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SAMPLE RECOMMENDATION OF SUSPENSION. PENDING INVESTIGATION LETTER. PERSONAL & CONFIDENTIAL. Date. ... I am recommending a suspension pending an investigation for (employee) into events that took place on (Date). The attached documents outline the alleged misconduct.

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Sample Letter - Disciplinary Suspension Without Pay

Sample Letter - Disciplinary Suspension Without Pay Author: Kathryn Webb Evans Last modified by: Kathryn Webb Evans Created Date: 12/13/2004 5:54:00 PM Company: NC A&T State University Other titles:

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SAMPLE NOTICE OF SUSPENSION WITH PAY. HAND DELIVERED. PERSONAL AND ... Dear (Employee): Suspension with Pay. I have received a recommendation that you be suspended with pay pending investigation into events that took place ... SUSPENSION PENDING INVESTIGATION Author: yvonne Last modified by: JB ...

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Suspension With Pay Sample Letter - TCSG | Technical College ...

This letter serves to notify you that effectively immediately, you will be placed on suspension with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct. ... If a meeting date and time is established to discuss the investigation, ...

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Sample Letter of Suspension - MRSC of Washington

SAMPLE LETTER OF SUSPENSION Mr. ... This action follows an investigation by_____, Department Head and_____, Associate Director. Specifically, on _____at approximately 3:45 p.m. you were observed stumbling as you got off the elevator. You fell into your chair at ...

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This letter serves to notify you that effectively immediately, you will be placed on suspension with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct. ... If a meeting date and time is established to discuss the investigation, ...

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Discipline, Adverse Actions, and Alternative Discipline

The temporary removal of an employee from work and pay status pending an investigation, ... including sample letters, is located in the MAS ... and consideration of the employee's reply or after expiration of the time allocated for the employee's answer to the Letter of Proposed Suspension.

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Sample Letter - Investigatory Status With Pay

Date. Employee Name . Address . Address. Dear _____: This letter is to inform you that effective (date) you are being placed in Investigatory Status With Pay (with no charge to your leave balance) pending the investigation of reports concerning your grossly inefficient job performance (or ...

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Sample letter: Notice of intention to suspend. ... The employer intends to conduct a further investigation into this matter. The employer believes that your suspension pending the outcome of further investigations and possible disciplinary action is justified.

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Add new sample policy - Georgia Association-Chiefs

SAMPLE LAW ENFORCEMENT OPERATIONS MANUAL. CHAPTER: 6 ... Suspension - Pending Investigation of Charges or Trial: The placing of an employee on administrative leave with pay pending investigation of charges and/or trial for job related offenses.

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The company is entitled to suspend an employee on full pay pending an investigation into any alleged breach of the disciplinary code. His suspension will depend on the outcome of a ... The employee should be given a letter containing all the relevant points covered in the discussion ...

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DATE: (Insert Date) - Iowa

Sample Notice of Status of Investigation. For AFSCME Covered Positions. DATE: (Insert Date) TO: (Insert Local President’s name) SUBJECT: Investigation Status Report. On ... (insert language from original suspension with pay letter).

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SAMPLE FORMAT REQUEST FOR UNQUALIFIED RESIGNATION (LETTERHEAD) Office Symbol ... I am not under a suspension of favorable personnel action, under investigation, pending charges, or being considered for elimination. 3. I

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Model Procedure for - Barford School

See Appendix B for an invite to an investigatory meeting sample letter. ... Letter to confirm suspension pending investigation. Dear [name of employee] Further to the meeting today regarding alleged gross misconduct, ...

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Chapter 13 Sanctions Against Program Participants

... Based on Violations of Equal Housing Opportunity Laws 13-33 13.14 Discrimination Complaints 13-35 Exhibit 13-A Sample Letter ... Suspension and LDP Actions Who Can Sanctions be ... Submit a suspension recommendation only if needed as a temporary measure pending investigation or ...

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disciplinary/grievance procedure [M J Power]

[See sample letter at Appendix 4] 7.3 Notice of the hearing shall be delivered to the Worker by hand wherever possible. Where hand delivery is not possible, ... Suspension pending disciplinary investigation. Dear [Worker’s Name],

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SAMPLE POLICIES - Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP)

... when recognized, result in suspension without pay pending investigation. Such acts, include, but are not limited to; a) Disorderly conduct within organisation’s premises. ... usually with a covering letter, ... Sample Policies. Title: SAMPLE POLICIES Author: babur.javed Last modified by:

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... rules or regulations provide for such a suspension. USA Hockey Bylaw 10.C(3)(c) ... In situation where legal proceedings are pending or ongoing, ... Sample Notice of Summary Suspension (letter to Party advising of suspension and right to a hearing);

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Sample Policy for Threats and Violence - Corporate Alliance ...

