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TIMELINE: Surveying Instruments

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TIMELINE: Surveying Instruments

Surveying is believed to be the third oldest profession in the world. To a surveyors, the link chain symbolizes a rugged era, ... Image Courtesy of Sokkia Total Station Beginning in the 1970's, a virtual plethora of short range EDMI, ...

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Alt Hot Keys - Carlson Software - Software for Land ...

(The Sokkia SDR8100 is an exception. This device uses the ‘=’ symbol.) Title: Alt Hot Keys Author: Carrie Morton Last modified by: carlson Created Date: 7/18/2005 2:27:00 PM Company: Carlson Software Other titles:

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Introduction to the Total Station - Ohio State University

The total station operates in a similar manner to a theodolite, but also measures distances and has the potential to record the measurements electronically, ... Sokkia or Topcon total station, with accessories (1) Tripod; (2) Telescoping Range Poles and Prisms.

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GeoTracker Survey_XYZ - California

GEO_XY: The Location Measurement ... NRT2 Novatel DL-RT2 with L1/L2 or GPS-600 antenna 2cm + 1ppm SA3 Sokkia Axis3 <1m SS Sokkia Stratus 10mm + 2ppm ...

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#2586,2ndcross,18th main

SOKKIA AUTO LEVEL. 4. TOPCON AUTO LEVEL. 2. ZISES AUTO LEVEL. 3. PENTEX AUTO LEVEL. RESPONSIBELITIES OF DUTY & WORKS. DUTY . Study and prepare the drawing with draftsman/self. Site meeting with consultant/client/project manager/seniors. ...

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calvert Frome - United Nations Environment Programme

... 1 Range poles 4 Sokkia 7.1m fibre glass rod survey staves 2 Sokkia illuminator unit 1 Sokkia survey level 2 Sokkia tripods 4 Sokkisha theodolite 1 Theodolite 1 Turbometer anemometer 1 ... IMA participated in the development of a manual to manage and reduce contamination in the ...

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CURRICULUM VITAE - Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia

Production of Manual Using Sokkia Set 5F Total Station and SDR Mapping & Design Software for Automation in Topographical Survey, Prosiding Seminar Penyelidikan KUiTTHO. Nawawi Jusoh, Sulie ak Slat & Sahidin Ghazali, (2005). Application & Assessment of Self-Directed Learning Manual ...

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Curriculum vitae - Trehan Consultants Pvt. Ltd.

Leica TS-09. Leica TC-805. Leica TC-905. Sokkia GTS-500 Power Set . Sokkia cx 107. South STS 250. Leica Builder Power Set 200. Leica TC-900. Leica TC-1100. Leica TC-1700. Trimbal Automatic 5000. Trimbal Automatic 5500 GPS System . Leica TC-1200 . Leica TC-1200+1.

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Title: SOKKIA TOTALSTATION SERİLERİ TÜRKÇE KULLANIM KİTABI Author: DidoOoOo Last modified by: By DoomsDay Created Date: 2/20/2007 8:46:00 AM Other titles

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CURRICULUM VITAE - University of Lagos

Geoinformatics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lagos, Akoka,Yaba, Lagos State. e-mail ADDRESS: [email protected], ... Warri Local Government Area, Delta State, with Edorbi Limited for Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos(February 2003), using SOKKIA Total Station Set 2C II instrument. (8).

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Instrumentation used : Leica TPS, Leica GPS-500, Sokkia, MicroStation (CAD), GADOURY & NEVEU (Land Surveyors) Joliette, Canada 2002 Field works and drafting, data analysis. Instrumentation used : Leica TPS, MicroStation (CAD) QUÉBEC TRANSPORT MINISTRY.

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LEVELLING MACHINES - Müşavirlik Web Siteleri | Counsellor ...

Sokkia Pty Ltd . ACN: 002 141 424 . D-U-N-S: 751593203 . ABN: 27002141424 Year Established: 1981 ... Import and distribution of optical and electronic surveying and levelling equipment to Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Pacific Basin.

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Surveying Equipment. When the job demands high-quality Land Surveying Equipment, Surveying Tools, and Land Surveying Supplies, these products will stand up to the job.

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SOKKIA : Radian IS. LEICA : Leica500. HP-485X Scientific Expandable Calculator _ TDS48 Surveying Card. OTHER SKILLS: - Training Methods, 1998. Industry Ministry in Cairo (ITI) , Egypt. Two Geodetic courses, 2001. Dutch Project, Egyptian Survey Authority,

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IMA participated in the development of a manual to manage and reduce contamination in ... 1 Range poles 4 Sokkia 7.1m fibre glass rod survey staves 2 Sokkia illuminator unit 1 Sokkia survey level 2 Sokkia tripods 4 Sokkisha theodolite 1 Theodolite 1 Turbometer anemometer 1 Alvin ...

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CG-FieldPlus Version 5 - Carlson Software - Software for Land ...

