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English KS3 SATs Resources Author: Education Department Last modified by: Chris Created Date: 3/9/2006 12:07:00 PM Company: Birmingham City Council Other titles:


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Plenaries - the grid

Plenaries. for . MFL lessons. Françoise Armstrong. County Adviser for MFL (Hertfordshire) Dear Colleagues, In its report on the Key Stage 3 English pilot Ofsted identified plenaries as “often the weakest part of the lesson”.


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Ormskirk School - lancsngfl.ac.uk

It was decided to adopt a common schedule for all year groups that would prepare pupils for KS3 SATs and WJEC GCSE English and English literature: Speaking and Listening. Group activity. Drama focused activity. Individual Extended Activity. Reading. Comprehension progressively targeting Reading AFs.


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Punctuation Worksheets - fhsenglishks3

Punctuation is used take up space / to look pretty / to aid comprehension. ... Punctuation Worksheets Subject: KS3 English Author: Boardworks Ltd Last modified by: Ashley.Gordon


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Year: 9 - Caroline’s Fantastic English Blog

Teacher Subject English Date. ... Year 9 KS3/4 / GCSE / Cert. G/T SEN Context. Year 9 students will be working for the next few months towards their SATs examination. ... Peer assessment – mark each other’s comprehension questions ...


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Holes Worksheets - Wikispaces

Worksheet Six – Comprehension questions This worksheet accompanies slide 13 of Holes.ppt. 1. ... Holes Worksheets Subject: KS3 English Author: Boardworks Ltd Last modified by: cathy.atkinson Created Date: 3/21/2005 4:22:00 PM Company: Boardworks Ltd


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ENGLISH AT KS3 & KS4 - Foxfield School :: Home

Four English lessons will be taught at KS3 & KS4 each week in line with the guidelines received from the English KS3 strategy. ... Comprehension. Personal Information. Individual reading . ORT – Wellington Square reading schemes where appropriate.


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Reading Assessment Focuses - Top Tips for Teaching Reading AFs

Types of reading: Skimming – when you ... Comprehension questions. Scan the text for the correct information. Present these as a series of bullet points using your own words. Close read the text for specific answers. ... English & Literacy » KS3 » Assessment / APP Keywords:


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KS3 English curriculum review. KS3 English curriculum review Content correlation between final (September 2013) and previous NC


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English Policy – Assessment and marking at key stage 3&4

English note books will simply be kept for jotting down notes from the board or planning and there is no expectation that these will be marked. ... In order to ensure consistency and comprehension, ... Assessment and marking at key stage 3&4 ...


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KS3 ENGLISH TEST. FACT FILE. 1 How long does the whole test last? 1 hour 30 mins. 2 How many sections are there? Three: Reading non-fiction A, Reading fiction B, Writing C. 3 How long should you aim to spend on each section? A – 30 mins. B – 20 mins.


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KS3 ACTIVITIES. PSE – Listening Comprehension - How others see us. Vernon Davies was in school with Dylan Thomas. ... Thomas was in school, Vernon Davies could predict what he would go on to do – something involving the theatre, or English literature. In pairs, ...


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EMASS pages for Leicestershire KS3 Literacy Website

p 126-7 Developing Basic Comprehension Skills, Heinemann 0 340 81128. Eid p 19-20, ... Oxford English Programme 2. OUP (notice inclusion of Chinese boy in illustrations) ... EMASS pages for Leicestershire KS3 Literacy Website Author: Mr & Mrs Coppard Last modified by: bainsley


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Subject English KS3 Literacy. ... Building comprehension skills exploring how feelings and attitudes of characters are portrayed, building informal discussion skills exploring plot development and characterisation, developing descriptive writing skills, ...


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HIGHER ORDER THINKING SKILLS (promoted by the KS3 Framework) problem solving. open - ended tasks. ... Ask English comprehension questions to establish details on the tape. Get the pupils to expand on the information they hear wherever possible.


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English Revision Guidelines for Easter Holidays. Form 8. Scholarship Candidates. Whilst most scholars are now finished, those who have their examination after the holidays will have a past scholarship paper from their chosen school to take home over the holidays and it is strongly advised that ...


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Year 9 – “Gas, gas” – Evaluating World War One Poetry

KS3 NATIONAL STRATEGY CONTEXT: Twentieth Century World: “What was it like in Gas attack?” 3 lesson multi layered task which focuses initially on the placing of the verses of a poem (‘Dulce et decoum est’ in order and results in the comparison/ evaluation of other sources (film/cartoon).