... premises pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident. ... suspension or termination of employment, ... CAEPV SAMPLE POLICY FOR WORKPLACE THREATS AND VIOLENCE* Page 2 Reporting Procedure (Company Name ...

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MISCONDUCT - Business Catalyst

... (other than officer subject of the allegation of misconduct) Sample Letter 4 ... Letter to officer confirming transfer to alternate duties/ location or suspension (s49(1)(b)) Sample Letter 2 ... may be required to cease its investigations or disciplinary process pending an investigation by ...

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District Wellness Policy - Gadsden High School

... Deadline Extension Letter from Dr. García ... Students who are charged with violation of this policy shall be placed on short-term suspension pending investigation of the charge(s). Those ... School District Anti-Bullying Policy . Sample . Title: District Wellness Policy Author:

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1.01 -- Settlement Agreement Packet - Sarasota County Schools ...

Copy of Due Process Checklist and suspension letter from principal to parents/guardians. ... Held a meeting with parents / guardians to inform them of the investigation, (date) suspension, expulsion, and to offer the Settlement Agreement or . ... Pending district approval, ...

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... Sample letter inviting a member of staff to attend an investigation ... pending the current investigation into the gross misconduct allegation [insert details ... The continued effect of the suspension will be kept under review and I will write to you to notify you if it is ...

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... Fetch Document - SHRM Online - Society for Human Resource ...

SAMPLE EMPLOYEE HANDBOOK [COMPANY NAME] ... Should the results prove to be negative, the employee will receive back pay for the times/days of suspension. Confidentiality . ... either with or without pay, pending investigation.

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the formal meeting will be included in the letter (see Appendix 1 for sample letter). There is no right of appeal against a suspension. ... Suspension pending investigation*/as a disciplinary sanction* I am writing to confirm that you are suspended as of (date).

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05.4 Suspension Pending Enquiry. If in the preliminary investigation it is established that the nature of misconduct committed by the employee concerned is such that his physical ... charge-sheet and intimation of holding enquiry in one and the same letter, to avoid delay in disciplinary ...

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... Access Doc - U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

The AIB is responsible for ensuring that witnesses receive any required notice concerning their participation in the investigation. A sample notice for ... condition tends to prove or disprove relevant matters). SAMPLE CHARGE LETTER ... the interview pending resolution of ...

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Residential Care Services - Washington

... admissions and a summary suspension of a license are effective immediately upon notification and are not postponed pending completion ... it is necessary to instruct the Field Manager to deliver an initial summary suspension letter to ... sample list and enforcement letter (if ...

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National Society/Church House Publishing

... sample letter 1, p. 38); ... 4.1 In cases of misconduct or gross misconduct, it may be considered necessary to suspend an employee pending an investigation. ... Suspension. 3 Letter notifying suspension. Appeal. 4 Letter notifying an appeal hearing.

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EPMACINST 5000 - Navy

Section 7 Personnel Pending Results of a Medical Board/Medical Board Processing. ... 10B Sample Letter from Navy Confinement Facility to . Warden, ... This includes the time it takes to obtain accompanying documentation such as Line of Duty Investigation (LODI) and Line of Duty Determination ...

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Model Policy - Home | ORI - The Office of Research Integrity

The DO shall ensure that the final investigation report, the findings of the DO and a description of any pending or completed administrative actions are provided to ORI, ... letter of reprimand, special monitoring of future work, ... provides ORI with the investigation report, ...

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1 - MMIA

... All Sample/Draft Personnel Policy language should ... (with or without pay) pending investigation. The employee will be interviewed during ... a letter to the employee will document the problem and summarize the results of the investigation and hearing. The letter will detail the ...

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Department of Technical and Adult Education

of the State Board of the Technical College System of Georgia to order. ... G. Suspension With Pay Sample Letter ... being suspended with pay pending investigation for alleged misconduct and is being temporarily .

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Sample HAFA Short Sale Program Agreement - Home Affordable ...