... Added Sokkia 4110M total station driver. This is for the Sokkia 4M servo-driven total stations. Sets: With the Sokkia 4M driver, you can turn sets automatically, just like the robotic instruments. If you select sets, ...

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A & I Products - 404(Ce) - OMEDA

Sokkia - 368(Ce) Southland - 71(B) Spear’s Chardon Tractor Sales - 123A(B) Spectra Precision - 16(B) Spinks Seed Co. - 244(V) Stabl Wall - 22(B) Stanadyne - 49(B), 139(B), 354(Ce) Stanley Products - 354(Ce) Star Electric Vehicles - 150(B), 162(B)

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Download - TotalTrack - Home

Topics of this course include creation and management of Total Station surveys, laying out points in the field using a Sokkia Total Station, as well as synching a TopCon or Sokkia Total Station to Benchmark. Contact San Jose Training Coordinator Chris Valverde for More info.

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and ...

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Geodetic Science. CE/GS 400 & 601. Orientation to the Total Station. ... Sokkia Total Station, with accessories (2) Tripods (1) Prism and Tribrach per Traverse (1) Carpenters rule (1) Oak Stake

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The Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors

... ESRI China (Hong Kong) Limited, Leica Geosystems Limited, Sokkia HK Limited, Spatial Technology Limited, Topcon Beijing (H.K.) Limited, Toppans Forms Computer Systems Limited, Viewbond HK Limited and YSF Corporation Limited. ...

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College of Arts and Sciences-Resource Needs

2 Total Station – Sokkia SET500 Total Station with Data Collector, tripod, batteries, etc. The infra-red technology of the Total Station has made the optical transits currently used in our terrestrial archaeology field school obsolete.

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Новинки 'Sokkia'

Новинки "Sokkia" Author: 1 Last modified by: 1 Created Date: 11/10/2009 10:29:00 AM Other titles: Новинки "Sokkia" ...

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ESTACION TOTAL SOKKIA Author: MEXICO Last modified by: publi care Created Date: 11/21/2008 10:09:00 PM Company: MEXICO Other titles: ESTACION TOTAL SOKKIA ...

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1 - LIGO

The prism used in LIGO1 is a Sokkia AP01 40mm offset prism. Historical Notes: None. ICD Verification Matrix. TBD. ICD: SUS/UK – AOS E050169-01 (chapter of E030647) 3 Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory . E050xxx-00 (chapter of E030647)

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Data logger instructions - University of Leicester

The software needed to download data from the Sokkia SDR31 datalogger is currently installed on the computer GG-VR08, located in the SPLINT lab F55c and SPLINT’s ergo laptop.

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JAPAN - American Bar Association

In Japan, “net sales in Japan”, which is threshold for a foreign company, is calculated by totaling net sales of the foreign company’s business office(s) ... Stockholding of Sokkia by Topcon: No action subject to supply of primal products to third party, ...

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Enrico C

Geodemeter 600 , Topcon GTS 750 , Sokkia 510. Seminars Attended: Auto Desk Civil 3D. July 15,16&17,2008. Clark Development Corporation. Clark Freeport Zone,Clark Field , Pampanga. Angeles City, Philippines. Reinforcing Character Driven CDC A Multi Media Workshop of Values.

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The wetland boundary flags were located using a Sokkia Global Positioning System (GPS) and developed as polygons using AutoCADD 13.0 software. The approximate acreage of each polygon was then calculated using CADD software.

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Various Sokkia, Topcon & Leica Total Stations. 5). Various Geodetic Processing Packages. 6). Various GPS equipment. 7). Microsoft Window Applications – Words, Excel, Power Point, etc. BOOKS. Application of GIS in Land Information System (unpublished)

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Total Station (Nikon DTM- 352, Leica TC 1202 & TC 1800, Pentax R326, Sokkia 610) operation with uploading and downloading, Making alignment & Offset etc. GPS map 60 for setting out . Auto Level and other Level instruments (With Calibration)

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GPSeismic® is a suite of survey, mapping and data management ...

SOKKIA. CGG (CHE and JOB) Trimble V7 - 10. Nikon. Carlson RW5. DCO. GSI. Multitrex 3DL. PGG. SDR (20/33) SEG P3. Swift. Topograph . Zupt Inertial. Applanix Inertial. NavPac Inertial. Benco Inertial. Gipsi Inertial. GPS Exchange Files. Eagle Navigation BIF Files. Leica Raw Observation Files.

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CURRICULUM VITAE - VP Civil Surveying Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

Employed as APPLICATION ENGINEER at TOPCON SOKKIA IND PVT LTD.JOB includes marketing,application,demonstration of survey instruments like Totalstation,auto/digital level etc. Employed as a Sales Engineer(Survey) at Aimil Limited-Principal:-TRIMBLE.

