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Anticipation Guide - Baylor University

10. Anticipation/Reaction Guide. Anticipation/Reaction Guide. Directions: Respond to each statement twice: once before the lesson and again after reading it. Write A if you agree with the statement. ... Math Example: To multiply two fractions, ...

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Anticipation Guide. Description. This is a questioning strategy that assesses prior knowledge and assumptions at the pre-reading stage and evaluates the acquisition of concepts and use of supporting evidence after reading.

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Common Core State Standards. Anticipation Reaction Guide. Indicate whether you think each statement below is a myth or a fact by writing “myth” or “fact” in the before column.

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Activating Strategies - KMS Coaches' Corner

* can be used in alternate strategy area. Strategy Description Possible Modifications Anticipation/Reaction Guide *summarizing Students make predictions based upon prior knowledge and then evaluate those predictions based upon a text

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_____ ANTICIPATION/REACTION GUIDE _____ CONCEPT CIRCLES ... _____ Anticipation Guides _____ Book Boxes _____ Clusters, Webs, and Maps ... _____ Math Reading Keys _____ Point-of-View Study Guides,%20512,%20509%20Misc%20Materials/01%2020%2008_List%20of%20Literacy%20Instructional%20Strategies%20&%20Techniques%20-%20Spring%202008.doc

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Unit Template - Kentucky

Anticipation Guide. Atoms Family Album. Atoms Family Math Challenge. Completed Anticipation Guide ST. SF. NT. Open Response NT. SC-08-1.1.1. Periodic Table Basics Icons. Bingo. ... Chemical reaction Physical reaction Law of Conservation of Mass Nucleus ...

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Materials Needed - White Plains Public Schools

Title: ANTICIPATION REACTION GUIDE (5 minutes each – pre and post) Purpose(s): to activate background knowledge; stimulate discussion; ... Math: List examples from daily living use of percentages (academic grades, sales discounts, tax,

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Grade Level - Ware County School District

Anticipation/Reaction Guide for Motion. Activating Lesson for Acquisition Lesson #2 ... This presentation will count 10% of your grade, ... * Word Problems Math (Problem Solving)……………………………… ...,%20Physics%20Unit%20on%20Force%20and%20Motion.doc

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LESSON: Mission Directorates - NASA KLASS

An Anticipation/Reaction Guide is used to assess a class’s knowledge before it begins a lesson. ... Smart Skies Fly By Math curriculum materials were developed by NASA’s Airspace Systems Program to engage students in real-life applications of mathematics and science.

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Preparing for College Reading II - Massasoit Community College

Anticipation/Reaction Guide: These guides test prior and post knowledge. ... If you had loved math, you would have put an X under SA, as shown indicating you Strongly Agreed with the statement. Strongly Disagree Disagree Undecided Agree Strongly Agree 1.

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Essential Question - OCM Boces

anticipation/reaction . guide) 23rd: F. Ambrosie, Drills, (used . sort cards) Five Hallmarks of Good Homework (9/10) There’s Something Wrong with Homework (9/17) ... Math. Week of 10/18: Special Area Focus; Model 4 Corners at Staff Meeting with Homework.

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Reading - Kentucky Department of Education

Use annotations to guide a reading conference with another student or with the teacher to clarify difficulties ... Anticipation / Reaction Guide Creating Connections (B) Anticipation/Reaction ... • Words connected to specific instructional areas (e.g., math order of operations ...

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August 2007 - ContentAreaLearningStrategies - home

The Content Area Literacy Guide begins with a description of the various terms that are used ... to as literacy support strategies, e.g., two-column note taking (which supports the learning strategy of note taking), anticipation/reaction guide ... When teaching a new math process or ...

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Lesson Plan

Number Classification /Anticipation Guide. Lesson Title/Topic Areas: Literacy Strategies Used: ... I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate for math text. After teaching it I will continue to use this tool.The student’s reaction was that of confusion, ...

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About the Guide - American Chemical Society

Name the reactants in the thermite reaction. ... Anticipation guides help engage students by activating prior knowledge and stimulating student interest before reading. ... Even there’s not much hard chemistry here, the math involved makes it (perhaps) more appropriate for a chemistry course.

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About the Guide - American Chemical Society

A positive test is the formation of a precipitate from the antibody-antigen reaction. What makes the difference between blood samples ... Anticipation guides help engage students by activating prior knowledge and stimulating ... In case students have difficulty following the math here, ...

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In math I have introduced the students to a program I ... We are using the literacy strategies of Anticipation/Reaction Guide and Save the Last Word to construct meaning ... This month we read some nonfiction articles in our Storyworks Magazine and worked on skills of reading the text ...

