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... of incorporation of the corporation does not require any vote or consent of shareholders to authorize the sale of the property. _____ ... CORPORATE RESOLUTION TO SELL Last modified by: Richard Neal Created Date: 9/18/2000 5:07:00 AM Other titles: CORPORATE RESOLUTION TO SELL ...

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SAMPLE LETTER OF AUTHORIZATION. Type the following letter on your company letterhead: DATE. To whom it may concern: We the undersigned, hereby authorize EMCCert DR.

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FORM OF LETTER OF AGREEMENT - The Federal Reserve Bank ...

LND1-3 SAMPLE. LETTER OF AGREEMENT [Print on the ... from, incur indebtedness, including overdrafts, to and pledge and grant a security interest in the Borrower’s property, whether now owned or hereafter ... to discount, rediscount, or sell (with or without the Borrower’s ...

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the estate is making a reasonable effort to sell the property, ... (see sample extension letter to lender, Attachment 1). Appraisal Requirements for Deficit Sale. In the event that the value of the property is not sufficient to cover the. ... Authorization for Tax and Hazard Insurance Advances.

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SAMPLE ENGAGEMENT LETTER (Date) ... the following agreement is proposed for appraisal of the property located at _____ _. The appraisal will be prepared for ... our written authorization before releasing the report, or any part thereof, to any other party, as it may contain certain ...

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LEASE ADDENDUM - U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

In case of any conflict between the provisions of this Addendum and other sections ... Agreement by the Tenant that the Landlord may take or hold the Tenant's property, or may sell such property without notice to the Tenant and a court ... Authorization to the Landlord to waive the Tenant's ...

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Trespass and Ban Policy of - Public Housing Authorities ...

... A person who has been banned from entering GHA Property in accordance with the Policy. ... Following GHA’s determination to ban a person from GHA Property, a GHA Trespass Letter ... Sell or solicit for sale without a permit from the City of Greenville, ...

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Department of the Army Letterhead - Naval Sea Systems Command

MILITARY EXEMPTION AUTHORIZATION (MEA) #XXXXXXX. ... signature activity granting this authorization shall maintain inventory of all lasers systems covered by this exemption letter, or property chain for any of these laser systems transferred to another DoD ... Do not sell or transfer outside the ...

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signature card and certificate of resolution - Commerce Bank

... and that the specimen signature(s) ... Further resolved, that any one of the agents designated above (“Investment Agent”) is authorized to buy, sell, ... securities and property of every kind held in safekeeping with Bank; ...

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... shall not deduct any amount from the scheduled rent or from any other amounts due for any reason without prior written authorization from ... although Lessee may sell a reasonable variety of coffees ... Manager to visit the premises or write a letter in order to ...

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I will endeavor in this letter to explain why the Radian Lien ... if followed to its logical conclusion, would allow them to sell not just title insurance, but also life ... and advise the Department of Insurance of those actions so that it can deny Radian authorization to sell RLP in ...

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Short Sale Package - First International Title

... the lender does not have to take ownership of the property and try to sell it ... Short Sale Dept. sends in the Authorization Letter to each lender ... Sthreshley Sandra Gamito First International Title First International Title First International Title 2034 East Sample Road ...

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Language for the contract addendum - ABA Events Calendar

Language for the contract addendum. ... This contract shall be subject to Lender’s short sale approval letter/condition(s) ... and release them of any liability in the event they are unable to sell the property prior to foreclosure and for any activities related to the short sale and ...

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Cover letter – Initial Applications - Washington

Consent (Authorization) ... Real Property and/or Building Related to Financing and/or Insurance Attestation form. Checklist. ... The 25% owner of a “for profit” corporation wants to sell the 25% interest to the remaining owners.

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... made an assignment for the benefit of creditors, (ii) had a receiver, liquidator or trustee of your property, ... Because the City reserves the right to grant to others the right to operate and sell specialty retail merchandise at other locations ... PROPOSAL SURETY - SAMPLE LETTER OF CREDIT.

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EXCESS PROPERTY PROGRAM - Georgia Emergency Management Agency

NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION ACT. ... LEAs must submit a letter to GEMA Excess Property for approval prior to disposing of property. ... This request must also include a Transfer Request Form (see 1033 Excess PropertySample Form section) ...

