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Transient Behavior of an R-C Circuit - Cabrillo College

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Transient Behavior of an R-C Circuit - Cabrillo College

Validate the RC response for a partially and fully charging/discharging capacitor. Check the validity of Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law for an RC circuit. ... The formal lab report will be based on the Response of an RC Circuit to Pulse Voltage Waveforms ... Transient Behavior of an R-C Circuit

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Physics Lab 212P-2 - Pennsylvania State University

Physics Lab 212. Understanding RC Circuits. NAME: ... Label the point at which you switched from charging the capacitor to discharging the capacitor. (Alternatively, you can print the graph and attach it to your lab report, if you so wish.) Q2. Without doing any explicit fits to the data, ...

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RC time constant lab - Pennsylvania State University

... write the equations for the time dependence of the voltage across the capacitor when it is. charging and. discharging. ... Wiring diagram for charging and discharging an electrolytic capacitor (C) ... RC time constant lab Subject: Physics 202 Author: Andy Romberger

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Physics 24 Laboratory Report

Physics 24 Laboratory Report. Experiment O4: Series RC Circuits. Prepared By: _____ Partner: ... Saturday, September 03, 2011 Lab Instructor: _____ Lab Section: _____ Recitation Instructor : _____ Recitation ... for charging and discharging the capacitor.

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How Capacitors Work Template

... (or print and attach) the potential difference across the capacitor vs. time, ... Use the idea of energy conservation to describe the entire process of charging and discharging that you observed. ... (You do not have to explain anything here — just report your empirical observations.) Q6.

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Laboratory Report Rubric – Experiment E1

... vs. t for charging and discharging of capacitor (imported from Data Studio): ... Value of resistor used: 0 1 2 3 4 5 5. Results and Analysis Tabulated values for discharging portion of capacitor: t, t’, Vc(t’), ln Vc(t’) (for method 2) 0 2 4 6 8 10 ... Laboratory Report Rubric ...

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RC CIRCUIT - Christian Brothers University

OBJECTIVE: To study the charging and discharging process for a capacitor in a simple circuit containing an ohmic resistance, R, and a capacitance, C. ... Semi log graph paper has a regular scale on the horizontal axis, ...

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Switch the RC circuit board to “charge” to begin charging the capacitor. ... determine and record the time of maximum voltage immediately before the capacitor began discharging “tmax,” the time corresponding to discharging voltage = 0.38*Vmax ... (this will be part of your lab report)

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1 - IKU

Examine the phenomena of charging and discharging in an RC circuit. Examine natural and ... Fill your results in the table given on the report page. Work out report questions in advance, some of these questions will ... you will see charging curve of the capacitor on the oscilloscope ...

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Laboratory 1 – Electrical Safety

The output waveform should show that the capacitor is charging and discharging, ... Submit a report for this lab. Include the following items in the report: Derive the equation for fall time.

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p30ohms - University of Cincinnati

Take time to answer the ‘What Do You Think?’ question(s) in the Lab Report section. Background. ... This waveform imitates the action of charging and then discharging a capacitor by connecting and then disconnecting a DC voltage source. PART I: Computer Setup. 1.

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Newton’s Laws I - University of Colorado Colorado Springs

Lab 5: Capacitors . PES 216 Report. ... Here is an example of a “real world” occurrence of charging/discharging a capacitor. ... Capacitors - 2. Lab Station: Name: Bill Bair. Title: Newton’s Laws I Author: UCCS Last modified by: William Bair

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Physics Lab 212P-2

LAB PARTNERS: ... the charge on the capacitor and the voltage across the capacitor gradually change from 0 to a final steady state value. ... Activity 1: Charging and Discharging of RC Circuit ...

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ECE 2006 LABORATORY 5 - University of Minnesota Duluth

The circuit therefore behaves as an oscillator with the time spent in each state controlled by the charging or discharging of a capacitor through a resistor. ... Save the oscilloscope screenshot for use in lab report. Simulate an Astable Multivibrator.

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The Voltage Divider and Ohm’s Law – Thevenin and Norton

“I certify that the work presented here in this lab report is my work ... trigger that switches between ground when the capacitor is discharging and to VCC when it ... well as the input VCC voltage. By regulating the discharge and charging rate of the capacitor at 1/3 and 2/3 VCC ...

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Experiment FT1

Oscillator (alternate charging and discharging of the capacitor); ... Bring along the necessary GRAPH PAPERS and calculator to the lab. The completed laboratory report must be submitted to the laboratory technician AT THE END OF THE EXPERIMENT SESSION.