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Key Stage 1 Special Arrangements for 2002

At Key Stage 3 all pupils who are assessed by teachers as working at L3 or above in mathematics and science, or L4 or above in English and who will move on to the KS4 programme of study in 2007/08 must take the end of KS3 Tests.


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Course: ESOL, Level: National 4 - Support Materials

Reading a prescription 1 Learners could be asked to do a reading comprehension activity based ... Staff might want to use the ideas for describing pictures collected at http://www.eriding.net/resources/eal/sec_toolkit/ks3_materials/graded_english_programme/110110_ldixon_eal_ks3_gep_print ...


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AND FOR STARTERS … - Geoff Barton

AND FOR STARTERS …? Geoff Barton. Geoff Barton rethinks teaching styles. One of the most exciting parts of the Key Stage 3 Strategy is the way it’s making us review our own teaching.


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In KS3 for English tests taken at year 9 of secondary school when pupils are aged 14, ... In reading and comprehension tests at KS1, Caribbean girls achieved above the Hackney girls` average between 1996 – 2001, ...


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Year 7 History - Schoolshistory.org.uk - online lessons ...

To introduce students to history at Key Stage 3. To develop historical skills. ... Julius Caesar. Hero or Villain? How was Rome ruled? ... The English Department has a Literacy textbook that has a 'solve the crime' activity in it that is quite good, ...


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TES languages adviser Rachel Hawkes has digested the new National Curriculum for KS2 and KS3 and come up with some ideas of how this might ... which involved students generating an English version of a writing task ... at KS2 is one of appreciation rather than comprehension, as it is as KS3.


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Language in Mathematics - Council of Europe

... this connection seems to have been clearly downsized in secondary education/KS3. Here mathematics as such is the focus. ... Language as an expression of understanding and text comprehension. ... The English curriculum in mathematics could be said to stress language more than ...


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Staying in the target language - British Council

1 Make a list of all of the words that look like English words. 2 Find the (French) for these expressions: a More than 2000 years ago. ... If you have established a solid foundation of comprehension via a fairly simple text, ... or even gifted and talented KS3 students, ...


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AS AND A2 ENGLISH LANGUAGE. ... English at A level is now more than ever before a continuation of KS3 and GCSE English; ... The Band 1 answer here has a very literal, almost word-for-word rendition of the text. (AO2) Although there is some comprehension of the content, ...


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MHS Revision Guide - Markethill High School

English. Persuasive Writing: ... Pupils also need to use KS3 papers for revision. 10KM . 1.5 hours . 45mins paper and 45mins TASK. General number questions involving 4 operations. ... The paper will assess Reading comprehension and writing skills.


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Turves Green Boys' Technology College – English Department

Title: Turves Green Boys’ Technology College – English Department Author: admin Last modified by: MCNEILLIE Created Date: 11/19/2007 10:41:00 AM


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Evidence of difficulties with oral and written comprehension and with communicating thoughts and feelings to others, ... P8 L1B L2C P7 L1C L1B L2C P7 L1C L1B L2C P7 L1C L1A L2B P8 L1A L2C L2B P8 L1B L1A L2B P8 L1B L2C L2B Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 3 quartile tables English Maths Science KS2 ...


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inclusion-schools-infopassport - Devon

CAT Scores: Reading Age: Verbal: Spelling Age/Score: Quantitative: Comprehension Age/Level: Non-verbal: Maths: Science: National Curriculum Levels KS2 National Curriculum Levels KS2 KS3 Reading: Mathematics: Writing: Science: Speaking & Listening: English: What are the Young Person’s specific ...


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Key Stage 3 English Reading Added. New QCA optional tests are used for Year 3/4/5. ... Please note that for KS1 the list of names will be different for the Level 2 and Level 3 Reading Comprehension Test and for the level 2 and level 3 mathematics tests.


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Ofsted publication - University of St Mark & St John

At Key Stage 3 those at Level 4 by age 11 were expected to reach Level 5 or better by age 14, ... Inferencing skills are important for reading comprehension, ... tests and at GCSE uses a combination of different texts and graduated questions which are marked using a structured mark scheme.


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Literacy Policy - The Purston E-ACT Academy - MESSAGE TO ALL ...

The Oxford English Dictionary defines literacy as simply “the ability to read and write”. ... should be familiar with the KS3 English Framework objectives for years 7, ... Their aim is to improve students' reading comprehension and to make them critical readers.


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GCSE in languages: a teacher’s perspective - ALL London branch

... (‘why do I have to do a language?’ ‘they all speak English’ ‘it’s ... detail about ‘language strategies’ which needed to be taught so that pupils could demonstrate the skills of ‘gist comprehension’ and ... when yracking pupils who took KS3 tests in June 203 and ...