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FFP SOP - US Forest Service

USDA Forest Service Firefighter Property (FFP) Standard Operating Procedures ... 8.Sample Appointment Letter55. ... You must have an authorization letter from the USDA Forest Service Regional/Area office permitting you to screen property on file at the DLA Disposition Services Site prior to ...

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Sample Business Letters are listed in Alphabetical Order

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate. 228. Letter of Credit (General) 229. ... Notice of Intention to Sell Goods After Breach. 288. Notice of Layoff. 289. Notice of Lease. ... Promotional Letter, Commercial Property Broker. 396. Promotional Letter, Corporate Security.

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Sample Customer Intake Form (from NStep) - Southeast CDC

... or to sell our property to Southeast CDC. Furthermore, Southeast CDC also Partner with, ... and others only with your authorization and signatures. ... Sample Customer Intake Form (from NStep)

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Operations and Maintenance Agreement template - Caricom

... Owner within ten (10) days and shall not, without Owner's approval to amend the applicable Annual Budget or Owner’s authorization for Operator to make such expenditure, ... Sell, lease, pledge, mortgage ... The maintenance program which provides the requirements for: 1. Maintenance ...

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Sample Room & Board Contract - FarmHouse

The Chapter shall furnish room and board to the Student in the Fraternity ... The Agreement and Authorization shall not impair or limit the Chapter with respect to the unpaid obligations for which the ... The Student shall not sell or assign this Contract without the prior written consent of ...

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... a tax check with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and a report on credit history (with disclosure authorization), ... A sample declaration is provided in the ... a trustee should not sell property subject to a security interest unless the sale generates funds for the benefit ...

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We will send a letter along with your Supplementary Tax Bill to provide a final account balance and payment options. ... You must provide a new “VOID” cheque or a signed Account Change Authorization Form from your financial institution. ... What if i sell my property? ...

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The State seeks proposals comprising competitive bids offering to sell the services and/or goods described in this solicitation. ... Vendor shall prepare a work authorization in accordance with the State’s practices and procedures. ... Deliverables are the property of the State of North Carolina.

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Sample Deficiency Letter. 4. Sample Notification of Funding Approval. 5. ... determination of grant award and fund authorization. These. Instructions authorize: 4 . ... to sell the property or not to proceed under the Preservation.

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Sample Questions - Professor Isler

... Policies and procedures follow the letter of the EEO law ... finds that 75 percent of bargaining unit members have signed authorization cards. This ... If a credit-card company that hires telemarketers to call prospective customers to try to sell them on a new credit card gives these ...

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Disposition Program is the final sales authorization for. the project. 7. ... Sample Right of First Refusal Letter. 20. Right of First Refusal Package Checklist. 21. Sample Advertisement. ... HUD will sell this property as soon as possible and it.

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PA template updated 10/30/2002 - Fish and Wildlife Service ...

Reduce threat to human life and property. THE FOREST SERVICE SHALL: Issue solicitation, ... State of Nevada will provide a letter of authorization to the FS for this use. ... However, the cooperator shall not sell, ...

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... To sign the Bank’s form Application and Agreement for Commercial Letter of Credit or Application and Agreement for Standby Letter of Credit, ... 6.2 Authorization. This Agreement, and ... The Bank may sell participations in or assign this loan, ...

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Collection of Letter Agreements -

... I am going to create a new product from them to sell and create a second stream of income for the both of us. ... This letter agreement may be revised and updated from time to time by agreement in writing from both parties. 5.

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Volume 18, Issue 10

Beer and wine wholesalers sell their product directly to retailers. Distilleries sell their product to the board. ... Until written authorization or a letter of authorization, ... Provide to a mixed beverage licensee sample servings from containers of spirits and furnish one, ...

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BarBri Contracts Outline - Matt Capron

... If O sends a letter to A offering to sell property to A, but nothing is said about price, ... The authorization must be in writing if the contract to be signed is within the statute of ... Use of a sample or model creates a warranty that the goods the buyer receives will be like the sample ...

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... Ward obtains court authority to sell the rental property to Joe Fish for $90,000 (UTC ... On May 2, 2003, Ward obtains court authorization to hire an auctioneer to sell the van and office equipment. On ... Sample Case #2 has been added to illustrate how a successor chapter trustee ...

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The Government reserves the right to withdraw from sale any of the items listed in the sales catalog/brochure or to sell at auction items not listed. PROPERTY ... the Purchaser must prepare and sign an authorization letter identifying the agent to ... A representative sample from ...

