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To enhance the educational standards of students upto Plus Two, ... Rs. 5 crore for Kerala Kalamandalam, ... Rs. 100 crore is set apart towards bank interest for loans under the EMS Housing Scheme.

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... was going to establish five textile parks, including one at Cuddlier, Palladium and Perunthurai at a cost of Rest 50-100 crore. ... productive and growth oriented environment to the 1300 plus employees who play a key role to the success ... STOCK TURNOVER RATIO: Interpretation and Analysis:

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Time Value Of Money -

The initial cash outlay is Rs. 100 Crore and the annual cash inflows are expected to be ... provides for a right of appeal to Securities Appellate Tribunal against refusal of stock exchange to list securities of public companies, ... >3 and upto 6 Rs.5 lakh plus 5% in excess of Rs.3 crore

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CFL is thus the total income available to all investors (equity plus debt). Firm U does not ... RND Industries is planning to raise Rs.35 crore through the sale of new equity under a ... consider what happens to a shareholder who owns 100 equity shares of the Left and Right Company that has ...

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Budget 2009-2010

The share of merchandise trade (exports plus imports) ... I propose to make a special one-time grant of Rs.100 crore to the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education, ... I propose to expand the scope of presumptive taxation to all small businesses with a turnover upto Rs.40 lakh.

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Software Technology Parks of India – a step in right direction

... (STP) SCHEME FOR 100% EXPORT OF COMPUTER SOFTWARE (Combined Form for Letter of Permission and Foreign Collaboration/Investment) No5, 3rd Floor, ... under the Companies Act of 1956, Memorandum of Association, ... 100 crore per annum. Rs.3.50 lakhs. Exports above Rs.100 -500 crores per annum.

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Therefore, the taxpayer has kept cost plus 5% mark as consideration for transfer to its parent company. b. The taxpayer has earned handsome GP of 31.92% on sales. ... If income in respect of companies where turnover is Rs. 5 crore to Rs. 25 crore is taken into account.

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Company Law compliance Checklist - PKF Sridhar & Santhanam

(In the case of Listed companies or companies proposing to list, ... of Rupees twenty thousand per meeting in case of companies with Paid up share capital and free reserves of Rs 10 Cr or turnover of Rs 50 Cr and not exceeding Rs 10000 in other cases ) ... Company Law compliance Checklist ...

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Download - BSE Ltd. (Bombay Stock Exchange) | Live Stock ...

... for fixed deposit by ICRA 1997 Crossed annual turnover of Rs.500 million ... for 5 years of Rs 75 Crore payable in 3 equal annual installments 75.00 4 12.50% NCD from LIC MF for short term of Rs 100 Crore payable in 8 monthly installments 60.00 ... (India) Pvt. Ltd. (100%) Era IT ...

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Working Group on Flow of Credit to SSI Sector - RBI Website

... capital investment or turnover. The existing definition of SSI adopted in India, based on investment ... 6.76 The Committee proposes the setting up of a collateral Reserve Fund with an initial corpus of Rs. 100 crore to be contributed ... The companies agreeing to this code are expected to ...

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... and a 6ft back line. The building has a big hall, a lobby and a bed room with luxurious wash room in the ground floor plus sufficient ... of 2G licenses to fictitious Companies ... have the required qualification of Rs 100 crore annual turnover for the last two years ...

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Chapters 1 & 2 - HLCPE

... financial institutions and insurance companies in the public sector were permitted to set up mutual funds. ... For the first Rs. 100 crore of net assets: 1.25%. ... Portfolio turnover rate refers to the ratio of amount of sales or purchases ...

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First Tax Period- New Registration - Ca Club of India

Rs. 1,000/- plus Rs. 100 for every day from 31st day till the date of furnishing the return. ... Tax period of a dealer for any year is based upon his turnover of the preceding FY. Turnover: in the precedingF: Y: Mandatory TaxPeriod ... Companies required to furnish report of transfer pricing u ...

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... or Rs.1,000 crore turnover or Rs.500 crore net ... Securities and Exchange Board of India will hike the minimum net worth requirement for asset management companies (AMCs) from Rs.10 crore to Rs ... Iran and the five permanent members of the U.N .Security Council plus Germany began talks in ...

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The Union Cabinet has approved setting up of a capacity building fund with a corpus of Rs.100 crore and will be used for training ... firms Cooperatives, Companies, APMC, Agro Industrial ... are covered by ceilings prescribed for balance / turnover in such accounts and verified ...

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UPDATED AS ON 19 - Dilip-Insurance

MARKET AGREEMENT ON PRODUCT LIABILITY. The Market Agreement (hereinafter called "the Agreement") lays . ... the Companies may rate such risks by using the . ... Limits of Indemnity plus . export turnover premium.