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RESUME - Reocities

Windows, Office, Sokkia SDRmap, AutoCAD, Browsers, Corel smart suite designer, MI SWACO software (including Onetrax and Virtual hydraulics and Optibridge.) ...

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You will learn to use a range of surveying instruments such as Leica and Sokkia competently and with confidence. Classes are 20% lecture and 80% practical therefore.

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- User Manual (230,000 w)Dell ControlPoint Connection Manager User Guide, 2008 Dell Corporation ... - Super Chik Manual; - GPS System manuals (Sokkia); - Yanmar Diesel Engine - Operation Manual etc. Title: SONJA BULEŠIĆ MILIĆ Author: Fulvio Milic Last modified by:

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Sokkia SET 3030R/ Set 1X. Topcon GTS 751. Leica TCR 803. Topcon ( RTK ) SKILLS . Familiar with Autocad 2007. Efficient in using the latest survey instruments. Good communication and writing skills. EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENT. Graduated, Bachelor of Science in Geodetic Engineering at Immaculate.

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Sokkia Imap. Sokkia Spectrum Survey Suite. SolarWinds Software. Solid State Software Solutions. SolidWorks CAD. Solomon . Source Code Editor Software. Source Code Management (SCM) Software . Source Code Migration Software. Sourcing Simulator . Southern Data Systems TellerPro.

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Title: 索佳(SOKKIA)SET Author: 雨薇 Last modified by: 雨薇 Created Date: 5/20/2004 5:30:00 AM Company: 雨薇在线全站仪实训说明书.doc

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Survey – Tank Tilt (Plumbness), Out of Roundness & Tank Settlement using Laser Total Survey Sokkia SET 630RK, conducted by Global Tank Competent Centre, SGS Malaysia. 17 Aug – 23 Aug 2009 API 653 Certifications : Storage Tank, held at ITC Skills .

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16:50pm Presentation by Sokkia Singapore. 17:10pm Discussion Forum / Questions Close of Day One. 18:00pm Cocktail Reception . DAY TWO Thursday, MAY 27, 2010. SESSION 1 . 08:00am Registration. 09:00am Chairperson: Joyce R. Aryee,

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ASSESSMENT RECORD FOR - New Mexico Highlands University

Natural Sciences Environmental Geology Bachelors of Science. ... FOR 4/512 -- all students learned the operation of the Sokkia Total Station, Auto Level, Proton Magnetometer, and developed and implemented a field survey project.

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MySEC'05 Format of Paper - MysCad

... Manual entering or direct download the data to Survey Computation Software ... HORIZON, SOUTH, SOKKIA, TRIMBLE). Import and export ASC11, DXF, DWG, DGN, VDI, VDF, JPG, WMF, BMP and other industry standard formats. Design Desktop.

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*GPS ( Leica 500 System) L 1 *Soil moisture interface probe and logger G 1 *Soil tensiometer G 9 *Sokkia EDM Total Survey Station +optional logger L 2 *Toughbook (PC) L 2 Abney level L 14 Acid bottle – 10% L 10 ...

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Article I -

Sokkia Co. Ltd in the Ramsay) 6.3 EDMI CHARACTERISTICS . Following are the characteristics of recent models of add-on EDMIs. Generally the more expensive instruments have longer distance ranges and higher precision. Distance range.

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12 metric ton excavator - Official Website of The Town of ...

TRIMBLE SURVEY EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES (OR EQUAL) INTRODUCTION: ... Manual – CD, Total station & Levels, all languages (3300, 3600, 5600, S6, DiNI) Manual – Shortform user guide (s6) ... Trade old Sokkia total station for new S6

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vendo estacion total sokkia set 610. a).-estacion total sokkia, set 610: caracteristicas: 1.- precision angualar: 6” 2.- prisma: 2,700 metros. 3.- memoria interna: 10,000

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Survey Manual - Colorado Department of Transportation

Survey Manual. Chapter 9. InRoads Survey . CDOT Best Practices. Colorado Department of Transportation. September, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS. ... The following feature code library is available from CDOT for Sokkia SDR data collectors, ...

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CIVL 102 - UST

A Concise Guide for Sokkia SET5F Total Station. Setting up the instrument: Center and level the instrument as usual. Refer to the theodolite setting-up procedures. Never put the total station directly on the ground (to avoid scratching bottom of tribrach).

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Drainage > Drainage Preferences> When edits are made to the drainage preferences and then MicroStation is closed without saving those changes first, there is ... does not correctly export horizontal alignments to Trimble DC or Sokkia SDR33 format, when the chain starts with a point which ...

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draft minutes 041598 board meeting [board minutes]

... Eric Buitenwerf presented the following quotes for purchase of a Sokkia C300 automatic level package, including shipping and sales tax, as follows: Forestry Suppliers, Inc., Jackson, MS - $658.30; Chief Supply, Charlotte, NC - $1,162.75; and Lasco Inc., Grand Rapids, MI - $1,045.

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