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Report Cover - Judiciary of California

... of the Judicial Council of California requests proposals from qualified firms to provide painting materials and related ... 7.4 Manufacturer’s Letter of Authorization. 7.5 ... 7.9.4 Any product that poses potential hazards to personnel or property must have a warning label ...

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Format for Forms - Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics

... the Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) that is annexed to this Material Request form and is to forward a copy to FIND. Sample shipment is dependent on a valid, fully ... sell, offer for sale or otherwise transfer the Material and/or Information without the prior written authorization of ...

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LETTER OF CONFIRMATION - Everett Community College | Stay ...

Everett Community College. Corporate and Continuing Education Center (updated 3/2009) This letter of agreement is to define the roles and responsibilities of the Instructor/Vendor and the Corporate and Continuing Education Center of Everett Community College (CCEC).

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... provisions for the protection of intellectual property rights (IPR); have procedures in place at [show name] to ... organizers may sell advertising space to offset the cost of producing the Directory so long as no advertising ... SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE. 10 SAMPLE SAMPLE SAMPLE. Title ...

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DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY - Baumholder Military Community

(Authorization to Shop) to Standing Operating Procedures ... The SSM may issue or sell ice to authorized customers as appropriate. ... (SOP) for Troop Issue Subsistence Activity, United States Army Garrison-Baumholder. 1. Example LETTER OF INTENT TO ESTABLISH TEMPORARY FIELD ACCOUNT. OFFICE ...

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... Get Document - Office of the ASA (FMC)

( To provide guidance on procedures to be used by the Army and Defense activities who perform work or sell property/services on a ... The Letter of Authorization (LoA) is not considered a funded order ... Figure 12-1 (continued) SAMPLE OF COMPLETED DD FORM 448-2. ACCEPTANCE OF ...

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ABA Legal Opinions Accord - WSBA Business Law

We are rendering this opinion letter to you at the request of the Company pursuant to Section ... Although the sample legal opinion does not expressly incorporate ... The “authorization” opinion means that the corporation has taken all necessary corporate action required to authorize it ...

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... stapled paper copies on standard letter (8 ½ x 11”) paper. If a binder or folder is essential due to the size of your ... All material submitted in response to this RFP shall become the property of the City upon delivery to the RFP ... If your proposal includes hardware, ...

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Audit Specifications - Local Gvt - Welcome to the VA APA ...

The Code of Virginia prohibits the treasurer from adjusting the land books without authorization from either the commissioner of the revenue or the governing body. ... the treasurer may implement proceedings to sell the property. ... A sample letter is available on the APA website at .

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S A M P L E - Illinois Association of Realtors

... (LLP) and receive an Illinois letter of approval, ... Attach a copy of your letter of authorization from the SOS 5-15 (d) 20-20 (a)(6) 1450.600 (d) ... listings, property management or rental agreements during the past 3 years?

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS - California State Parks

Comply with the letter and spirit of current and subsequent guidelines or plans, ... The successful proposer will not: Provide or sell items or services considered inappropriate, deemed objectionable, or denied by the State. ... proposal form, and the sample concession contract included herein. ...

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THE LEGAL RESUME - George Mason University School of Law

It may be better to describe your strong grades in writing courses in a cover letter rather than simply list the less understood Writing GPA on a resume. ... Do not sell yourself short! Remember, ... Sample Resume J ...

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Pleading - Serving California only 909-890-9192

That the Trustee who was acting as the agent of the principal failed to have written authorization to act for the principal and ... On or about November 5, 2008, Plaintiffs served by letter on Defendants BANK1 P.A ... "Where a power to sell real property is given to a mortgagee, or ...

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Drug & Alcohol Policy (Template) - Truck Safe Workplace

... offer, share, attempt to sell or obtain, manufacture, or be under the influence of any drug or similar ... This rule also pertains to Prescription drugs being taken without doctors authorization. Drug Paraphernalia and Alcohol Containers An Employee ... to submit a sample, or to sign ...

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Property Tax Status Acknowledgement Form and References, Page 20. ... An accompanying transmittal letter must be signed by an individual authorized to bind the institution, ... How is authentication and authorization provided?

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Introduction and Overview - Kentucky

Other forms of notice may be appropriate to generate buyer interest in your surplus property. SAMPLE ... The (STATE AGENCY NAME) will sell at public ... Proof of eligibility may include a Donee Authorization Card issued by the Division of Surplus Property, an IRS letter granting or ...

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