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Blue Ribbon Schools Program - ed

Content literacy strategies such as the KWL, Anticipation/Reaction Guide, and RAFT (Role, Audience, Format, and Topic) Writing Activity are utilized to further develop students’ comprehension. ... The instruction of math concepts is taught in a spiral effect.

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Variations to Anticipation / Reaction Guide—Reading 7 ... Math counting by twos, fives, etc. grouping into fives, tens, etc. Schema building through discussion of uses and purposes of everyday items children may not really understand.

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Math Connection Make a Graph • Data Analysis • Word Problem Strategy Description ... Anticipation Guide Use an anticipation guide to help students focus on what is important in ... It can also be an Anticipation/Reaction Guide if students return to the same statements after the ...

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2004 - Mississippi State University

... and Math work together to enhance every day life in their ... Prepare an anticipation guide for the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens or 7 ... When students return to their seats, allow some time for discussion and reaction. Have students define and illustrate terminology ...[S]_Technology_Applications_[2007].doc

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GRADE LEVEL SPAN - Louisiana Believes - Louisiana Department ...

The anticipation guide involves giving students a list of statements about the topic to be studied and asking them to respond to them before reading and ... Student Examples of RAFT Writing in Math and Science. R – A whole number between 1 and 9. A – A whole number equal to 10 minus their ...

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Decision Two: The performance or product project

How do I know when a chemical reaction has occurred? ... Acquisition Lesson 3: Preview key vocabulary, demonstrations of chemical reactions, anticipation guide, reviews Decision 6: ... Math (Problem Solving) What is the question?,%20Reactions,%20and%20Equations.doc

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Evaluating Evidence Lesson - Winston-Salem/Forsyth County ...

How will evaluating evidence inform student comprehension and academic discrimination? ... Opinion: personal response or reaction to information. ... Activators: KWL chart, Anticipation guide. Acquisition: ...

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… Doc Retrieval - Kentucky Department of Education : Homepage

Anticipation/Reaction Guide-Refer to Tool B in the appendix. ... • Words connected to specific instructional areas (e.g., math order of operations, historical terms, and literary devices) • Difficult words found in textbook chapter

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Mathematics Grade Prototype Curriculum Guide

The Anticipation Guide (AG) strategy, developed by Herber and also referred to as Prediction Guide or Reaction Guide, is widely used. An AG requires careful teacher preparation. ... Anticipation Guide Before Concept Statement After Agree Disagree “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.”

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KCKPS Science Course Syllabus - Instructional Technology

Biology (Note: This syllabus has ... Math lab: Calculating surface area and volume, p.56. Lab A3—Modeling Cells: Surface area to volume. ... Active Reading Technique: anticipation guide, p. 339; reading organizer, p. 344. Active Reading Guide (16-1)

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MATH LESSON PLAN - Ohio Literacy Resource Center

Anticipation Guide. What Is Acid Mine Drainage? handout. Introducing New Vocabulary Teacher. ... Mine drainage is formed from a chemical reaction between water and rocks . ... MATH LESSON PLAN Last modified by: Christine Cugino Created Date: 4/2/2008 1:59:00 PM

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Key Concepts Chart (The Cold War) - Louisiana Believes ...

Describe the reaction of the United States concerning this military ... Eisenhower and the Cold War Anticipation Guide. ... first man in space, John F. Kennedy, man on the moon, NASA, better science and math programs in schools and colleges, Alan Shepherd, John Glenn, Neil Armstrong. Impression ...

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Unit E Master Outline - Public Schools of Robeson County ...

Acquired immunity – body’s reaction to invaders. a. ... Cancer of lymph nodes. Painless swelling of lymph node early symptom. Rx ... Have students complete the anticipation guide on “The Lymphatic System” (Appendix 1H09.01B) ...

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004 Technology Assistant Curriculum Guide. LHS 2000 Summer Project prepared by: Cathy Minaudo ... math/science experiments to assist and motivate at-risk ninth grade students to improve their . ... The strategies include anticipation reaction, DRTA, main idea, KWL, concept mapping,

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KNWS Chart for Math Problem Solving. ... Anticipation Guide – A short 5 to 10 list of facts given to students before reading about the new content. ... Sample Anticipation/Reaction Guides. THIEVES - A Strategy for Previewing Textbooks.$238+-+Engage+by+Activating+pt.+I.docx

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KCKPS Science Course Syllabus - Instructional Technology

Enzyme Reactions (Web version) / (MS Word Download version) – Inquiry into the rate of reaction of enzymes ... Active Reading, Technique: Anticipation Guide, p.49. Active Reading Guide (3-1 ... Directed Reading (3-2) keyword HX056. Math lab: Calculating surface area and ...