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... within the closing date of the subscription so as to reach the same to the Asset Management Company by the closing date plus 9 ... companies’ contribution to total turnover (Tk. 62,344.76 crore) ... trustee to the debenture issues of 17 companies involving Tk. 184.15 crore, ...

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... the guidelines were to enable companies in the services ... all the NBFCs which have an asset size of Rs.100 crore and above or public ... with a track record of at least three years in import/export of diamonds and having an average annual turnover of Rs.5 crore or above during the ...

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10,00,00,000 units of Tk. 10.00 each at par for Tk. 100.00 crore. ... within the closing date of the subscription so as to reach the same to the Asset Management Company by the closing date plus 9 ... ICB and its subsidiary companies contribution to total turnover of Tk. 1,30,548.00 crore of ...

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The Securities Contract (Regulation) Act, 1956 [SCRA] defines ...

It is the largest source of funds with long or indefinite maturity for companies and thereby enhances capital formation in the economy. 3. ... Bombay Stock Exchange [BSE] Daily turnover ... his exposure shall not exceed Rs. 8.5 crore plus 10 times of the capital in excess of Rs. 1 crore.

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Top Naxalite ‘behind Naidu attack’ shot

Beginning with a humble annual turnover of Rs.4.38 crores in 1993 ... Interestingly, Subba's LIC policies alone are worth Rs 100 crore for which he has paid a premium of Rs 1.17 crore. Compared to these worthies, the wealth of our former maharajas ... a leader in the `Z' plus threat category.

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Orissa Mining Corporation Limited (OMC)

... NET WORTH AND ANNUAL TURNOVER. 60. LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS. ... in the plant to be installed at OSCTC area and screened to produce minus 40 mm plus 10 mm calibrated ore and minus 10 mm fines. ... Year Turnover . in INR Crore Cash Accrual INR Crore Networth .

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Agenda No

Photo Attestation ` 60 per certificate 12. Turnover commission on Govt. Business.(viz. CBEC, CBDT etc) @ `5.5 Paise per `100 `12 per ... Full charges up to LC value of `5 crore Plus b) ... Guarantees favouring shipping companies / agencies pending production of Bill of Lading 6.A ...

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... is exploring manufacturing and marketing opportunities to tap the Rs 6,000-crore-plus organised biscuits market in India. ... While higher volumes also helped to scale higher turnover in the ... The subsidiaries that the bank plans to list are its two insurance companies ICICI ...

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Directors’ Report 2008-09

RBI allowed banks to classify their investments in non-SLR bonds issued by companies engaged in infrastructure activities and ... The company achieved a total business turnover of Rs. 3735 crore as at ... Retire Smart and Saral Bima Plus. In addition, mandatory and non-mandatory Group ...

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... which is actually a part of Muthoot Pappachan Group, announced launching 100 crore Rupees non-convertible debenture ... ABC International will be available on DD Direct plus from 1 November 2013. ... The companies have tied up with old private sector. lender.

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... financial institutions and insurance companies in the public sector were permitted to set up mutual funds. ... For the first Rs. 100 crore of net assets: 1.25%. ... Portfolio turnover rate refers to the ratio of amount of sales or purchases ...

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Registers and Documents to be kept by companies

Registers and Documents to be kept by companies 1. List of Statutory Records to be kept or maintained by a Company under the Companies Act, 1956 and Rules made thereunder

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UPDATED AS ON 01 - Dilip-Insurance

be considered by the Companies on merits. Premium, rates . ... Exceeding Rs. 1 crore but not Rs. 1000 + 0.07%* on the excess . ... applicable on the AOA Limit under the policy plus turnover extra . on Contract Value as per Table 4.

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1 - Metamorphose Catholic Ministry | Michael Prabhu

Income is generated by sales of products by the distributor plus "bonuses" from sales of his or her recruits and their recruit ... 100000 CRORE* SCAM BY MLM COMPANIES ... who is also Managing Director of the Rs 100-crore Avon Beauty ...

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... Get Document - Capital Market - India Corporate Company ...

Companies be facilitated to have more investable funds for expansion and diversification, ... Raw material cost accounts for approx. 62% of tyre industry turnover and 70% of the production cost. ... Rs.100 crore technology fund should be set up for SMEs engaged in defence production.

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For the cause of environment

Church chalks out 100 crore ... started as a green initiative on a local scale has now become a full blown movement against pollution by irresponsible companies, ... The slums are full of all kinds of industry which are responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in turnover every ...

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Contemporary Report - Finance Commission of India

... notwithstanding any cost audit done in the unit under any law viz. the Companies ... 20 All dealers 50 Lakh- 2 Crore 1.0 on the turnover exceeding 50 Lakh 2 Crore-4 Crore 1.25 on addl turnover Over 4 Crore 1.5 on addl. turnover Haryana 10 All dealers ... For 9 seats plus Rs. 100 for ...