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Download - Foxfield School :: Home

TEXT LEVEL WORK (Comprehension and composition) Starter. Word level work. Eg high-frequency words. Introduction and Main Teaching Activity. ... There are four English lessons at Key Stage 3 each week…….. 1.Speaking and Listening – Social Interaction ...


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1 The structure of lessons - York MFL PGCE

Year 9 English (Middle Ability) Starter – Dictation on ... - Oral comprehension questions on today’s . reading. (5 ... Key Stage 3 MFL lessons are active and there are more opportunities for creativity from both the subject teacher and the pupils e.g. a conversation exercise can be ...


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The DfES Key Stage 3 Educational Service pilot 2000-01

The Result Cambridge Latin Course – changing the face of Latin? An interim report on the DfEE Key Stage 3 Educational Services Pilot. 1. INTRODUCTION


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http://www.bgfl.org/bgfl/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks3/ict/multiple_int/index.htm. Theme Focus: Open ended ... He was the first English author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. He was ... There's even a link between our ability to form mental images and reading comprehension. Career ...


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Additional time TART conferences November 2004

Pupil demonstrates an increase of 9 months or more in reading comprehension age when allowed 25% additional ... Free writing speed of 10 words or less per minute for key stage 2 pupils or 15 words or less per minute for key stage 3 pupils. Free writing ... At least average verbal reasoning, ...


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Teaching literacy at Dawn House School

The age range of those eligible is higher in key stage 3 ... The methods used to develop literacy skills among the higher achievers have focused on individual needs e.g. comprehension, ... (speech sounds) of spoken English and the 120 graphemes (spelling choices) of written English. THRASS ...


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Additional time – revised criteria for 2005

A1. Reading age (using test of comprehension, single word reading or reading rate ... (KS3) words or less per minute. A recognised test of writing speed should be carried out or a pupil should be asked to write for ... The level the pupils is working at for English should be below level 2 of the ...


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Topic - rachelhawkes.com - Homepage

Translating into English the Fátima text from the lesson ... Reading comprehension Worksheet 3.5 Lesson 11 Saying what you did on holiday visité (monumentos), bailé, ... Key Stage 3 Spanish Scheme of Work: Year 8 August 2007:


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Learning Bridge 3 - ilrc

Reading comprehension. To identify features of instructional texts including : Language of commands eg imperative verbs. BB5 Sentence Types. ... References to the KS3 Framework for English. Clearly, there will not necessarily be direct reference to some of the features being taught in the BBs.


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Year 7 Autumn 1 Week 1 SAMPLE - | Aldridge School |

As of September 2010 all KS3 pupils will follow a 2 year KS3 ... 5 minutes of French- pupils go round the room asking each other questions and answering them. NO ENGLISH WHATSOEVER! Peer assessment of 5 minutes of French ... Reading ex 6 or ex 9 Check pronunciation and comprehension


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Inference Training – a reading comprehension intervention for pupils in KS2 and KS3 who have age appropriate decoding skills but who are experiencing difficulty acquiring full meaning and enjoyment from their reading Sept 2013


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At KS3 student s in English will have greater access to media texts as part of their study. ... In a world that increasingly depends upon visual means of communication Media can aid comprehension of the environment and, through critical analysis, ...


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Target Setting and Tracking in Secondary Schools - Home - CfBT

Reading/Comprehension. 1. Try to include more detail in your answer, and answer in full sentences. 2. ... Key Stage 3 English, Maths and Science test results; Key Stage 3 teacher assessments; Forecast GCSE grades in a range of subjects; IEPs ...


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The MFL Department Handbook

Pupils’ comprehension of target language instructions should be checked and ensured by asking a volunteer ... When it is deemed more appropriate to use English, ... All pupils in Key Stage 3 will stick the National Curriculum Level descriptor sheet in their exercise books so that they may ...


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TRIAX wishes to develop an Educational Foundation which will ...

... White and ethnic minority pupils, pupils with English as their first or additional language, pupils entitled or not entitled to free school ... The reading comprehension progress of Playing for Success pupils in KS3 was greater than that of ... The progress of KS3 pupils was ...


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Sharples School - TES

... to provide additional support to pupils, focus on key skills of literacy (reading and comprehension; Lexia reading programme) ... In Key Stage 3 the full range of National Curriculum subjects are studied. ... 0.6 English. KS4 2A. KS3 2C. Literacy 2C. 4 FTE. Title: Sharples School Author: dma ...


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