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How Capacitors Work - Pennsylvania State University

To examine how a capacitor stores energy. To examine how capacitors behave when used in tandem ... we will examine how capacitors are used to store energy by studying the charging and discharging process at a qualitative ... (You do not have to explain anything here — just report your ...

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Lab 4: RC Timers - Texas A&M University

The equation for the discharging capacitor voltage with respect to time follows a similar derivation to the one shown previously for a charging capacitor. ... For a Charging Capacitor: For a Discharging Capacitor: ... REPORT: to be uploaded onto

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Capacitors - Blue Valley Unified School District

The same time constant RC describes the rate of charging as well as the rate of discharging. ... Compare the fit equation to the mathematical model for a charging capacitor. 12. ... Cut and tape each plot into your lab report. Place with appropriate Analysis answer/work. 1.

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Why bother to study crystal radios

... we saw how the rise and decay of the voltage across a capacitor varies according to the rate of charge flow (current) onto and off of its plates during charging and discharging. ... In this lab exercise, ...

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Florida International University

Sample Lab Report 5. The ... In this lab, we first build a capacitor and then investigate the charging/discharging characteristics of capacitors. The simplest capacitor to build and study is a parallel plate capacitor.

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ECE 2006 LABORATORY 5 - University of Minnesota Duluth

An astable multivibrator has two states, neither one stable. The circuit therefore behaves as an oscillator with the time spent in each state controlled by the charging or discharging of a capacitor through a resistor. ... Save the oscilloscope screenshot for use in lab report.

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RC and LR circuits: Measuring the time constant

The object of this lab is to measure the time constant of an RC circuit and a LR circuit. ... and charge on the charging capacitor are. and . where t is time, I is the current in the circuit, Q is the charge on the capacitor, ... and the period of time corresponding to discharging the capacitor.

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Recitations with Matt Leone - University of Arizona

Examine the discharging circuit for today’s lab and the construction of the differential equation that describes it: DISCHARGING WITHOUT SOURCE. ... Report Guidelines: Write a separate section using the labels and instructions provided below.

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Lab 1: Comparators and Oscillators - The University of North ...

... the output voltage of the op amp forward biases the diode and charges up the capacitor. This charging lasts until both ... To keep the capacitor from discharging, ... I decided to use a LF356 op amp because it was available to me in my home laboratory. Title: Lab 1: Comparators and ...

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CH 215 EXPERIMENT # 1 Ohm's Law - CHEM HOG

Complete all the following calculations and copy these into your lab report in the same way as they ... Charging the Capacitor and Measuring the RC ... - Repeat the charging and discharging sequence at least once but be sure to recheck the voltage output setting on the power supply and to ...

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... whose timing is dependent on the charging and discharging of a simple RC network. In this lab, ... Solving for t1 in Equation 1 yields the time interval that the capacitor is charging. The timing diagram shows the charging cycle (green trace ... Lab Report. This lab report ...

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Report failures to the Lab. Assistant ... When an increasing d.c. voltage is applied to a capacitor the capacitor draws a charging ... and discharging (release) of a capacitor is never instant but takes a certain amount of time to occur with the time taken for the capacitor to ...

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FORCES - University of Minnesota

A capacitor can be thought of as a device used to hold separated charges ... Lab III - 22. PHYSICS 1202 LABORATORY REPORT. Laboratory III. Lab III - 28. Lab III - 27 Check Your Understanding. Lab III - 25. Title: FORCES Subject: physics laboratory Author:

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design document for

In your lab report, ... has been connected for a very long time and is opened at t=0. As before, plot the voltage across the capacitor and the current through the ... but use the knowledge you have gained from the first three tasks to explain how the components are charging, discharging, ...

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Experiment EB2: IC Multivibrator Circuits

The mathematical solutions of the charging and discharging equations give the following formulas. The output frequency is (3) and the duty cycle is (4) If . is much smaller than, the duty cycle approaches 50 percent. Voltage-Controlled Oscillator (Pulse Position Modulator)

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General Instructions for Lab Reports

General Instructions for Lab Reports. 3. Error Analysis. 5. Uncertainty Analysis and Propagation. 6. Lab 1: Electrostatics. 8. Lab 2: Electric fields. 10. ... The report is due at the beginning of the next Lab, one week after that lab was performed.

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Oklahoma State University-Okmulgee - OSU Institute of Technology

Written Exam and Lab/Technical Report. ... connecting and solving series and parallel capacitor circuits, explaining capacitors in DC circuits, charging and discharging, ... charging and discharging, and calculating RC time constant; explain inductors in AC circuits and calculate inductance ...