... to make partial mortgage payments of $_____ by the first day of each month during the term of the Agreement and pending ... Foreclosure Sale Suspension. ... hardship circumstances, and/or income, expenses, or assets will subject you to potential criminal investigation and ...

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Sample School Board Policy on Hazing - Electronic Resource Center

... (use identical language from board policy sample) “Hazing” means committing an act against a student, ... the accused employee shall be suspended pending the hazing of the investigation, ... up to and including permanent suspension from school.

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2.9 The Curriculum Area Manager responsible for the student’s learning programme will undertake an investigation into the facts of the case and decide whether there is a ... A suspension will be ‘pending a disciplinary investigation’ and is ... A copy of the letter (sample letter ...

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In addition the applicant must submit a fee of $13.00 to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, ... or any alcohol or controlled substance abuse will result in suspension of the permit pending legal action on the ... SAMPLE APPROVAL LETTER FOR FIRST TIME APPLICANT Author: Sheriff's Office ...

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Performance Guidelines for Criminal Defense Representation

SUMMARY OF BLACK-LETTER GUIDELINES ... pending the results of further investigation; ... probation or suspension of sentence and permissible conditions of probation; restitution; fines; court costs;

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Employer Handbook - OACD

... Sample Letter of Suspension 5. Exhibit 13.3 – Sample Letter of Termination 6. Exhibit 13.4 ... Employer would have discovered the criminal record with a reasonable background investigation and placed the employee in a position where it was reasonably foreseeable that a theft would occur.

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... refers to a partial withdrawal/reduction of clinical privileges as a result of a determination that or pending investigation to determine whether an individual has engaged in ... security verification and visitation letter has been received by ... tmaprivacy/breach.cfm ...

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Residential Care Services - Washington

... admissions and a summary suspension of a license are effective immediately upon notification and are not postponed pending ... it is necessary to instruct the Field Manager to deliver an initial summary suspension letter to ... (when warranted) sample list and enforcement letter (if ...

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Student Services Referral Letter ... medical referral or arrest. Responses may include: immediate action to secure individual, arrest, hospitalization, suspension pending investigation for expulsion, facility lock ... but to provide a sample structure for the ...

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... Was the subject of an investigation by either federal or state law enforcement agencies on ... a sample letter of inquiry and a recommended form are provided in Schedule 2D to assist you in securing this information. If the facility is pending ... Using the sample letter ...

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Desk Guide to Non-Citizen Eligibility for Child Care ...

Non-citizen Children Who Are Eligible for Child Care Financial Assistance Non-citizen status Sample proof* Legal permanent resident ... • Letter from USCIS approving asylum application ... • Any documents indicating a pending suspension of deportation or cancellation of removal case, ...

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CHAPTER 1 - Louisiana State Civil Service

If an alleged deficiency in the letter of disciplinary action is not raised before the Commission, ... Sample v. Department of Corrections, 434 So.2d 1211 (La.App. 1 Cir. 1983) CHAPTER 3. CIVIL SERVICE RULES: CHAPTERS 1 – 11 . Page. Chapter 1 ... Suspension Pending Investigation 115.,%20Second%20Edition.doc

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The committee member may be suspended pending investigation. ... SAMPLE CONFIRMATION LETTER TO INSTRUCTORS. Date: To: ITLS ... The Chapter Coordinator may request a copy of your current ITLS Instructor card. A PHTLS or ATLS instructor may become an ITLS instructor following successful completion ...

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A letter from the child advocate. Jeanne Milstein. Child Advocate ... The state law allows release of information about a child or investigation only when the Child Advocate determines it is in the child’s or the public’s best ... Pending Further Study. 100.00 48.00 14.00 12.00 8.00 3.00 ...

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Synod of the Sun Sample Child Protection Policy and Policy ...

The Session may treat such violation as grounds for termination of an employee or as grounds for the suspension or prohibition of any person participating in ... delay disposition pending the outcome of any investigation or proceeding involving ... Sample Letter. Dear Children/Youth and Parents ...

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Date RFA is to be received 4:30 CST time April 15, 2005 via ...

A. Transmittal Letter See example below B. Application Certification Attachment 2 C. Certification of Independence and No Conflict of Interest Attachment 3 D. Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, ... During the last five (5) years, has the applicant had pending or ...

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Sample letter to Course Instructors 59. ... Temporary suspension of instructor certification for a specified period of time. Permanent suspension of instructor certification. ... The committee member may be suspended pending investigation.

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