R- Interactive Notebook Check #5-signed by parent. ... Tone & Mood Interactive Notebook Check #10. 45R- Buckle Down-Pgs. 28-46-Theme, Main Idea, & Details. 46L- Buckle Down-Pgs. 28-46-Theme, Main Idea, & Details.

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Frontloading - Roland Smith

... Quick Quiz. Week One. Frontloading. Geography. and Sophisticated Vocabulary. Frontloading. Geography. and Sophisticated. Vocabulary. Frontloading. Geography. and . Vocabulary. Games. Review Pack . Read ... Tone/Mood Week Five. Implicit Themes Implicit Themes Events/Time Line Culminating ...

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AND THEN THERE WERE NONE - Humble Independent School District

AND THEN THERE WERE NONE. HONORS NOVEL ACTIVITIES. ... QUIZ DATES: CH 1-10 September 19th Chs 11- manuscript September 26th. ... 9/16 CHS 3-5 (TONE, MOOD, DICTION) 9/20 CHS 6-8 (REPETITION/MOTIF) 9/22 Chs 9-10 (LOGICAL THINKING)

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Literary Terms Pretest - Yourhomework

satire simile style theme tone ... onomatopoeia A word intended to simulate the actual sound of the thing or action it describes genre A literary type or form satire Ridicule of a ... etc., used by authors to convey emotion, mood, theme and more narrative A literary representation of ...

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Reading - Parker Unified School District

*Comprehension Strategies (short stories, poems) *Literary Text ... *vocabulary quiz *selection/unit tests Bearstone (WJH) OCTOBER. ... 2-1-5 Analyze relevance of setting to mood/tone. 2-1-6 Draw conclusions about style, mood, ...

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Tangerine Test 1 - TypePad

tone. and . mood. _____ _____ In part one of Tangerine, three themes have emerged. Match the theme with the quote from the book that suggests the theme. A. Environmental concerns. B. Government corruption. C ... Tangerine Test 1 ...

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NOVEL PLANNING SHEET - Anne Arundel County Public Schools

... Power point of mood. The Odyssey Novel Planning Sheet Page 3. ... Interpretation and Analysis of Text explain how mood and tone create meaning for readers. 3.8.5 Practical Writing: TSW write letters that address audience needs, ... Quiz and Academic prompts. Marking Period 2 Assessment Results.

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[Name of Course] Course Description - Idaho Falls High School

Ess Lecture and discussions Identify and discuss literary terms of a novel, i.e., theme, tone, mood, ... Tests or Pop Quiz. Standard 2: Critical Reading and Thinking Skills. (6-8 Days) Goal 1: Introduce critical reading and ... Course Description Author: ADP161 Last modified by: Shelly ...

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Lesson plans for First Six Weeks 2011-2012

Expectations Quiz. Turn in Homework (to be returned after checked) Begin Vocabulary Week #1. ... and The Elevator to determine which ones are static/dynamic. List 10 more familiar characters – with a partner, ... Notes on Tone/Mood. Project timeline: ...

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7th Grade Reading - Idaho Falls High School

Take the quiz: ... 12.LA.2.3.5 Evaluate the aesthetic qualities of style, including the impact of diction and figurative language, on tone, mood, and theme. Senior Writing-Language. Tri A – 12 Weeks

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Activities: Create Cornell notes on Setting and Mood. Analyze the setting and its influence on mood and tone (Col 3) by discussing/writing about their favorite tv program ... Activities: Mini- Quiz on Inferences and Literary Elements. Then discuss how to ask research questions, ...

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