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Current then flows through the RC network, charging the capacitor. When +3.5 volts ... The multimeter will give you a quick indication of whether you are charging or discharging the capacitor. ... DECAY OF A CAPACITOR. LAB AUTOMATION VIA LABVIEW.

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This lab sheet will investigate double ... Add a figure title that includes relevant information on the signal and comment on the ... When the source voltage is reduced or removed, the capacitor discharges in the opposite direction. The charging and discharging of the capacitor takes ...

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Exponential Waveforms - Case Western Reserve University

Print out the results and include them in your lab report. ... the assignment of +4 V or –4 V to the initial condition IC depends on whether the charging cycle or the discharging cycle are being observed, ... EWB automatically creates a connector when you place the end of a wire over another ...

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Before turning in your lab report to your TA, ... Show that the time necessary for the capacitor of an RC circuit to charge to 98 % of the input voltage or discharge to 2 % of the input ... ii. Is the characteristic time constant the same when the capacitor is charging and when it is discharging? .

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... Connections in series and in parallel 2 Charging and discharging a capacitor and measuring its capacitance 3 Measurement of the Inductance of an inductor 4 Determination of the refractive index of a material 5 Determination of the ... Writing a report about the experiment ...

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Physics 201 - Portland Community College

... (choose their values such that the charging will take place over a long ... Now practice discharging the capacitor by simply removing the ... to mention all the uncertainties involved in the motion of everyday objects that we have not even considered in this lab. Sample Lab Report B: ...

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Buck/Boost - Baylor School of Engineering & Computer Science

Additional Components for Buck/Boost Converter. Series Capacitor Voltage Series Capacitor (C1) Current (Arms) ... – Buck/Boost ELC4345, Power Electronics Lab, DC-DC Buck/Boost Converter. Version Oct. 23, 2013. ... L1 discharging. C1 charging. L2 discharging .

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This pulsing is dependent upon the charging and discharging of capacitor C. As capacitor C charges, the LED is lit, and while capacitor C discharges, the LED is off. By substituting a thermistor into the R2 position, ...

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Hand in the written report at the end of the lab period. The solid ... Battery-Resistor Circuit; Battery Voltage; Conductivity; Capacitor Lab; Ohm’s Law. 9. 3. 3. CRO – basic operating principle. parts & functions. basic experiments – charging & discharging of capacitor. Youtube resources ...

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EE 211 Networks and Digital Logic Lab ... due at the start of class on Thursday, Nov. 19. La. b Report due . Friday, December. 4. Figure 2. Capacitor voltage versus time for V s = 100 ... Suppose you want to design a charging system . that will charge to 99% of the ...

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ECE 487

Final Report for a High Voltage Pulse Generator for Decontamination of. Hospital Wastewater. Advisor: Dr J. Kolb. Date: 3 December, 2010. By. Aaron Phelps. ... The results from the simulation and actual testing of the Marx bank constructed in lab are also discussed.

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How Do We See Colors - Doane College

Considering the neuron membrane as a kind of capacitor in series with the length of the axon over which the signal is transmitted, ... During this lab, you will model the behavior of neurons as they transmit electrical signals. To do this, ...

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Practical Electricity and Magnetism Course Number : ( ) Course Type : ... 12 Magnetic field inside a coil. 13 Charging and discharging a capacitor. 14 Electron mass. 15 Verification of Faraday’s law for induction. 16 ... The report should be arranged as follows: Name of the ...

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Inverting and non-inverting amplifier

Measure the voltage levels at which the capacitor starts charging and discharging, output high and low timings along with trigger pulse. Questions: ... Lab Report : 1.Plot the line regulation by taking Input Voltage (Vin) along X-axis and Output Voltage ...

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AP Physics C Lab Manual - David Reain Memorial Observatory ...

Below will be deadlines for the submission of the formal report for each lab experience. ... You will construct a RC circuit and then observe the charging and discharging curves. ... AP Physics C Lab Manual ...

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p30ohms - Cape Breton – Victoria Regional School Board

NOTE: The stated value of a capacitor may vary by as much as ±20% from the actual value. Taking the extreme limits, notice that when t = 0, q = 0 which means there is not any charge on the plates initially. Also notice that when t goes to infinity, ...

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Analyze the capacitor charging part of the launcher circuit by ... Launch the projectile by discharging the capacitor across the coil. Record ... IEEE format, including a template file, is available on the course website. Additional information about writing the report and keeping a ...

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