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October Sky Lesson Plans - Wikispaces

Students will be able to evaluate and apply the concepts of both the importance of math and science and the relationship in creating a rocket by viewing ... The launch of Sputnik shook the United States to its roots. "October Sky" shows one boy's reaction to this ... October Sky Lesson ...

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“Before” Reading Strategies: Research and Tips

Anticipation Guide. The anticipation guide can be used before, during, ... responding with a comment, reaction, or question about each of the figures or words on the walls. The teacher can next facilitate a discussion about the ... This organizer also works well when reading math story problems.

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Physical Science - Vermilion Parish School Board

... Kathleen Landon, Walt Laidlaw, and David Lile. Floaters and Sinkers: Solutions for Science and Math. Fresno: AIMS Education Foundation, 1987. ... See Chemical Reaction Types Demonstration BLM for answers for the example reactions. ... Students should return to their anticipation guide, ...

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Step 1 - Alabama Learning Exchange (ALEX)

Plan a Before Strategy. Consider the . purposes. of before strategies: ... Anticipation. Guide. B, A ABC. Brainstorm/ Summary. B, A Preview and. Predict. ... Each student writes his/her reaction to what he/she wrote on side 1.

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Anticipation Guide. Purposes: ... Side 2: Students write their reaction to what they wrote on side 1; (3) ... Math texts require slow and deliberate reading for comprehension because they include many symbols, are written compactly, ...[2][1].doc

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Deborah Schaffer

The math problem that the teacher read orally was at the top of the page in the math notebook. ... I also didn’t feel like myself because I had an allergic reaction. ... anticipation guide. Background knowledge building-internet artwork by Diego, ...

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Reading Comprehension - Google Sites

The Anticipation Guide enhances student comprehension by having them react to statements ... Discussion should focus on whether the new information has altered their reaction to the statements in the Anticipation Guide or the ... math, science, and soon Study Skills Strategies. 5.1 ...

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Strategy Name: - Brevard Public Schools

Anticipation Guide. ... Math Terms Prefix Root Suffix Greek/Latin Definition diameter di- Greek through, ... Strategy Explanation: Quick Writes involve a short written response to a portion of text that causes a reaction in the reader.

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Course and Career Guide - South Carolina

District Course Guide. Kershaw County School District. 2029 West ... 1 English unit + 1 Math unit + complete 1 year in high school 11th grade ... reaction time, and anticipation timing. The purpose of the course is for students to acquire usable skills for current and future interests ...

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Opinion: personal response or reaction to information. Informed Opinion: ... Math: to examine the accuracy of a mathematical theory/proof. What is the process of evaluating evidence? ... With anticipation guide, ...

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Demonstration and Analysis of Sample Lesson - One Minute News

Be able to produce anticipation/reaction guides. ... Volunteers present their actual lesson plans outline and point out differences from the previous ones. ... Math teacher might use it to help students to consider relevant and irrelevant information when solving story problems.

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Grade 5 - Vermilion Parish School Board

Students may use calculators or mental math to determine volume of regular objects. ... Chemical properties, on the other hand, are typically observable during a chemical reaction. ... provide students with the anticipation guide, Energy Resources: Which is Best? BLM to complete.

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Summer Curriculum Work Unit Template - Amphitheater School ...

Anticipation guide/pre ... Measure weather conditions (e.g., temperature, precipitation). writing math ( PO 2. Record weather conditions (e.g., temperature ... will pick up the balloon and empty the baking soda contents into the vinegar at the same time for the explosive reaction ...

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Reading– Kindergarten - Office of Superintendent of Public ...

Kindergarten ... semantic mapping, anticipation guide). ... and word choice to impact tone, message, and/or reader’s reaction. Explain and provide examples of how an author uses a wide variety of language structures to create an intended ...

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Character Education 1-4 — 2006 - The Newark Public Schools ...

You have been having trouble understanding some mathematics your class is studying, and failed the last math test. ... Anticipation Guide—Uncle Willie and the Soup Kitchen. Pre-Reading Post-Reading. Agree ...

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Southern Regional Education Board - Public Schools of Robeson ...

Math teacher works through traditional math examples. ... View part of Annenberg video with anticipation guide. Lecture on various types of wires/gauges. Habits of Success: ... Demonstrate reaction. Model/demonstrate lab. Discuss previous experiences.

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National Math Panel E-mailed Public Comments - May 2006 ...

Title: National Math Panel E-mailed Public Comments - May 2006 through June 2007 Author: jenna.kah Last modified by: Kevin McIntosh Created Date

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