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The industry faces increased competition as more & more foreign backs & Housing Finance Companies are providing loan facility. SWOT ANALYSIS OF ... enhance liquidity and turnover and encourage voluntary holding of ... Minister said out of the over 100 crore people, seventy 75 per cent ...

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FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT - AWS | Amazon Simple Storage Service ...

The data relating to two Companies are as given below. ... The average daily operating expenses is equal to cost of goods sold plus ... The loss on sale of equipment of Rs.4 crore reflects a transaction in which equipment with an original cost of Rs.12 crore and accumulated depreciation of Rs.5 ...

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... or internal turnover of engineering goods (in case of merchant-exporter). (i) ... Category of Firms/Companies having export Amount of . Membership ... Above 60 Lakhs ---- 1 Crore 12,000/- Above 1 Crore ...

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GCP Standard Word Template - Shipping Corporation of India

... today has a significant presence on the global maritime map with an annual turnover of about Indian ... Company registered in India under the Companies Act. Turnover and Net-worth. Annual reports of the previous three accounting cycles. Turnover of over Rs. -100 Crore per annum in the ...

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Pharma Report - CUTS C-CIER

... cough suppressants, mucolytics & decongestants Pfizer Corex Boots Protussa Plus Nicholas ... Only those companies with assets more than Rs.1000 crore or a turnover of over Rs.3000 crore would come under the regulatory ... Pharmaceutical companies often give incentives to ...

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WE must thoroughly clear away all ideas among our cadres of ...

... Cut in finances to public sector companies, ... (i. e. after deducting interest due plus capital repayment due for the year). ... asked whether the government is prepared to write off Rs. 100 crore as bad debts in this case.

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Chapter 3

This would be in the interests of transparency and fairness and would reduce the incidence of biased news about companies being published ... in the form of news. The Vidarbha Plus carried an advertisement ... between Rs 10 crore and Rs 12 crore for carrying “paid news” items ...

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Download - ICWAI and CS Coaching in Kolkata, Cost Accountancy ...

Objective Type questions and Answers on Indirect Tax. 1. ... Assessable in case of captive consumption is the cost of production plus_____ (7) ... Clearance of excisable goods without payment of duty to 100% EOU unit will form part of turnover to calculate the threshold limit of Rs.4 crores.

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This project titled ... The average daily turnover at the exchanges has increased from Rs 851 crore in 1997-98 to Rs 1,284 crore in 1998-99 and further to Rs 2,273 crore in 1999-2000 ... Plus the power to execute the sale or purchase right before them on their personal computer screen.

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Note: To be stamped as an agreement - please use Non-Judicial ...

Note: To be stamped as an agreement - please use Non-Judicial ...

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... where as Vimhans it is 3.5 Acre. I.e. turnover of EHIRC is ... In the EHIRC case land cost of Rs 1300 Crore plus ... to compel him to carry out the terms of the statute underor by which the society is constituted or governed and also to companies or corporations to carry out duties ...

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PROFILE - Free MBA Projects

... Gurgaon and Goa. The company operates another subsidiary, Goa Telecommunications & Systems, which had an estimated turnover of Rs 33 crore. ... of less entertainment channels such as star plus, zee ... the Fortune 500 list of global companies managed a total AUM of Euro 1,091 ...

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... the level of implicit plus explicit subsidies will be much higher. The problem with ... Public Sector Enterprises such as banks and insurance companies to remain in public sector and will be given full support ... Rs.100 crore set aside as one-time grant in-aid to ensure ...

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Note: To be stamped as an agreement - please use Non-Judicial ...

... the company keeping in view the provisions of Section 206A of the Companies Act and ... the total turnover ... and upto Rs. 10 10 crore 10,000 Above Rs. 10 crore and upto Rs. 20 crore 15,000 Above Rs. 20 crore and upto Rs. 50 crore 20,000 Above Rs. 50 crore 25,000 plus Rs. 500 ...

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Cash Management As part of Standard Chartered's global ...

... Standard Chartered PLC is consistently ranked in the top 25 FTSE 100 companies by market capitalisation. ... Business Plus Account. Enhanced Business Plus Account. Credit Cards . ... Sr. No. Cities Monthly Turnover (Rs. In Crore) ...

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Professional liquidators to have more say’

... a sum equal to eight percentage of the total turnover or gross ... The current thinking within the government is to allow FDI in LLP selectively and cap it at 49% even in sectors where companies can have 100% ... As many as 32 investment companies transferred nearly 106 crore ...

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SYND SARAL(Agriculturists) - Syndicate Bank - Indian ...

(REVERSE MORTGAGE LOAN SCHEME OF SYNDICATE BANK) ... Based on the projected turnover for all limits covered under this scheme. Quantum: Not exceeding ` 200.00 lakhs. Security: ... Maximum of Rs 100 crore. The scheme provides .

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